Alison Hirsch appointed as USC’s director of Masters of Landscape Architecture + Urbanism program

            <img src="" border="0" /><a href="" rel="nofollow" >University of Southern California School of Architecture</a>&nbsp;appointed associate professor Alison Hirsch as the new director of the Master of Landscape Architecture + Urbanism program, effective August 2019.&nbsp;&nbsp;

As a landscape theorist, designer, and historian, Hirsch’s work focuses on how the interpretation of sociocultural practices and marginalized histories and memories can contribute to the design of meaningful urban places. Her research areas include: cultural landscapes; spatial politics of landscape architecture; contested urban landscapes; activist design methods; practices of representation; and landscape’s intersections with performance and choreography.

Last month, Hirsch won her second Graham Foundation grant for Landscape and “the Working Country”: Food Justice and Landscape Ethics in California’s Central Valley, focusing on the confluence of land, labor, transcultural settlement, mobility, and agriculture in the lower San Joaquin Valley. Her 2013 grant, resulted in City Cho…

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