IKEA is bringing its low-cost modular housing units to the UK

Seventy Agency "future proofs" IKEA's iconic blue and yellow logo

Affordable developer BoKlok, which is co-owned by IKEA and Skanska, has signed a deal with Worthing council in West Sussex to build low-cost housing in the south of England. Read more

Standard Arts adorns apartment in David Chipperfield’s The Bryant tower in Manhattan

The Bryant New York City model residence by Standard Arts and David Chipperfield

A model unit within David Chipperfield’s new residential tower in Midtown Manhattan has been furnished with whimsical decor and colourful artwork selected by the curatorial firm Standard Arts. Read more

Mr. Barrett’s House Is an Old Garage Designed from the Inside Out

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/mr-barretts-house-is-an-old-garage-designed-from-the-inside-out/bureau-mrbarrett-house-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2019/06/BUREAU-MrBarrett-House-1-810x608.jpg" alt="Mr. Barrett’s House Is an Old Garage Designed from the Inside Out" /></a>
                                <a href="http://www.bureau.ac/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">BUREAU</a> reworked an old garage with an apartment over it and designed it from the inside out. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, the 70-square-meter structure was gutted and reimagined into <a href="http://www.bureau.ac/projects/mr/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Mr. Barrett’s House</a>. To make that happen, the upper wooden floor was lifted off so the ground floor could be reinforced and structured, and then put back on to finish the house. The original top floor exterior remains and is now paired with a new interior that&#8217;s skimmed in simple birch plywood for a modern, cohesive aesthetic.

The interior’s two floors are visually connected through “complex sections” that make the space feel more open. Tall ceilings and angles keep the eyes moving around through the voids with the hope of enriching the lives who live there.

Circular windows were added giving the exterior a modern feel but over time, they will age and slowly become a part of the building as

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LCA Architetti models “primitive” House of the Archeologist on fossils

The House of the Archeologist by LCA architetti

Fluted concrete walls punctured by stone entrances and window frames characterise this minimal Italian house, which LCA Architetti has completed for an archeologist in Varese, Italy. Read more

DROO creates London apartment block with dramatic curved window bays

VI Castle Lane by DROO

Curved bow windows animate the facades of VI Castle Lane, a housing block in London designed by architecture studio DROO. Read more

A Holiday Mountain Home Clad with Wood Sunshade in Tarvisio, Italy

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/a-holiday-mountain-home-clad-with-wood-sunshade-in-tarvisio-italy/geza-z-house-alpine-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2019/06/GEZA-Z-House-alpine-1-810x607.jpg" alt="A Holiday Mountain Home Clad with Wood Sunshade in Tarvisio, Italy" /></a>
                                <a href="https://www.geza.it/z-house"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Z House</a> is a holiday home situated on a steep slope that presented many challenges for <a href="https://www.geza.it/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">geza</a> during the design process. Located in Tarvisio, Udine, Italy, the mountain house design required two volumes that are sectioned out with different heights that flow down with the slope.

The house is modest in size as not to overwhelm the surrounding landscape. It’s clad in vertical larch strips that help it blend with the natural environment while acting as an external sunshade, a much needed architectural detail to help with sun control and saving energy.

The sunshade allows for semi-private pathways along the sides of the house.

The entrance is on the main floor which leads to the living room – a space that connects the two volumes. That space features a double-height ceiling with an open office hovering above, as well as the master bedroom. The rest of the spaces – additional

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Hillside Sanctuary by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer offers elevated views of coastal Washington

American firm Hoedemaker Pfeiffer used stone, wood and glass to create a main dwelling and guest house for a steep, forested site in the Pacific Northwest overlooking the ocean. Read more

MORQ’s rammed-concrete Cloister House hides lush internal courtyard

Cloister House by MORG

Architecture studio MORQ has built an almost windowless house surrounding a plant-filled courtyard from rammed concrete in Perth, Australia. Read more

