Visionaries Wanted! Submit Your Ideas to EnBW’s Open Realization Competition Stöckach

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Want to create a new vision for Stuttgart? EnBW, host to this open, 2-phased competition with the aim of implementation, is looking for outstanding concepts and urban designs for a disused industrial area (40.000 square metre) in the east of Stuttgart. “Der neue Stöckach” should be transformed into a well-connected, urban district taking social, ecological and economical aspects into account and linking it to its surrounding neighborhood. 

Image courtesy of EnBW

Image courtesy of EnBW

With the intention to develop a sustainable and substantial part to Stuttgart’s apartment supply the district won’t be solely used residentially. Evolving from a place to work, to an integrated neighborhood where people live, work, share and laugh together, the essential question is how people want to live in the future. Even though being build in 2020, the new Stöckach shall still be inspiring in

and obtain international appeal. 

Image courtesy of EnBW

How will …

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