Dream Dairy Farm Restaurant by MORIYUKI OCHIAI ARCHITECTS

The following interior design was realized for a restaurant built on a farm surrounded by a lush forest.


Since the menu is characterized by the fact that dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, made from fresh milk produced on-site at the dairy farm is used in each and all of their dishes, we were tasked with providing a space to attractively showcase said menu by evoking the imagery associated with the power of fresh ingredients and the natural setting of the forest surrounding the farm on which these quality products are made throughout the entire space.


The three-dimensional white lattice nesting above the beams of the existing wooden structure forms the canopy of a forest that brings together the old and the contemporary by suggesting the superimposition of time and space.


Since the ceiling is composed of a volume peering through a larger wooden frame, layers of glossy translucent resin boards were fitted on certain surfaces to produce a luminous body providing subdued lighti…

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