Gym Loft / eklund_terbeek


© René de Wit

© René de Wit

    <a href="https://www.archdaily.com/919266/gym-loft-eklund-terbeek">Read more »</a>
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Geneto raises skinny house in Japan above pentagonal garage hole

YMT house by GENETO

Japanese architects Geneto has hollowed out a geometric void in the base of a four-metre-wide house in Osaka that doubles as a garage and communal space. Read more

Thirdwave Architects opts for muted tones in Apartment in Minsk renovation

Minsk apartment by Third Wave Architects

Grey walls meet oxblood-coloured fixtures in this apartment in the Belarusian capital, overhauled by local studio Thirdwave Architects. Read more

Aluminium screens shield the interiors of Pitsou Kedem’s MA House

MA House by Pitsou Kedem

Pitsou Kedem Architects used patterned aluminium screens to create a ventilated outer skin for this house arranged around a courtyard in Bnei Ziom, Israel. Read more

Huis VT House / ANA architecten


© Luuk Kramer

© Luuk Kramer

  • Architects: ANA architecten
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Category: Houses Interiors
  • Lead Architects: Marcel van der Lubbe, Jannie Vinke met Joeri van Wijk, Bas Hoevenaars
  • Area: 216.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Luuk Kramer
    <a href="https://www.archdaily.com/913375/huis-vt-house-ana-architecten">Read more »</a>
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10 unusual houses from across Vietnam

Here’s a look at 10 contemporary Vietnamese houses, including a residence that resembles a set of giant plant pots and a skinny townhouse that blocks out pollution. Read more

AT 3/56 house / e.Re studio


© Yudi D Hertanto

© Yudi D Hertanto

    <a href="https://www.archdaily.com/919533/at-3-56-house-ere-studio">Read more »</a>
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Three Gabled Volumes in the Country Make up the Hatley House

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/three-gabled-volumes-in-the-country-make-up-the-hatley-house/hatley-house-pelletier-de-fontenay-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2019/06/Hatley-House-Pelletier-de-Fontenay-1-810x540.jpg" alt="Three Gabled Volumes in the Country Make up the Hatley House" /></a>
                                Resembling much of the local architecture with high-pitched gables, the <a href="http://www.pelletierdefontenay.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Hatley House</a> comprises three identically shaped volumes that nestle together without intersecting. The house, designed as a collaboration between <a href="http://www.pelletierdefontenay.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Pelletier de Fontenay</a> and François Abbott, resides on a plateau surrounded by rolling hills, pastures, and mountains in Hatley, Quebec. Most structures in the area are a mix of farmhouses, barns, and sheds, which inspired the design but with more modern results.

The exterior is clad with a wooden lattice that reads vertical and the steep roof is covered in standing seam metal for an overall minimalist look.

The house features three wings with the middle one acting as the main living space and the other two housing the master bedroom wing and guest wing. Each feel expansive with double-height spaces that reach 8-meters high. Large square windows frame views of the natural countryside while bringing natural light inside.

The minimalist

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OJT creates Bastion Community housing complex for war veterans in New Orleans

Bastion Community housing complex in New Orleans by Office Of Jonathan Tate

New Orleans firm Office of Jonathan Tate has transformed a vacant, tree-studded site into a residential complex for soldiers and their families, with dwellings arranged in a way that aims to foster social bonding and prevent isolation. Read more

GDP93 / Ventura Studio


© Juan Baraja

© Juan Baraja

    <a href="https://www.archdaily.com/919506/gdp93-ventura-studio">Read more »</a>
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Bureau uses “surgical intervention” to transform chalet into Mr Barrett’s House

Mr Barrett's House by Bureau

Experimental architecture studio Bureau has taken a building apart and put it back together again, to create a home for the fictional protagonist of 1963 film The Servant. Read more

Splinter Society transforms Melbourne bungalow into Japanese-inspired home

Australian studio Splinter Society has redesigned a Californian-style bungalow in Melbourne, as a Japanese influenced house with strong connections to its garden. Read more