Jeanne Gang wins Architect of the Year in 2016’s Women in Architecture Awards

The Architect of the Year award celebrates Studio Gang’s Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College, Michigan, which took a novel tri-axial form. The first building purposed for social justice, Gang’s democratic and participatory design process involved the organisation, students and public who now work from the Center.

Jeanne Gang was singled out over other finalists Kazuyo Sejima (SANAA) and Tatiana Bilbao, particularly for Studio Gang's Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. Other winners of The Architectural Review's 2016 Women in Architecture Awards include Odile Decq and Julia Peyton-Jones. Watch the AR's video below showcasing Studio Gang's work:

A Liberal Education: Tom Wiscombe on Archinect Sessions One-to-One #14

Architect and educator Tom Wiscombe has made major inroads as SCI-Arc's BArch chair to establish a stronger connection to the humanities and critical theory in architecture education, founding the school's Liberal Arts Program last year and bringing in contemporary philosophers and theorists to spark new dialogues. We discuss his role in the southern Californian architecture culture (particularly in regards to MOCA's 2013 New Sculpturalism show), how he prioritizes theory in architectural practice and education, and his ongoing Main Museum of Los Angeles project in the city's enlivened downtown.  Listen to One-to-One #14 with Tom Wiscombe:

Special thanks to SCI-Arc for helping coordinate the interview. ...

See the latest results for Built By Women, RIBA London Awards, the AIANY Design Awards + more

At the start of every week, we highlight some of the most recent news in competition-winning projects, commissions, awards, shortlists, and events on Bustler from the previous week that are worth checking out. A slew of stunning projects recently won awards or were shortlisted in high-caliber competitions. Here's recap #98 for February 29 - March 4, 2016. AL_A-designed Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon will open in October Get a glimpse of Amanda Levete's design for the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology that's opening in Lisbon this year. Built By Women 2016 highlights women-designed projects in D.C., exhibition opening in March Ladies in the AEC industry were recognized once again in the 2016 Built By Women competition. For 2016, the BxW competition focused on the Washington D.C. area to seek some of the best women-led projects. An exhibition at the National Building Museum Continue reading "See the latest results for Built By Women, RIBA London Awards, the AIANY Design Awards + more"

Why cranes keep collapsing, despite "sophisticated equipment"

As cranes have grown in height and girth, the controls to operate them have intensified in number and complexity...the crane units in use these days have libraries of intricate manuals, packed with details...some operators may not have time to fully understand or read completely. Same goes for the maintenance team. When something does go wrong with such large machines...the 'mess and carnage' gets magnified.

Crane safety experts give their thoughts on the leading causes of crane collapses, and why safety regulation is more complex than it seems. Previous news about collapses: Crane collapses in Manhattan, one dead and two seriously injured More than 50 dead after crane collapses on Mecca's Grand Mosque 13 lawsuits emerge after deadly balcony collapse in Berkeley Three killed after partial stadium collapse at 2014 World Cup venue​

How the couch furnished modernity’s notions of privacy

In the 21st century, the couch is so ubiquitous as to be virtually invisible. We find them in commercial waiting rooms, in private homes, as infested harbingers of urban decay on street corners. They populate television talk shows and form a shorthand for psychiatric evaluation. But how has this piece of furniture, which has only been around for about 330 years, become the seat of our culture?

How to design that elusive "Perfect Town"

This got us thinking about what it takes to build an ideal town: should pubs be on every residential corner or on the high street? How many trendy coffee shops are too many? Are libraries still a thing? We didn't have the answers to any of those questions, so we spoke to Matt Richards – a planner at property consultancy Bidwells – to find out what makes the perfect town.

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AIA’s Diversity Survey shows some progress, but still skewed perceptions

Industry data show that, while improving, women and people of color are underrepresented in the field of architecture. [...] While there is agreement on the perceived underrepresentation of people of color in the industry, recognition of the underrepresentation of women is not as definitive.

