Peek inside All Square’s new grilled cheese restaurant in Minneapolis, designed by Syracuse-based Architecture Office

            <img src="" border="0" />Since Archinect spoke with All Square founder Emily Hunt Turner <a href="" rel="nofollow" >in 2017</a>, the non&shy;profit civil rights social enterprise now has its first brick-and-mortar gourmet grilled cheese restaurant that opened in <a href="" rel="nofollow" >Minneapolis</a> earlier this month.
Located along Minnehaha Mile, All Square's mission — which aims to prevent recidivism and employ and empower formerly incarcerated individuals — now has a physical presence. The project symbolizes “the importance of a clean slate and community support while sending a message that those who have paid their debts to society are ‘all square’ with society and should be afforded the right to live, unhindered, into their future,” Turner told Archinect in 2016.
Photo: Caylon Hackwith.
Photo: Caylon Hackwith.
Jonathan Louie and Nicole McIntosh of Syracuse-based Architecture Office were in charge of converting a 900 square-foot space into a welcoming, community-oriented casual dining spot. The resulting project features a simple interior of white and gray Continue reading "Peek inside All Square’s new grilled cheese restaurant in Minneapolis, designed by Syracuse-based Architecture Office"

New York City’s big art switcheroo involves The Met, The Frick, The Whitney, and a certain Marcel Breuer building

            <img src="" border="0" /><em><p>Henry Clay Frick&rsquo;s venerable Old Master paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and porcelain seem destined for a change of scene.
In an unusual game of musical chairs, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Frick Collection announced today (21 September) that the Met will vacate the Brutalist Breuer building on Madison Avenue in 2020. Its departure will make way for the Frick to move in late that year while its mansion undergoes a renovation and expansion five blocks away.

Click here to catch up with Archinect's coverage of the not entirely undramatic Frick Collection expansion saga. 

Get Ready To Nest In Bed Longer With The New Wayfair Eider & Ivory Bedding Line

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  As temperatures drop and days get shorter, you’ll probably be spending more time in bed (or at least wishing you could). Wayfair’s latest design collab with Eider & Ivory is the perfect way to cozy up your bed this fall. The bath and bedding collections feature soft and minimalist color palettes. There are plenty of cold-weather bedding necessities like throw blankets, coverlets and quilts. The high-quality pieces are designed for layering – and the affordable prices make creating a layered, cloud-like bed or fabulous bathroom easy on your wallet. Too bad you can’t order a couple of extra stay-in-bed hours per day, too.

Wayfair Eider & Ivory Bedding and Bath Collections

We loved how stylists and designers layered the beds in the official photos.
Wayfair Eider and Ivory
wayfarer eider & ivory
wayfarer eider & ivory
wayfarer eider & ivory
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BW House / FeA

© thienthach © thienthach
  • Architects: FeA
  • Location: Cầu Giấy, Vietnam
  • Area: 160.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: thienthach
  • Team: Vu Nam Son, Vu Quynh Giao
  • Mechanical Contractor: Xuongcokhiox
© thienthach © thienthach

Text description provided by the architects. The 4 story house is for a family of 4, including parents and 2 grown-up sons. At the moment, those 2 sons are studying abroad and visit home occasionally, the house, therefore, is designed based on requires of the middle-aged couple, who asked for large and airy common spaces without separated walls, to easily keep an eye on each other.

© thienthach © thienthach
Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan
© thienthach © thienthach

The renovation has been done on an L-shape, 3-story building. We agreed with the investor to remain the old structure in order to shorten construction time and reduce the cost. The house is located at a T-junction and its facade heads west without any sun cover. At this

© thienthach
© thienthach
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Hanyang Guiyuan Temple Sales Center / Waterfront Design

front elevation. Image © Yuchen Chao front elevation. Image © Yuchen Chao
  • Architectural Concept Design: Waterfrom Design
  • Location: 20 Guiyuansi Rd, Hanyang Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China
  • Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design
  • Interior Design: Waterfrom Design / Create+Think Studio
  • Interior Design Team: Nic Lee, Arthur Ho, Zhuwei Ge
  • Area: 2860.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Yuchen Chao
  • Soft Outfit Design: HWCD
  • Soft Outfit Design Team: John Villar, Lingtao Zeng, Yingying You
  • Client: Sino-Ocean Land
exterior. Image © Yuchen Chao exterior. Image © Yuchen Chao

Text description provided by the architects. Each city is given unique character by its history. Unfortunately in China most cities are losing their features after reconstruction and taking on almost the same image. It is imperative for urban real estate developers to retain cultural heritage of the city through balanced and appropriate design solutions. 

