Fengying·Stone Art Museum / GOA

© Hengzhong Lv © Hengzhong Lv
  • Architect: GOA
  • Location: Chongwu, Fujian, China
  • Architect In Charge: Yan Wang
  • Design Team: Chenxin Xu, Chunming Zhou, Youyou Chen, Xiao Fang, Qian He, Chun Tao
  • Area: 353.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Hengzhong Lv
  • Client: Fujian Fengying Stone Group
  • Interior Design & Landscape Sculpture: Deqiang Wu
  • Stone Elevation Design: Deqiang Wu, Zhanhui Li
  • Construction Unit: Fujian Hongpeng Construction Engineering Co. LTD.
© Hengzhong Lv © Hengzhong Lv

Text description provided by the architects. Located in Chongwu, Fujian Province, Fengying · Stone Art Museum exhibits the works of national master sculptor Wu Deqiang. It is also a renovation project in a carving work factory. The architect has incorporated three courtyards with different layouts into the building, thus creating a self-contained world without being isolated from the outside.

© Hengzhong Lv © Hengzhong Lv

There were formerly several stone processing plants, a newly completed office building and three bungalows on the site. The

© Hengzhong Lv
Ground Floor Plan
© Hengzhong Lv
© Hengzhong Lv
© Hengzhong Lv
© Hengzhong Lv
© Hengzhong Lv
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The Residence in Township / GOODJOY

© Sin-yuanI Lan © Sin-yuanI Lan
  • Architects: GOODJOY
  • Location: Pingtung, Taiwan
  • Architect In Charge: Chien-chih Lai
  • Design Team: Cian-hua Su,Yu-cing Su
  • Area: 330.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Sin-yuanI Lan
© Sin-yuanI Lan © Sin-yuanI Lan

Text description provided by the architects. The house, in this project, is built on the self-owned estate located at Pingtung City, where a number of traditional arcades and houses are ubiquitous along street.

© Sin-yuanI Lan © Sin-yuanI Lan

The client and father live in this house, which is built based on three elements including white façade, exposed concrete wall, and greenery environment, all of which have shown the lively but simple space and the concerns of new design ideas to local cityscape.

© Sin-yuanI Lan © Sin-yuanI Lan

Different life preferences, between the client and father, are taken into consideration under which the father likes a white house, and the client wants to have his house built with exposed concrete, a modern architectural style.

Wind analysis
© Sin-yuanI Lan
© Sin-yuanI Lan
© Sin-yuanI Lan
© Sin-yuanI Lan
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Tanderrum Pedestrian Bridge / John Wardle Architects + NADAAA + Oculus

© Kristoffer Paulsen © Kristoffer Paulsen
  • Architects: John Wardle Architects, NADAAA, Oculus
  • Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • Jwa Team: John Wardle, Stefan Mee, Mathew van Kooy, Adam Kolsrud, James Loder, Paul Bickell, Jeff Arnold, Stuart Mann, Ruairi Molloy, Sharon Crabb
  • Nadaaa Team: Nader Tehrani, Arthur Chang, Parke MacDowell, Nick Safley, Thomas Tait
  • Area: 700.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Nils Koenning, Kristoffer Paulsen, Peter Bennetts
  • Construction Team: Fitzgerald Constructions Australia and Harris HMC
  • Structural Engineer: GHD
  • Building Services Engineer: GHD
  • Civil Engineer: GHD
  • Geotechnical Engineer: GHD and Golders
  • Sustainability (Esd) Consultancy: Cundall
  • Landscape Architect: Oculus
  • Building Surveyor: McKenzie Group
  • Accessibility Consultant: McKenzie Group
  • Acoustic Consultant: GHD
  • Lighting Designer: Electrolight
  • Heritage Architects: RBA
  • Signage And Wayfinding: Buro North
  • Traffic And Pedestrian Modelling: GHD
© Peter Bennetts © Peter Bennetts

Text description provided by the architects. The new Tanderrum Pedestrian Bridge linking Birrarung Marr with the Melbourne Park sports precinct creates a new arrival

© Peter Bennetts
Site Plan
© Kristoffer Paulsen
© Kristoffer Paulsen
© Peter Bennetts
© Peter Bennetts
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Epic Games unleashes Unreal with the Academy

