Virtual Reality: An Architect’s #1 Marketing and Business Development Tool

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 There’s no denying it: Virtual Reality (VR) creates a buzz. It’s exciting and attention-grabbing. It attracts and then holds. And keeps holding. Wherever you go, a pair of goggles instantly draws a crowd. For businesses in the Architecture and Interior Design industries, VR technology becomes a fantastic marketing and business development opportunity. Telling – or showing – prospects that you’re using VR is great for sparking conversations and leaving lasting first impressions. For those interested in or actively experimenting with it VR, here’s a few tips for using this technology as a business development and marketing tool in your business. 1. Give a great first impression Show, don’t tell. The best way to explain what VR can do is to simply hand your client or prospect a pair of goggles. Pre-load it with a sample space, past projects or perhaps Continue reading "Virtual Reality: An Architect’s #1 Marketing and Business Development Tool"

Tickets Now Available for 2016 Core77 Conference

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 Have you ever wondered where the relationship between human and machine intelligence is headed? Have you considered how the principles of quantum mechanics can be applied to the design process? Are you curious about how interdisciplinary teams can collaborate to engineer exceptionally elaborate Rube Goldberg machines? Join us September 29–30 in Downtown Los Angeles for the 3rd annual Core77 Conference as our speakers share their thoughts and experiences regarding the disparate, yet interconnected questions that challenge the way designers can impact the modern world, and reinvent our notion of possible. The first day of the conference features panels and presentations led by design, arts, science, engineering, and business luminaries, and will focus on human-centered design, start up strategies, and leading successful projects from concept to launch. The second day kicks off with a series of workshops hosted by outstanding professionals f...

The ARE 5.0 Loophole You Should Know

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 If you are on the path to becoming a licensed architect, you may already be aware that the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) is being updated starting November 1st, 2016.  You may not know that there could be significant benefits in store for you if you adopt a strategic approach to the update from ARE 4.0 to ARE 5.0. You could be among a group of candidates who can take advantage of a special loophole that may save you considerable time and money. This “loophole strategy” (or Combo Strategy) involves taking a combination of division exams from both exam versions by beginning your testing with three specific divisions from ARE 4.0 and then completing your requirements with two divisions from ARE 5.0. The key to saving time and money is that you will complete just five divisions Continue reading "The ARE 5.0 Loophole You Should Know"

MOONTOPIA: An out of this world challenge…

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 In 1969, the Space Race peaked with the successful Apollo 11 mission, which allowed the first man to walk on the moon.
Between 1969 and 1972, there have been six successful manned missions to the moon, all from the USA. In total, 12 people (all male) have walked on the lunar surface.
No one has walked on the surface of the moon since 1972.
Today, nearly half a century later, new technological advances and a renewed desire for space exploration have ignited a new race. Attention is moving back to the moon. This time, however, we are tired of just walking… what we want is to inhabit! Space Architecture is becoming a growing field with the desired outcome to kick-start space tourism, expand our scientific knowledge, and ultimately make mankind a multi-planetary / galactic species.
But how?
Eleven is excited Continue reading "MOONTOPIA: An out of this world challenge…"

One day left to enter your work into Hansgrohe + Axor’s Das Design Competition!

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 Cash Prize & Eligibility for VIP Trip To Germany Good design is POWERFUL, and Hansgrohe/Axor believes it should be celebrated and recognized! There is just one day left to enter the 3rd annual Hansgrohe+Axor Das Design Competition--open for entries until August 12th! U.S.-based Architects and Designers are invited to submit recent Commercial/Hospitality or Residential projects, which incorporate Hansgrohe/Axor products (completed or renovated between Jan.1, 2011 and Aug.12, 2016). The first place winner in each category will receive $2,000 & be eligible to attend a VIP trip to the Black Forest of Germany and the ISH Show! Entry is free online at Good design was made to be seen--show off your hard work. Enter the competition today!

Sign up now for AA Chania Visiting School Progressions, 4-14 October 2016

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 AA Chania Progressions::
4 October – 14 October 2016
In 2016, the AA Chania Visiting School will continue to pursue its design agenda concentrating on the bigger picture of the Chania city’s characteristics. The city of Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Chania can be divided in two parts: the old town and the modern city which is the larger one. The Visiting School will revisit the way by which the built environment has been put together and will explore design possibilities which can be applied in order to improve connectivity and functionality in the city. Interactive design coupled with generative form-finding techniques towards the fabrication and assembly of a 1-to-1 scale prototype will be investigated. Each year a series of software tutorial sessions takes place in order to allow participants develop their basic skills on Continue reading "Sign up now for AA Chania Visiting School Progressions, 4-14 October 2016"

7 Bookkeeping Tips for Architects

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 Many architects struggle with staying on top of their finances. After all, they were trained to draw and design, not how to run a business. Here are seven bookkeeping tips to help you better manage your finances with innovative tools. 1. Get Comfortable with Reporting
The first tip is to get comfortable with the reporting system of your accounting software. You spend money on bookkeeping so that you can get valuable information out of the system. This is precisely where the reports come in. If you have a good working knowledge of the reporting area of your accounting system, then you can pull reports, analyze your business and make decisions based on that. Of course you should also consult your bookkeeping and/or accounting professional for help understanding the reports, especially if something doesn’t make sense to you. 2. Know Your Continue reading "7 Bookkeeping Tips for Architects"