Forgotten Collection by Anja Lapatsch and Annika Unger

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                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Forgotten Collection</a> is not only a collection of design objects, but they’re objects designed to make you think deeply about time, value, production, and reproduction.
Using unusual materials such as birch-tar and pitch, they worked with archaeological experts to mimic the effects of nature on materials. Designed by Anja Lapatsch and Annika Unger, they aimed to use old world techniques to create a storied collection — to recreate something similar to the oldest archaeological objects found in 220,000 B.C. Using the ancient manufacturing processes of slow pyrolysis (dry distillation) of organic materials in a self-made kiln, it creates a unique look that isn’t too ‘shiny and new’. The use of birch-pitch also has significance beyond just its look. Throughout time, birch-pitch has soaked up days past, providing a richer, deeper experience beyond just material usage. Using the forgotten method of dry distillation, the series of objects explore
past and the future and the effects of change. Photos by Lapatsch|Unger.
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