Architecture is in love with itself.

            The Chicago Architecture Biennial is a lot. I’m not the first to write about it, certainly won’t be the last, but maybe I’ll be the first to say simply, naively, unequivocally, that it is a lot. Every available space, hallway and corner is put to work in the exhibitional narrative put forth by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee. Even the building is a lot, a fine example of Chicago’s expertise on the Beaux-Arts style. And when the packed exhibition converges with the ornate building, the result is fairly overwhelming.
'Best Millenial Pink,' MAIO
There is an immense visual density of information. I appreciate it. It functions well as a blunt instrument to ensure no person could possibly leave without some lingering thought or question regarding at least one thing seen. The exhibition encompasses three floors of the Chicago Cultural Center. Each contribution ranges radically in scale. Unlike the previous iteration, Continue reading "Architecture is in love with itself."

Cultural and Artistic Center in Benxi / TAOA

© Xia Zhi © Xia Zhi
  • Architects: TAOA
  • Location: Yu Ming Lu, Mingshan Qu, Benxi Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China
  • Architect In Charge: Lei Tao
  • Design Team: Bozhou Kang, Zhen Chen
  • Area: 4000.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Xia Zhi
  • Collaborators: The Eigth Design Department of China Building Technique Group Co., Ltd. (Shihan Gao, and Litong Zheng)
© Xia Zhi © Xia Zhi

From the architect. It is located in the south of the square of Benxi Museum. This building is both the local art gallery for cultural exhibiting purpose and the center for artists’ working and communication. The center contains 4 floors above ground and a basement floor. The interior space of the first and basement floor joining the exterior through the sunken yard, generates an individual and welcoming shared space for art exhibiting. The second, third and fourth floor are mainly used for working, art creating and meeting. The hovering and stagger public

© Xia Zhi
© Xia Zhi
© Xia Zhi
Public Circulation Diagram
© Xia Zhi
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© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki
  • Architects: ALPES GDB
  • Location: Khuê Trung, Vietnam
  • Principal Architect: Ho Khue
  • Area: 700.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki

From the architect. From the architects: Urban development has many environmental implications: the consequences of people’s alienation from nature, the majority of Vietnamese people living down the narrow or crowded streets, and the ever increasing number of vehicles.

© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki

The mission of Ho Khue Architects (ALPES Green Design & Build) Office is reconnecting people and nature. Changing their environment with innovative and healthy designs changes their perspective and improves their living conditions and lives. S house is one of the works contributing to that mission.

© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki

The “S” House is located in a new residential area in the Danang City Center, Vietnam.  There is a lot of traffic and noise however is a very convenient location.   Thus

© Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki
© Hiroyuki Oki
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Why Are Architects Needed? 8 Speakers Give Their Answers During Rising Architecture Week 2017

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With the objective of developing new solutions to the societal challenges of tomorrow, the RISING Architecture Week 2017—held in Aarhus, Denmark, between the 11th and 15th of September—consisted of a series of events, exhibitions, and the RISING Exchange Conference, focuses on how architecture and construction can help to rethink existing paradigms. We had the opportunity to visit the city and to talk with Jan Gehl, Pauline Marchetti, Ruth Baumeister, Daan Roosegaarde, John Thackara, Jacques Ferrier, Stephan Petermann, and Shajay Bhooshan, some of the speakers who contributed their visions on these issues. Thinking about a future in which different actors will be relevant in the process of addressing such challenges, we took the opportunity to make them question themselves: Are architects really needed?
Every time you put any brick down anywhere, you manipulate the quality of life of people. (...) If
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Tide X Otter Handmade Wooden Surfboard, sourced…

             <br /><a href="" ><img src=""></a>
            <br/><br/>Tide X Otter Handmade Wooden Surfboard, sourced from sustainable woodlands, designed to complement the environment.  <br/><br/><i> (Want more? See <a href=''></a> and <a href=''></a>)</i>

Spotlight: Peter Cook

Plug-In City. Image © Peter Cook Plug-In City. Image © Peter Cook As one of the founding members of Archigram, the avant-garde neo-futurist architecture group of the 1960s, the British architect, professor, and writer Sir Peter Cook (born 22 October 1936) has been a pivotal figure within the global architectural world for over half a century; one of his most significant works from his time with Archigram, The Plug-In City, still invokes debates on technology and society, challenging standards of architectural discourse today.
Image via screenshot from "<a href=''>Sir Peter Cook interview at Lunds University</a>" on Vimeo Image via screenshot from "<a href=''>Sir Peter Cook interview at Lunds University</a>" on Vimeo

Though Cook gained significant international recognition for his unbuilt works with Archigram, he has now also been recognized for his built works around the world. His recent works, including the construction of his Art Museum in Graz, Austria (Kunsthaus) has brought his radical ideas to a wider public audience. He currently practices with Gavin Robotham as

BIX Communicative Display Skin for the Kunsthaus Graz, 2003; View from Schlossberg. Image © Harry Schiffer / realities:united
Abedian School of Architecture / CRAB Studio. Image © Peter Bennetts
Departments Of Law And Central Administration / CRAB Studio. Image © Ronald Kreimel
Drawing Studio. Image © Richard Bryant
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Indianapolis Zoo Bicentennial Pavilion and Promenade / RATIO Architects

© Susan Fleck © Susan Fleck
  • Architects: RATIO Architects
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
  • Construction Manager: Turner Construction
  • Area: 40000.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Susan Fleck
© Susan Fleck © Susan Fleck

From the architect. In 2015, the Lilly Endowment approached the Indianapolis Zoo with a transformative opportunity – the Endowment would provide a $10 million grant to the Zoo, on the condition that it be used to implement a game-changing initiative that benefits the community institution’s long-term sustainability.

Sketch Sketch

With these broad parameters in mind, the Zoo identified a project that would align with its strategic master plan objective to attract, engage, and accommodate visitors during the shoulder seasons and on days with inclement or marginal weather.

© Susan Fleck © Susan Fleck

The solution was to create an open-air special events facility that is protected from the weather and able to support a wide variety of sometimes-simultaneous group activities, including concerts, picnics, and private events,

Site Plan
© Susan Fleck
© Susan Fleck
Roof plan
© Susan Fleck
© Susan Fleck
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15 Eye-Popping Projects That Don’t Apologize For Using Color: Photos of the Week

© Julien Lanoo © Julien Lanoo This week, colorful projects are here to steal the show. Few architects have dared to use color in their works, however, when done so the results can be incredible. Here is a selection of 15 images from prominent photographers such as Gregori CiveraJulien Lanoo and Subliminal Image that show us the huge potential of color.

Gregori Civera

Red Wall / Ricardo Bofill

© Gregori Civera © Gregori Civera

Jiang Yong

Lunar Pop-up Store / ///byn

© Jiang Yong © Jiang Yong

Jeremy San

The Green House / K2LD Architects

© Jeremy San © Jeremy San

Imagen Subliminal

Behind The Scenes: Not Only a Car Wash / Lina Toro

© Imagen Subliminal © Imagen Subliminal

Wison Tungthunya

10Cal Tower / Supermachine Studio

© Wison Tungthunya © Wison Tungthunya

Nicolas Borel

Euronews / Jakob + MacFarlane Architects

© Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel

Luke Hayes

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery / Zaha Hadid Architects

© Luke Hayes © Luke Hayes

Iwan Baan

Theatre Agora / UNStudio

© Iwan Baan © Iwan
© Richard Bryant
© Shen Qiang & Daniele Mattioli
© Maria Gonzalez
Cortesía de MVRDV
© Imagen Subliminal
© Gregori Civera
© Julien Lanoo
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