12 Dynamic Buildings in South Korea Pushing the Brick Envelope

Bricks are as old as the hills. An enduring element of architectural construction, brick has been a material of choice as far back as 7000BC. Through the centuries, bricks have built ancient empires in Turkey, Egypt, Rome and Greece. Exposed stock brick came to define the Georgian era, with thousands of red brick terraces still lining the streets of cities such as London, Edinburgh and Dublin. Today, brick is experiencing a Renaissance. Architectural landmarks across the world such as Frank Gehry’s Dr Chau Chak Wing Building in Sydney and the Tate Modern Switch House by Herzog & de Meuron are pushing the proverbial brick envelope, redefining how the material can be used and perceived. South Korea presents an interesting case for the changing face of brick, with a preference for dark, grey masonry striking a heavy, brutalist, yet playful tone. Like many countries, South Korean brick architecture has questioned conformity,
© Namsun Lee
© Sun Namgoong
© Kim Jaeyoon
© Youngchae Park
© Joonhwan Yoon
© Yong-Kwan Kim
with stepped, perforated, permeable facades, and dynamic, curved, flowing walls. Below, we have rounded up 12 of their most interesting results.

MU:M Office Building / Wise Architecture

© Yadah

‘The Rock’ Sangsu-dong office / designband YOAP architects

© Namsun Lee © Namsun Lee

The Ziffer / JLArchitects + Solto Jibin

© Sun Namgoong © Sun Namgoong

Two Courtyards House + Bridge 130 Cafe / Lee.haan.architects

© Kyung Roh

SJ Office Building / Le Sixieme

© Kim Jaeyoon © Kim Jaeyoon

B’ house / 100 A associates

© Youngchae Park

Blooming House with Wild Flowers / studio GAON

© Youngchae Park © Youngchae Park

Kangaroo House / Hyunjoon Yoo Architects

© Joonhwan Yoon © Joonhwan Yoon

ABC Building / Wise Architecture

© Shin Do Keun

The Curving House / JOHO Architecture

© Chin HyoSook

Pixel House / Mass Studies and Slade Architecture

© Yong-Kwan Kim © Yong-Kwan Kim

Marimba House / ISON Architects

© Kim jong oh
You can learn more about bricks through our materials catalog and our previous article about brick constructive details.
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