Tracing New York’s waste management

Each day, New York’s public garbage trucks collect nearly 7,000 tonnes of residential mixed solid waste. After finishing their routes, most of these trucks will deposit the garbage in one of New York’s waste transfer stations located throughout the city. From there, the garbage will eventually be loaded on to a barge or train and carried as far as 600 miles to its final stop. For most of New York’s mixed solid waste (about 80% of it by tonnage), this last stop will be a landfill.

"The remaining 20% will end up at a waste-to-energy plant, where it will be incinerated and converted into energy." For more on the infrastructure of waste, follow these links:

Long derided by architects, Prince Charles’ model town Poundbury might not be all that bad after all

If Poundbury is a game, it is one that has become a good deal more convincing over time. For years derided as a feudal Disneyland, where Prince Charles could play at being planner like Marie Antoinette with her toy hamlet in Versailles, this supposed ghost town feels increasingly like a real place...[Strip] away the fancy dress and you find a plan that far exceeds the sophistication achieved by any modern housebuilder.

“We are engaged in creating a convincing fake,” [Léon Krier, the architect behind the masterplan] says. “All architecture is essentially wallpaper: underneath, it’s all the same stuff.” More New Urbanism:

Adjaye Associates to design masterplan for San Francisco Shipyard Redevelopment

Hot on the heels of their lauded new National Museum of African American History, Adjaye Associates has been awarded a major new commission: the 760-acre masterplan for the second phase of the San Francisco Shipyard redevelopment. The Shipyard will house some 12,000 homes and apartments, a million square feet of retail and restaurant space, and 350 acres of public space on the renovated waterfront. Previously, work on the Shipyard has been led by IBI Architects.  “I’m thrilled to be partnering with FivePoint to explore ways to reinvigorate this site’s unique infrastructure for the 21st century,” states David Adjaye. “This is a project with incredible transformative potential; to be given the opportunity to contribute to San Francisco’s urban fabric in such a significant way is a true honour.” h/t Global Construction Review More from Adjaye Associates:

NEXT Architects design a swooping "Mobius strip" bridge for Changsha, China

The Dutch-Chinese firm NEXT Architects has a well-deserved reputation for designing eye-catching bridges. Their latest project, a bright red, Mobius strip-like pedestrian bridge for the Chinese city of Changsha, is set to become another jewel in their portfolio. 185 metres long and 24 metres tall, the “Lucky Knot” bridge will span the Dragon King Harbour River in Changsha’s ‘New Lake District’ development. The bridge will offer views of the nearby Meixi Lake and the mountain range that surrounds the city. “The shape of the Lucky Knot was inspired by the principle of the Mobius ring, as well as by the Chinese knotting art. In the ancient decorative Chinese folk art, the knot symbolises luck and prosperity,” states John van de Water, partner at NEXT architects Beijing.  Additional images in the gallery. More bridges:

Ornament and Extinction in the Nuclear Era

The Anthropocene is a contested name for "the era of geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate, and ecology of the earth." As the fourth installment of the recurring Architecture of the Anthropocene series, this piece looks at a design problem that is larger, and perhaps more important, than any other imaginable.

Architecture Research Office to update the Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel in Houston, a masterpiece of midcentury architecture, houses 14 panels by the revered artist Mark Rothko. But the Chapel is in need of some TLC, from fixing the HVAC system to improving the lighting. The New York-based office Architecture Research Office (ARO) has been selected to oversee the renovations. In addition to bringing the mechanics of the Chapel up-to-date, ARO will retool the entrance vestibule and renovate the Chapel’s skylight. They will also design a master plan, which will include modifications to an outdoor plaza and a reflecting pool that contains the Barnett Newman sculpture “Broken Obelisk”. The master plan also includes several nearby bungalows.  ARO has a proven track record when it comes to light-weight, highly-sensitive restoration projects. Back in 2013, they renovated a 19th century cast-iron warehouse used by Donald Judd as his studio and home until his death in 1994. While extensive renovations Continue reading "Architecture Research Office to update the Rothko Chapel"

Student Works: ‘Ensemblespiel’ Makes Uncanny Architecture from Everyday Objects

“In an ensemble, the tone of a singular instrument becomes difficult to distinguish at the moment when all of its players strike a note,” explains the German-born, LA-based designer Paul Krist, a recent graduate of the Southern California Institute of Architecture’s M.Arch II program. “Each sound vibrates to produce a unifying harmony, an emergent sensation.”