Code of Ethics is based on a code of ethics for publishers.

It was originally articulated here:

More on RSS and Copyright Issues:

To that end we enforce the following rules:

(a) An article is always linked to the original.
(b) We only ever publish a snippet (150 words).
(c) We always credit the article source (with link to source)
(d) We only use what is available via RSS.
(d) We are responsive to requests for removal.

We do not:
(a) publish the archives of a source
(b) Scrape for content.

Our goal is to help the ecosystem of publishers and readers who are passionate about a topic.

We do this by:

1. By linking to your content from a site whose goal is to surface talented writers. That should produce traffic, seo and marketing upside.
2. By exposing to an advertiser the entire ecosystem of writing in a topic. Enabling them to buy the bundle.
3. By building a topic specific search experience that improves on Google for those passionate about a subject at

For any contact regarding these issues please email editor [at] seriouslymedia DOT com.

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