North Miami is holding a competition to reimagine public uses for some of its most flood-prone lots

            <img src="" border="0" />The city owns some of the most flood-prone, and at risk-lots in North Miami. Many of these lots are on a special list of repetitive loss properties because they've been damaged multiple times in a 10-year period.&nbsp;

In North Miami, and elsewhere, the amount of land designated as such is estimated to increase by 5,000 each year. As storms become increasingly frequent and severe, these sites pose a specific challenge: what to do with vulnerable areas that look likely to be submerged in the future. 

The sensitive demands of RL properties are many. Often bought up by the city, keeping lots vacant can exacerbate perceptions of neglect and shift neighboring home values, while insuring and maintaining these sites is incredibly costly and constitutes a significant drain on resources.

Now the city is turning to architects for help. 

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