Conceptual Model Conceptual Model

Old and new co-existing under curve-shaped roof
Situated at the intersection of Yangtze River and Han River,

night view of exterior. Image © Yuchen Chao
 details of slope roof. Image © Yuchen Chao
exhibition gallery. Image © Yuchen Chao
partial view of aisle. Image © Yuchen Chao
partial view of aisle. Image © Yuchen Chao
partial view for 1.2 floor. Image © Yuchen Chao
aisle of 2 floor. Image © Yuchen Chao
b1 aisle. Image © Yuchen Chao
b1 aisle B1. Image © Yuchen Chao
exterior. Image © Yuchen Chao
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MVRDV completes a white and gold entertainment complex by Seoul’s Incheon Airport

            <img src="" border="0" /><a href="" rel="nofollow" >MVRDV</a> has recently completed The Imprint, a new 2-building art and entertainment complex next to <a href="" rel="nofollow" >Seoul&rsquo;s</a> Incheon Airport. Featuring a nightclub in one building and indoor <a href="" rel="nofollow" >theme park</a> in the other, the windowless structures are part of the larger&nbsp;Paradise City complex of 6 buildings next to South Korea's largest airport.&nbsp;
The Imprint by MVRDV, located in Seoul. © Ossip van Duivenbode
The Imprint by MVRDV, located in Seoul. © Ossip van Duivenbode
The program required an expressive facade with no windows. The firm created an imprint based design using façade features of the surrounding buildings, lifted entrances, and a golden entrance spot covering one corner of the nightclub building.
The Imprint by MVRDV, located in Seoul. © Ossip van Duivenbode
The Imprint by MVRDV, located in Seoul. © Ossip van Duivenbode
The façade was constructed of glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels. As many of the 3,869 panels are unique with construction Continue reading "MVRDV completes a white and gold entertainment complex by Seoul’s Incheon Airport"

House in the Air / TechnoArchitecture

© Shamanth Patil © Shamanth Patil
  • Architects: TechnoArchitecture
  • Location: Bengaluru, India
  • Lead Architect : Ar. Rajesh Shivaram
  • Design Team: Ar. Deepak, Triguna
  • Area: 5470.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Shamanth Patil
  • Civil: Planotech engineers
  • Structural Consultant: Manjunath & Co.
  • Client: Mr.Sumanth and Mrs. Sahana
  • Hometheater: Cinebels
  • Budget: 3.00 cr
© Shamanth Patil © Shamanth Patil

Text description provided by the architects. The brief required a House for a family of four on a 2,400 square feet site, located in South Bangalore. The clients aspired for a Contemporary design, iconic house in the locality that housed not only a living unit but also work and entertainment zones on different levels.

© Shamanth Patil © Shamanth Patil

At the same time they wanted Landscape ideas that could interact between all spaces internally and externally. The client’s penchant was towards a slick modernist vocabulary that amalgamated the habitable spaces with the landscape. Working closely with the client – a

Section A
Section B
© Shamanth Patil
© Shamanth Patil
© Shamanth Patil
© Shamanth Patil
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Bløm Meadworks / Synecdoche Design Studio

Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
  • Architect Of Record: Ply Architecture
Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio

Text description provided by the architects. Lingering encouraged. Locally Sourced. Michigan Mead. Inspired by the owner’s Scandinavian heritage and DIY attitude, Bløm Meadworks was designed with simplicity in mind. Clean white lines and natural raw materials emphasize the crisp sweetness of the session style mead they serve. The varied seating arrangements: a customized concrete-finished bar, large communal cherry wood tables, and wall-mounted two-top counters; offer a variety of dining experiences within the 2,900 sqft Meadery.

Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
Floor Plan Floor Plan
Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio

Upon entry, a bright yellow path leads the way through an open display of the mead fermentation process and into a modern taproom full of Synecdoche-fabricated mobile tables intended to accommodate

Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
Courtesy of Synecdoche Design Studio
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“​Prada Invites” project collaborates with Elizabeth Diller, Kazuyo Sejima, and Cini Boeri

            <img src="" border="0" /><em><p>As the second installment of the &ldquo;Prada Invites&rdquo; series, Kazuyo Sejima, Elizabeth Diller and Cini Boeri all worked with the Italian label to create designs from the classic Prada Nylon. &ldquo;Prada Invites&rdquo; is intended to look at the intersectionality of design, leading to conversations and collaborations between different design disciplines.</p></em><br /><br /><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "">

Contractors of collapsed Miami bridge fined for worker-safety violations

            <img src="" border="0" /><em><p>The contractors who designed and built the disastrous Florida International University bridge have been cited by federal authorities for several &ldquo;serious&rdquo; worker-safety violations and face tens of thousands of dollars in fines. [...]
The FIU pedestrian bridge collapsed March 15 while it was still under construction over Southwest Eighth Street, killing five motorists below and a worker, Navaro Brown, who had been standing atop the span.

This round of OSHA citations is likely only the beginning of legal actions resulting from the deadly collapse of the new Florida International University pedestrian bridge in March 2018. Investigations of the National Transportation Safety Board are ongoing and, depending on its findings, could lead to a criminal case.

A Bungalow in Sydney Gets a Dramatic, Pavilion-Like Addition

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="A Bungalow in Sydney Gets a Dramatic, Pavilion-Like Addition" /></a>
                                The <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Binary House</a> project began as a 1960&#8217;s yellow brick bungalow in Woolooware, Sydney, Australia, that was transformed by <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Christopher Polly Architect</a> to include a dramatic, pavilion-like addition in the back. While the original house keeps it&#8217;s private front character, the back opens up and expands into the green yard to elevate the homeowners&#8217; outdoor lifestyle.
The original home contains bedrooms and service areas but with newly installed vaulted skylights that visually enlarge the spaces. The pavilion features a double height living room with an adjacent dining room and kitchen with an open sitting room above. Glass walls disappear, expanding the open living space into the backyard. The addition connects to the bungalow by way of a hallway that continues through to the front door. Newly formed courtyards between both structures provide additional natural light and ventilation. Photography by Brett Boardman Photography.
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

True or False? Decoding Decorating Rules

“Don’t ever do this.” “You should never do that.” We’ve all heard certain decorating rules regarding colors, furniture, finishes and accessories. But how many of these are actually true, and how many may have made sense in the past but are no longer applicable? We asked a few experts to weigh in and separate fact from fiction.
decorating rules bright colors bedroom

Use a calm, relaxing color palette in the bedroom. Image: Studio M Interiors

Should you avoid bright colors in the bedroom?

This rule is true, according to Kimberly Schmunk, an interior designer at Nashville-based luxury custom home developer Focus Builders. “I tend to lean toward a more soothing color palette in the bedroom, since this is the room you will be winding down in.” If you want to incorporate bold colors, she recommends including it in artwork, throw pillows or other accessories. You can paint your bedroom bright red, but
decorating rules stainless steel
decorating rules builder beige
decorating rules small furniture
decorating rules mixed metals
decorating rules mirror
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Text description provided by the architects. For the event of the Jinji Lake Biennial, MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY installed a large-scale outdoor pavilion on the elevated plaza of the Suzhou Center. Its undulating enclosure interrupts the usual traffic, as an unexpected, emergent environment. It appears to have bubbled up from the ground, or dropped from the sky. The structure, both massive in scale and delicate in white aluminum, lands lightly on an ultra-thin edge. Boolean Operator​—so named for the function that determines relationships between statements, geometries or forms—makes an impression from a distance. Unlike the surrounding texture of the city, this curious structure radiates an otherworldly quality. It casts a strange shadow. It seems to conceal something behind its porous shell. Like seeing the full moon on a

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