Steve Jobs and The Collaborative Framework

            <img src="" border="0" /><p>Collaboration is one of those things we, as architects and designers, embrace quite openly. <em>"Two heads are better than one,"</em> the saying goes, and it is indeed a true statement. Any significant <a href="" >project</a>, invention, or innovation was likely done in a collaborative setting. And even on a personal level, we find ourselves coming to the most profound discoveries in our interactions with other people. It's in our social settings that ideas begin to materialize. Rarely, do we find the lone creator composing a masterpiece on his own. While the inspiration might come to the individual, it is with the group that it is developed. Architecture is a practice that is almost dysfunctional without collaboration. Here we'll look at the impact of conversations and how a simple chat with a colleague can turn a small thought into a big idea.</p>          

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