            <img src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/1f/1ffbd2e1980d44f7ca98ecc33e9ad1be.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=1200" border="0" /><a href="https://archinect.com/news/article/122202906/how-video-game-engines-may-influence-the-future-of-architecture-and-everything-else" rel="nofollow" >Epic Games</a>, the creators of the Unreal Engine, the standard for VR and AR exploration, experiment and implementation has unveiled its Academy. Understanding that understanding and exploring their medium is not as easy as picking up a pencil. Unreal is looking to change this by launching its own online academy meant to bring such software and creative unleashing to the masses. The academy will have a collection of tutorials, lectures and sample files tied to architecture, industrial design, game development and visualization to name a few.&nbsp;
Epic Games Academy
With more and more educational institutions embracing the visual and visceral adoration of such projects that comes from such technology and with a growing portion of such institutional leaders and educators unaware of how to use, teach and implement such software, having companies bridge the landscapes between creator and educator may be a sign of things to come — Continue reading "Epic Games unleashes Unreal with the Academy"

The 10 Buzzing Design Cities of 2018, as Selected by Metropolis Magazine

© Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira In a follow-up to their 10 Powerhouse Design Cities, Metropolis Magazine also reveals their choices for the "buzziest" design cities of 2018. Unlike the big-hitters of the Powerhouse category, these are a bit smaller - even scrappier - but punch far above their expected weight. While the cities listed are far-flung and entirely unlike each other, their inclusion is marked by a common characteristic: attention to the local. For Toronto, this means large-scale cosmopolitanism at the scale of places like New York and London; the city's ongoing work with Google's Sidewalk Labs promises to transform what we understand big cities to be. In Melbourne, despite its recent dethroning from the top spot of the world's "most liveable" list, it's all about quality of life. The cities chosen for this list may not claim the largest or most globalized design communities, but
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Cliff Dwelling / Olson Kundig

© Benjamin Benschneider © Benjamin Benschneider
  • Project Team : Jim Olson, FAIA design principal; Elizabeth Bianchi Conklin, AIA, LEED
  • Ap Project Manager: Megan Quinn, project architect
  • Contractor: Highliner Construction Ltd.
  • Landscape Design: Christina Charles Landscape Design
© Nic Lehoux © Nic Lehoux
© Nic Lehoux © Nic Lehoux

Text description provided by the architects. Situated on the edge of a bluff above Semiahmoo Bay, the house creates privacy while taking advantage of spectacular views of the water, islands and mountains to the west, east and south. The transformation from urbanity to tranquility begins at the street. From the north, the home is protected and unassuming. Thick concrete walls shield the occupants from sights and sounds of the busy road above. Glass window walls and expansive decks maximize the south facing side.

© Nic Lehoux © Nic
© Benjamin Benschneider
© Nic Lehoux
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12 Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Change Everything

Contemporary living room rug

A modern pattern with accents of black and gold jazz up a neutral living room rug. Image: Rejuvenation

We’re always interested in easy ways to rev up living room decor. If you can only add one item to make a big impact in your space, an area rug is an excellent choice. The right living room rug can pull all of your accent colors together, add pattern to a neutral color palette or soften hard edges in a contemporary room.

5 things to consider when choosing a new living room rug

  • Size: Make sure your rug is the right scale for your room.
  • Color: Your new rug looks best if it features at least two of your accent colors.
  • Comfort: Choose a rug you love, but it’s also important that it feels good underfoot.
  • Care: Check the cleaning and maintenance of any rug you are considering.
  • Style: The good news
    teal area rug
    pink boho rug
    Mid-Century Modern rug
    Tropical rug
    gold rug
    Copper living room rug
    Pottery barn rug
    Aqua boho rug
    Blue living room rug
    black and white rug
    boho ikat rug
    Blue area rug
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2×2 House / Estúdio Mova

© Haruo Mikami © Haruo Mikami
  • Architects: Estúdio Mova
  • Location: Núcleo Bandeirante, Brazil
  • Architect In Charge : William Veras, Heloísa Moura
  • Co Author: Niele Pires
  • Team: Natália Gorgulho, Ian Alves
  • Area: 5597.2 ft2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Haruo Mikami
  • Metal Structure: ProEst Projetos de Estruturas e Construção Civil - Eng. Vladimir Villaverde
  • Concrete: Eng. André Torres Cordeiro
  • Structure Execution: ProEst Projetos de Estruturas e Construção Civil - Eng. Vladimir Villaverde
© Haruo Mikami © Haruo Mikami

Text description provided by the architects. A wide, single storey house, which should be well illuminated, ventilated, opened to the garden and  also have privacy from the neighbors. In addition, it should become two independent homes, one for the oldest son and the other for the rest of the family. These were the requestes from our clients when they searched for our office. The building sit has a rectangular shape with 2500 square meters and it is situated at

© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
© Haruo Mikami
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The DOME Lombok Eco Village Team is Raising Money To Rebuild City After Devastating Earthquake

via DOME Lombok via DOME Lombok It has been just over a week since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed 50,000 homes in North Lombok, a city just east of the island of Bali, Indonesia. Although much of the town is gone, the community has already rallied together to begin the long and arduous rebuilding process. With the rainy season approaching in less than two months, DOME Lombok is working to begin building earthbag domes and teaching their construction techniques to help the area rebuild.
via DOME Lombok via DOME Lombok

Domes are known to be one of the most earthquake resistant building forms. Not only are they easy and quick to build, but they also cost much less than homes that are constructed out of traditional housing materials. The domes are also fire and flood resistant. The DOME Lombok team can build a simple house for a family of five for just 8 million

via DOME Lombok
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Three Defining Movements in Architectural Photography

Bernd Becher, Hilla Becher. Framework Houses, 1959-73. © 2018 Hilla Becher. Credits: MoMA; Gift from Hilla Becher. Under "Fair Use" Bernd Becher, Hilla Becher. Framework Houses, 1959-73. © 2018 Hilla Becher. Credits: MoMA; Gift from Hilla Becher. Under "Fair Use" From the first experiments carried out by the French Joseph Niépce in 1793, and his most successful test in 1826, photography became an object of exploring and a resource for registering lived moments and places of the world. Within the broad spectrum of photographic production throughout history, architecture has frequently played a leading role on the records, be it from the perspective of photography as an art, document or, as it was often the case, an instrument for cultural construction. Having great autonomy as a practice and of particular debate inside this theme, architectural photography has the ability to reaffirm a series of expressive features of the portrayed works, create tension in their relation to the surroundings, and propose specific or generic readings of buildings, among other investigative possibilities. World
Eugène Atget. Rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève, 1898. Credits: MoMA; Abbott-Levy Collection. Gift from Shirley C. Burden. Sob termos de "Fair Use"
Berenice Abbott. Pike and Henry Streets, Manhattan, 1936. © 2018 Berenice Abbott/Commerce Graphics. Credits: MoMA. Anonymous' gift. Under "Fair Use"
Ezra Stoller. Beinecke Library, Yale University, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New Haven, CT, 1963. © Ezra Stoller. Courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery, New York
Julius Shulman. Case Study House #22, 1960 (Architect: Pierre Koenig) © J. Paul Getty Trust. Usada com permissão. Julius Shulman Photography Archive, Research Library at the Getty Research Institute (2004.R.10). Courtesy of Barbican Art Gallery
Michael Wesely. 7 August 2001--7 June 2004 The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2001-04. © 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. Credits: MoMA. Bought. Under "Fair Use"
Michael Wesely. 7 August 2001--7 June 2004 The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2001-04. © 2018 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. Credits: MoMA. Bought. Under "Fair Use"
Bernd Becher, Hilla Becher. Water Towers, 1988. © 2018 Hilla Becher. Credits: MoMA; Gift from Werner and Elaine Dannheisser. Under "Fair Use"
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Castellana 77 / Luis Vidal + arquitectos

© Fernando Andrés © Fernando Andrés
  • Architects: Luis vidal + arquitectos
  • Location: Paseo de la Castellana, 77, Madrid, Spain
  • Author Architects: Luis vidal + arquitectos
  • Design Team: Joaquín Maire , Andoni Arrizabalaga, Julio Isidro Lozano, Gentaro Shimada, Jugatx López Amurrio, Marta Cumellas , Alba del Castillo, Carolina Hernandez, Peru Medem, Alejandro Nieto, Carmen Andújar, Carlos González, Francisco San juan, Jose Benito, Jose Luis Moráis, Luis Vidal, Oscar Torrejón
  • Area: 269097.76 ft2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Fernando Andrés
  • Construction: Acciona Construcción
  • Structural Engineering: Calter
  • Facilities Engineering: Vectoria
  • Sustainability Engineering: Ineria
  • Acoustic Engineering: Acústica Integral / Decibel
© Fernando Andrés © Fernando Andrés

Text description provided by the architects. Cities have silent icons and Castellana 77 is one of them. Located in the financial heart of Madrid, it beats with the rhythm of a city characterized as a driving force of the country.

Site Diagram Site Diagram

The regeneration of this emblematic building -LEED Gold certified- puts in

© Fernando Andrés
Section EO - Section NS
© Fernando Andrés
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