5 Daily Newsletters To Help You Power Through Your Architecture Job

How do you start your day? Chances are that between opening your eyes, getting out of bed, heading for a cup of coffee and brushing your teeth, you're part of the majority of people who check their email within 15 minutes of the alarm clock sounding. It's a pretty intense way to begin the day, so we thought we'd share some daily email newsletters that lift our spirits, make us wiser, and give us the positive energy needed to tackle a long day's work. The best part is that you never stop learning.

1. The Download (MIT Technology Review)

"The Download" "The Download"

The Download distills "what's important in technology and innovation" and delivers it to your inbox everyday. From artificial intelligence to self-driving vehicles, and smart cities to Internet culture, there is an increasing requirement to be kept abreast of how this all-encompassing world is affecting (and could in the future)

"Daily Dose"
"Daily Overview"
"What We're Reading"
architecture, and the built environment. Subscribe to The Download, here.

2. DailyDose

"Daily Dose" "Daily Dose"

A neatly curated "daily dose" of spaces and design from an ever expanding body of architects and practitioners. Edited by Swiss-based architect Raphael Kadid, this newsletter skillfully reveals world-class bodies of work – and takes suggestions, too! Subscribe to Daily Dose, here. Past issues can be found here.

3. The Daily Overview

"Daily Overview" "Daily Overview"

The Daily Overview posits that it is not enough for us to simply admire the novel aesthetics of satellite imagery. The medium of aerial photography is a chance for us to both marvel at the beauty we have created in the world, and that which we have destroyed. In other words, it asks us to comprehend the magnitude of our responsibility to preserve and protect the planet we call home. Subscribe to The Daily Overview, here.

4. Corbie

"Corbie" "Corbie"

"With easy to take in, daily lessons prompting us to keep up our growth in our inboxes every day, it’s never been simpler and more enjoyable to expand our minds. Our expert team generates high quality content on subjects like art, science, and history, that will keep up your curiosity, inspire you to keep going, and increase your knowledge a little more each day." Subscribe to Corbie here for a two week trial. An example can be found here.

5. The ArchDaily Newsletter

"ArchDaily" "ArchDaily"

If you don't already have architecture delivered to your inbox—daily—, consider subscribing to our newsletter! Simple in format, it delivers the best projects from around the world, news, and editorial published on our platform.  Subscribe to our daily newsletter, here.

Bonus: What We're Reading (The New York Times)

"What We're Reading" "What We're Reading"
If you appreciate being delivered an eclectic round-up of reads twice-weekly, What We're Reading pools together the collective efforts of New York Times reporters and editors in order to highlight "great stories from around the web." Subscribe to What We're Reading, here.
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