Watch MIT’s modular Mini Cheetah robot land a backflip

MIT Mini Cheetah robot backflip

Our new captioned movie shows MIT‘s “virtually indestructible” Mini Cheetah robot performing a host of athletic manoeuvres, including stretching, running and jumping.

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“There’s Norway we could a-fjord to eat in this plaice”

Snohetta restaurant

In this week’s comments update, readers are having a whale of a time making puns about an underwater restaurant designed by Snøhetta.  Read more

Norman Kelley preserves “layered history” inside revamped Notre store in Chicago

Notre interior renovation by Norman Kelley

US firm Norman Kelley has merged old and new elements inside the flagship store for clothing retailer Notre, which is housed inside a 113-year-old building in central ChicagoRead more

Sustainable RAUM pavilion by Overtreders W designed to be reused

RAUM temporary restaurant pavilion by Overtreders W in Utrecht

Overtreders W employed the principles of a circular economy when designing the temporary RAUM pavilion in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Read more

Apple launches credit card touting privacy and security

Apple credit card Goldman Sachs numberless credit card

Apple has made its first foray into financial services with a numberless credit card that CEO Tim Cook calls the most significant change to card payments in 50 years. Read more

The Tulip by Foster + Partners on track to be approved by City of London

Foster + Partner's The Tulip is on track to get planning permission

The City of London has said that Foster + Partners‘ 305-metre-high The Tulip has “the potential to become an architectural icon”, in its planning report on the proposed tourist attraction. Read more

Time-lapse movie shows submersion of Snøhetta’s underwater restaurant

Construction photo of underwater restaurant Under by Snøhetta in Båly, Norway

This movie shows the completion of Europe’s first underwater restaurant, designed by Snøhetta, as it is submerged off the coast of Båly, Norway. Read more

Mexican architecture “more like a spirit than a style” says Frida Escobedo

Mexican Architecture Scene Frida Escobedo Interview Video

In the second of a series of short movies about Frida Escobedo, the Mexican architect describes the architecture scene in her home country. Read more

Tech companies’ development of AI is “unethical” says Robot Love curator

Interview with Ine Gevers, curator of Robot Love

AI development should not be left in the hands of mega-companies like Facebook and Google, warns Ine Gevers, curator of an exhibition in Eindhoven that examined the importance of emotion in the relationship between humans and robots. Read more

Berghain designers Studio Karhard creates club-feel inside The Urban Dentist

Interiors of The Urban Dentist by Studio Karhard

Light-up walls, mirrored partitions, and colourful stone surfaces help channel a “cool bar” aesthetic inside this dental office in Berlin, which has been completed by Studio Karhard – the designers of renowned nightclub Berghain. Read more

Bontrager’s WaveCel bike helmet promises to radically reduce head injury

Bontrager's WaveCel bike helmet

US bike brand Bontrager has launched an improved bicycle helmet that they say is 48 times more likely to prevent concussion than standard foam versions. Read more

Tracks Architectes designs timber-clad kindergarten with gabled forms in France

La Ruche by Tracks Architectes

A long run of gabled volumes clad in honey-coloured wood has been designed by Tracks Architectes for a kindergarten in France called La Ruche, which translates as The Beehive. Read more

Angled roof tops rammed-earth walls of Rama Estudio’s Casa Lasso in rural Ecuador

Casa Lasso by Rama Estudio

Quito’s Rama Estudio has used thick rammed-earth walls and large windows to prop up the slanted roof that covers this residence, built among a eucalyptus plantation in EcuadorRead more

Five restaurants and bars worth going out for in Atlanta

Garden & Gun Club by Workstead

Southern US city Atlanta is experiencing a surge in new eateries and bars. Here are five to visit in Georgia’s capital, including a snug club by Workstead and Tom Dixon’s “raw yet sophisticated” cocktail lounge. Read more

Architects who don’t pay interns “shouldn’t be given prestigious commissions” says designer who revealed Ishigami internships

Serpentine Pavilion 2019 by Junya Ishigami

Architects who rely on free labour should be banned from high-profile projects like the Serpentine Pavilion says designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, who first revealed unpaid internships at this year’s pavilion architect Junya Ishigami. Read more

Digital billboards in Stockholm project positive artworks to cheer up anxious commuters

Emotional Art Gallery in Sweden

Clear Channel and design studio Affairs have created The Emotional Art Gallery which uses the real-time emotions of commuters to replace adverts with artworks. Read more

Bae Se Hwa’s sinuous Steam Bent Series goes on show in New York

Steam 25 lounge chair Bae Se Hwa Steam Bent Series and R & Company

South Korean designer Bae Se Hwa steam bent hundreds of slender walnut slices to create the sinuous chairs, benches and desks that feature in this exhibition at New York gallery R & Company. Read more

With four days before early discount ends, Virgil Abloh and Sou Fujimoto are named among judges for Dezeen Awards 2019

With Dezeen Awards early entry discount ending this Friday we’re announcing our final judges with fashion designer Virgil Abloh, architect Sou Fujimoto, artist Lucy McRae and SO-IL co-founder Jing Liu joining our panel of 75 leading figures from architecture and design. Read more

Brand Bureau transforms Arkansas factory into The Holler work-eat-play venue

The Holler by Brand Bureau

American studio Brand Bureau employed a “slightly cheeky camp and wilderness feel” for the conversion of an industrial building in Arkansas into this venue for co-working, dining and playing shuffleboard. Read more

University of Wollongong uses stem cells to 3D-print human ears

3d-printing human ears University of Wollongong

Researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia have developed a 3D bioprinter that can replicate human ears for use in reconstructive surgery. Read more