Dream/Dive Platform / Studio North

Courtesy of Studio North                            Courtesy of Studio North
  • Architects: Studio North
  • Location: Bobs Lake, Ontario K0H, Canada
  • Architect In Charge: Matthew Kennedy, Mark Erickson
  • Area: 64.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2015
Courtesy of Studio North                            Courtesy of Studio North
Section Section

From the architect. Your environment can shape the way you think. Whether you’re a child or an adult, spaces can engage your imagination, broaden your mind and excite your spirit. This dreaming platform was a collaborative weekend project at the family cottage. The screened in hut is the new favourite spot for star gazing on beautiful summer nights and the cantilevered diving platform replaces the need for coffee in the morning!

Diagram Diagram

The dreaming platform is constructed of salvaged materials from under the deck, supplemented with 2x4’s from the local hardware store. The basic form is a result of available materials and tools. The structure is stripped down to its essentials to support two elemental functions, sleeping and

Courtesy of Studio North
. A simple waxed canvas is unrolled over the hut for when the weather gets gnarly!

Courtesy of Studio North                            Courtesy of Studio North
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