University of Stuttgart makes Urbach Tower from self-shaping wood

University of Stuttgart makes Urbach Tower from self-shaping wood

University of Stuttgart engineers have harnessed the natural shrinking process of wood as it loses moisture to create this world-first self-twisted tower in Germany. Read more

Samuel Wilkinson brings the Viennese bistro chair into the 21st century

Latis chair by Samuel Wilkinson for The Conran Shop

British designer Samuel Wilkinson has paired steam-bent wood with Vienna straw to create a contemporary dining chair called Latis. Read more

Casimir celebrates 30 years as a designer with oak and walnut furniture collection

Casimir wooden furniture

Belgian designer Casimir is celebrating three decades in the industry with the production of six wooden objects that straddle the line between furniture and art, and another six to follow. Read more

Invisible Studio and students build Urban Room pavilion as event space and outdoor classroom

Urban Room pavilion by Invisible Studio and students at the University of Reading

University of Reading students have built a pavilion designed by Invisible Studio, which will be used by artists to showcase their work. Read more

PearsonLloyd gives flat-pack furniture an upgrade with Cross chair

London studio PearsonLloyd marries the convenience and economy of flat-pack furniture with quality materials in a chair designed for new Copenhagen brand Takt. Read more

Stickbulb designs Chime to look like a “tree and a chandelier had a baby”

New York design studio Rux has extended its modular Stickbulb series with a chandelier modelled on a large wind chime. Read more

Ridged roofline at Maggie’s Cardiff recalls outline of Welsh mountains

Maggie's Centre Cardiff by Dow Jones Architects

London studio Dow Jones Architects has completed a temporary Maggie’s Centre for cancer care in Cardiff with a series of angular roofs clad entirely in weathering steel. Read more

40,000 Pieces Of Wood Were Used To Create The Gift Shop In The National Museum of Qatar

40,000 wood pieces have been used to create the interior of the gift shop at the National Museum of Qatar. #RetailDesign #RetailStore #ModernStore #Wood

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University of Stuttgart creates biomimetic pavilions based on sea urchins and beetle wings

University of Stuttgart creates biomimetic pavilions for the Bundesgartenschau horticultural show in Germany

The University of Stuttgart has continued its experiments into biomimicry and robotic construction with two pavilions at the Bundesgartenschau horticultural show in Germany. Read more

Mark Zuckerberg designs and builds “sleep box” to help his wife rest

Mark Zuckerberg sleep box

Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has built a wooden “sleep box” that emits a faint light in the early morning, to alert his wife when it’s time to wake up without looking at her phone. Read more

Slender pine slats enclose Evans Tree House in Arkansas by Modus Studio

Evans Tree House in Garvan Woodland Gardens Arkansas by Modus Studio

American firm Modus Studio has used steel and heat-treated pine to build an “alive and mysterious” treehouse in Arkansas. Read more

Zai’s Hutong Filter features a pixelated shingle wall overlooking a traditional courtyard

Hutong Filter by Zai Studio

Hutong Filter is a studio added to a house in one of Beijing‘s traditional hutongs by architecture office Zai with pixel-style shingles and timber frames connecting to a communal courtyard. Read more

Tracks Architectes designs timber-clad kindergarten with gabled forms in France

La Ruche by Tracks Architectes

A long run of gabled volumes clad in honey-coloured wood has been designed by Tracks Architectes for a kindergarten in France called La Ruche, which translates as The Beehive. Read more

Atelier Oslo wraps House on an Island in gridded timber facade

House on an Island by Atelier Oslo

A prefabricated timber facade envelops the concrete split-level interiors of this cabin, which Atelier Oslo has slotted onto an outcrop in Skåtøy, Norway. Read more

Residence Le Nid by Anne Carrier overlooks Quebec’s Saint Lawrence River

Residence Le Nid by Anne Carrier

Quebec studio Anne Carrier Architecture has designed a dwelling comprising a collection of rectangular volumes, which offer a balance of privacy and views in a scenic setting. Read more

3XN unveils “tallest timber office building” in North America

T3 Bayside by 3XN

Huge zigzagging windows tease apart these two cross-laminated timber office buildings, which Danish architecture firm 3XN has proposed for TorontoRead more

Dock House in coastal Chile by SAA rests on triangular wooden stilts

SAA Arquitectura + Territorio

Chilean firm SAA Arquitectura + Territorio has used angled stilts that gradually increase in height to raise this seaside holiday home above its sloped site and offer occupants views of Chile’s coast. Read more

Peter Pichler designs Tree House hotel rooms for forest in the Italian Dolomites

Tree houses by Peter Pichler

Sharply pointed roofs and blackened wood cladding characterise these treehouses that Peter Pichler Architecture has designed for a mountain forest in the Dolomites of northern Italy. Read more

Berlin workshop transformed into theatre school by Ortner & Ortner Baukunst

Ernst Busch University of Performing Arts by Ortner & Ortner Baukunst

Architecture firm Ortner & Ortner Baukunst has created a new facility for the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, by renovating a 1950s workshop building and adding a fly tower made from fibreglass and wood. Read more

John Pawson builds Wooden Chapel for cyclists from huge logs

Wooden Chapel by John Pawson in Bavaria, Germany

John Pawson has stacked up 144 tree trunks to create a space of rest and contemplation on a cycle route in southwest Germany. Read more