Conducted in 2015, the AIA's Diversity in the Profession of Architecture survey collected data from more than 7,500 professionals in the field, to see not only how the profession breaks down by demographics, but how those demographics perceive various challenges facing the profession. The AIA's Executive Summary of data from that survey is now available. For the most part, women and people of color surveyed reported higher instances than their male and white counterparts, regarding issues presented by the AIA as threats to encouraging, and keeping, diversity in the profession (including barriers to representation, lack of career opportunities, access to education, overall satisfaction, etc.). The Continue reading "AIA’s Diversity Survey shows some progress, but still skewed perceptions"

Hawkins/Brown Architects seeking Architect Manchester in Manchester, GB

We are seeking to recruit talented, enthusiastic and experienced Architects (newly qualified) and Part 2 Architectural Assistants to join our new Studio in Manchester.  The successful candidates will work with energetic Studio North team and contribute to projects across a variety of sectors including education, workplace, residential and civic. The applicant should have excellent communication skills as well as exceptional design and presentation skills. You will be able to confidently communicate your designs in a variety of media.  Occasional travel to London may be required.  Experience with Revit and/or Vectorworks would be useful.  Salary owing to experience.  HawkinsBrown are an equal opportunity employer. 

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien / Cafe & Bistro by Soehne & Partner architects

Focus, definition: a central point, as of attraction, attention or activity; a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected; the clear and sharply defined condition of an image; the position of a viewed object or the adjustment of an optical device necessary to produce a clear image /   The focus of the Cafes at the Kunsthistorisches Museum is set in the center of the dome hall. To emphasize the outstanding center of the place and its characteristic setting, the whole design is oriented on the centerpiece. By arranging the furniture in the room a certain way, easy and direct access to the center and an excellent view down into the arrival hall and the restaurant is ensured. Great view to Maria Theresien Square The very loose arrangement of furniture in circular segments zones the whole room Continue reading "Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien / Cafe & Bistro by Soehne & Partner architects"

Earn Your Architectural License Upon Graduation At The Boston Architectural College

This post is brought to you by Boston Architectural College.
 The Boston Architectural College has been engaged in architectural education since 1889. We educate students to become citizen architects who change and sustain the city. Our campus is located in the distinctive collegiate environment of Boston. Dynamic courses are led by experienced faculty – many of whom are knowledgeable practitioners. ↑ Darice Cadriel, M. Arch., Blurring Boundaries: An Eliot School Annex Integrating practice with academic study is a core value of the Boston Architectural College's approach to design learning. Our longstanding partnerships with design firms have helped students offset tuition costs and shaped their careers. The Practice Department helps synthesize design education and applied learning through curricular coursework, community engagement, rigorous evaluation of concurrent student employment, and professional development. Through the experience of practice, students work collaboratively to e...

Tokyo Wonder Site Cybernetic Urbanism Exhibition by Kevin Clement

Tokyo Wonder Site's Hongo Location exhibited work conducted by the University of Tokyo Sustainable Prototyping Lab. For the past five years, students have looked at how existing material and social flows within the city can be harnessed and rerouted to create sustainable architectures within the city. Much of the focus has been on how to couple new digital and fabrication techniques with the inherent material properties of waste products that the city produces in order to create new architectural and social conditions.

How this new gigafactory may popularize residential solar power technology

When production begins, SolarCity, already the leading installer of residential solar panels in the [U.S.] will become a vertically integrated manufacturer and provider...At a time when conventional silicon-based solar panels from China have never been cheaper, investing in a new type of solar technology is a risky undertaking. However, the potential benefits are huge. The new factory...could transform both SolarCity’s business...and the economics of residential solar power.

The MIT Technology Review profiles the upcoming Buffalo-based SolarCity factory and their ambitious plans that could potentially make solar power technology more widely available to consumers. More news about alternative energy: Cloud-harvesting skyscraper: renderings of proposed new sustainable Tokyo development Michigan State University researchers develop completely transparent solar panels Could 'quantum dots' be the key to turning windows into photovoltaics? Turning Japan's golfing greens into solar farms

Top 7 Reasons to Oppose the Los Angeles Neighborhood Integrity Initiative

Since I think there are a lot of folks out there who genuinely haven't made up their minds about the initiative, or aren’t familiar with it yet, I'd like to summarize some of the most important reasons to oppose it when it comes time to vote this November. -

The looming battle for the future of development in Los Angeles is becoming more and more pronounced. One wonders if the public will ever grasp the relevance to their lives and vote with reliable information in coming November for this crucial issue? In this age of rapid commodification of the cities, what is happening in L.A. can easily come to your city.If it didn't already that is. Previously in Archinect,
Planning War Zone: The Battle for L.A.

