s.erious.ly is all about the real-time discovery of topical content. Each site is dedicated to a single topic. For example, soccer is at http://seriouslysoccer.com; wine at http://seriouslywine.com and so on. See the bottom of this page for links to the live sites.

We curate each topic initially to select the best authors on a given topic. We then apply technology to automate the process from that point on. The goal is to create an online site for each topic, capable of helping you discover talent, and subjects close to your passion. Each site has a magazine-like front page showing snippets from the most recent articles, and a “river of news” page showing the live stream of articles coming from the authors. Each site also has an iPhone interface (just go to the site using Safari on your iPhone) and a Twitter account (for example http://www.twitter.com/seriouslymedia).

We abide by a code of ethics to support independent publishers and to ensure that we are adding value to the entire ecosystem. You can read it here - “Code of Ethics”

A s.erious.ly site should simply be the best starting place for a person to engage with those publishers making the world pay attention to their subject. Our goal is to get you off of s.erious.ly, and on to the site of the publisher, as soon as you have discovered something you want to read.

If you would like to have your blog added to a particular s.erious.ly site please use the publisher opt-in form on any s.erious.ly site. There is one here - Publisher Opt In.

We are currently covering:

Many more to come.

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