Architects envision Trump’s America in the “Complicity and Defiance” charrette — winners announced!

The U.S.A. is barely 100 days into the Trump presidency, and a sure hell of a lot has happened in the last few months, huh? No doubt, the design community has reacted strongly to Trump's rambunctious power-mongering, including a revival of the debate on complicity and defiance in architecture.

In response, competition organizer Archistophanes/Reality Cues — who previously created the cheeky “Good Walls Make Good Neighbors, Mr. Trump” competition — launched the Complicity and Defiance in Architecture charrette, wherein entrants had to create “a provocative message of critique and/or defiance” towards any of Trump's authoritarian legislation measures. Here's a peek of the top three winners and a few honorable mentions: 1ST PLACE: Oil Border by Elisabeth Drumpf​ 2ND PLACE: ​Absurdity Redlined by SJ Kwon 3RD PLACE: ​Humane Security Corridor by Zachary Wilson HONORABLE MENTION: EcoPorn by Yoshihara Hisao HONORABLE MENTION: Trumpe L’œil by Sara Castillo HONORABLE MENTION: The Garden
Contemporary Blight by Black Fish
See more of the top entries on Bustler.

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