Ten Top Images on Archinect’s "Stairs" Pinterest Board

In case you haven't checked out Archinect's Pinterest boards in a while, we have compiled ten recently pinned images from outstanding projects on various Archinect Firm and People profiles. (Tip: use the handy FOLLOW feature to easily keep up-to-date with all your favorite Archinect profiles!) Today's top images (in no particular order) are from the board Stairs. Conservatoire of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts in Belfort, France by Dominique Coulon & associés; Photo: Eugeni Pons Contemporary Twilight in Aventura, FL by DKOR Interiors Inc. Attic - loft renovation in Cremona, Italy by Arrigo Strina Architect Shou Sugi Ban House in Los Gatos, CA by Schwartz and Architecture (SaA) 1950 terrace hillside residence in Ventura, CA by Studio Dig Architects Casa Nirau in Mexico City by PAUL CREMOUX studio; Photo: PCW House K in Düsseldorf, Germany by Wannenmacher-Möller Architekten GmbH
Continue reading "Ten Top Images on Archinect’s "Stairs" Pinterest Board"

The enduring legacy of New York’s "hellhole"

The only context in which [Times Square] is routinely praised is a historical one, and then usually in a misguided glorification of its former grittiness. Nostalgia clouds the ugliness of the past and conceals the vibrancy of the present, but perhaps worst of all, it offers a pass for looking at Times Square as it really is and as it should be. [...] if you’re trying to fight your way through the crowds of Times Square, you’re missing the point—the point is the crowd.

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Get Lectured: Rensselaer, Spring ’16

Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2016 Archinect's Get Lectured is back in session. Get Lectured is an ongoing series where we feature a school's lecture series—and their snazzy posters—for the current term. Check back frequently to keep track of any upcoming lectures you don't want to miss. Want to share your school's lecture series? Send us your school's lecture series poster and details to [email protected]. Next up is the Spring '16 lecture series at the Rensselaer School of Architecture. Listed below are upcoming events. Mar 28
Annabelle Selldorf / Selldorf Architects

"Common Ground" Apr 18
Mitchell Joachim / Terreform ONE

"Bio-Hacking and Urban Architecture" May 2

"The Involuntary, The Automated and The Uncanny: Zombies, Cyborgs and Chimeras" Admission is free. All lectures start 6:00 p.m. at EMPAC / The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media + Performing Arts Center: 110 8th Street, Troy NY 12180. For more info, visit Check out previous...

SCAD student pens a blog post announcing, "I Am Not Going To Be An Architect."

I desperately tell myself as I hear students anxiously comparing internship applications and grad school plans. It’s okay if at any point, now or in the future, you find that you are straying from the path of the building arts, because you’ve collected some pretty valuable tools along the way. An architecture education provides much deeper skills than just designing and presenting buildings.

"The SCAD School of Building Arts includes the allied disciplines of architecture, urban design, historic preservation, interior design, architectural history and furniture design, engaging more than 1000 students. The distinct collaborative environment within the School of Building Arts promotes interdisciplinary learning that fully prepares students for professional careers after graduation. At SCAD, students learn to become architects, designers and preservationists who are strategic thinkers, global communicators and ethical practitioners of the building arts.​"

Don’t Miss the March 8 Regular Deadline to Enter the 2016 Core77 Design Awards

This post is brought to you by Core77 Design Awards.
 With the Regular Deadline for entry right around the corner on March 8th, the 2016 Core77 Design Awards invites designers from all over the world to put their best work forward and participate in this annual celebration of design enterprise and intent. The program embraces a wide range of design practice: commercial, cultural, social and environmental. Each year, thousands of professional and student designers submit their projects and ideas to be critiqued and honored by globally distributed panels of juries. The result is a collection of projects that inspire a broader discussion about the current state and future of design. Each year, the 14 categories of entry are juried by independent Jury teams assembled and lead by design thought leaders from around the world. This year's Jury Captain line up includes: