Omer Arbel Launches New Objects as OAO Works

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Omer Arbel Launches New Objects as OAO Works" /></a>
                                <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Omer Arbel</a>, designer, artist, and creative director of <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Bocci</a>, recently launched a new brand for the objects and curiosities he&#8217;s been creating on the side for the last 13 years. Along with his work for Bocci, the Vancouver and Berlin based Arbel creates work under his own name and is taking it even further with <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">OAO Works</a> (Omer Arbel Office Works). The platform will showcase works that are more niche and don&#8217;t fall under any particular category.
Described by OAO Works:
Some of the works resist simple classification, while others are by-products of more targeted investigations. Still more are results of very particular relationships, narratives, and collaborations.
31.3 Polygon Glassware is a series of 31 glass pieces that are made to be configured into any number of compositions. The collection is the result of looking into the five-fold tiling problem and ancient formulas from traditional Czech glassmaking.
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Excavated Vessels by Jeff Martin Joinery

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Excavated Vessels by Jeff Martin Joinery" /></a>
                                While we&#8217;ve previously featured the work of <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Jeff Martin Joinery</a>, we&#8217;ve only seen his beautiful wooden furniture pieces. Now, the designer is exploring new mediums using scrap materials as inspiration in a series called <a href=""  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Excavated Vessels</a>. The blown glass vessels are made using remnants from their cork casting processes used in the production of their furniture and mirrors.
Glass is blown into the cork molds filling the negative space as it expands and as the molds are removed, oxygen seeps in between the materials causing the surface of the cork to catch fire, thereby destroying the mold in the process. The finished piece isn’t revealed until it’s excavated from the cork so they never know what they’re going to get. The one-of-a-kind results resemble the textures found on mountain, glaciers, rocks, and glacier pools as if they were “hurled into outer space.”
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

Da Vetro: A Collection of Glass Vessels Inspired by Gestures and Postures

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Da Vetro: A Collection of Glass Vessels Inspired by Gestures and Postures" /></a>
                                Designed by a group of young international designers from <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Fabrica Research Center</a> in Italy for <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">PLEASE DO NOT ENTER</a>, Da Vetro is a limited edition glass collection of vases, carafes and containers that are inspired by human gestures, postures and scale.
There are eight designs in the collection, all of which are hand-blown in Italy by glass blower Massimo Lunardon. Only a limited edition of 30 pieces are made for each design. 308 s by Lukas Valiauga from Lithuania has a futuristic, space-inspired shape. It’s actually a sand timer that counts down to a Martian five minutes, which is 2.8% longer than Earth minutes. Slipped My Mind by Elena Bompani from Italy has a lower figure that’s inspired by the shape of a bust while the handle is inspired by the shape of a face, alluding to the idea that memories, like flowers, can be short and fleeting. Corolla
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frauklarer’s Latest Collections Made From Jesmonite

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="frauklarer&#8217;s Latest Collections Made From Jesmonite" /></a>
                                Austria-based Klara Schuster, who formed her label <a href=""  rel="nofollow noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">frauklarer</a> in 2014, recently switched to the composite material Jesmonite for her latest work of household accessories, having previously favored marble. Two new modern collections, all made from terrazzo-like Jesmonite, include a series of vases and vessels, as well as modular jewelry trays.

freckled bowl – orange/blue

The Freckles in Stone Collection is a series of bowls, vases, and vessels in various colorways with fresh shapes and modern silhouettes. The angular pieces boast “freckles” of colorful fragments that really elevate each object. Along with smooth edges, the pieces have a jagged side that will increase your desire to reach out and touch them.

vessel large – red/black/white

vase high – violet/green/orange

vase high – red/white/black

Modular 17

The second series is the Modular Jewelry Displays that are flat, geometric pieces that becomes a sculptural place to hold your jewelry when you’re not wearing
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Elyse Graham Launches Colorful Resin Vessels and Furniture

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Elyse Graham Launches Colorful Resin Vessels and Furniture" /></a>
                                If you&#8217;re not familiar with the work of <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Elyse Graham</a>, I highly suggest you look back through our <a href=""  rel="noopener noreferrer" data-wpel-link="internal">archives</a> to get a sense of her incredible work. During this year&#8217;s <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal">Sight Unseen OFFSITE</a>, we got a peek at her latest work (which also ended up being one of our favorite picks from the show) and once again, it left us mesmerized. The Black Magic Collection explores what&#8217;s hidden beneath the surface, out of sight but always there, as certain aspects are revealed through the sanding process. Each piece was named after places where magic is a normal part of everyday life, using colors and patterns from there that inspired the work.
The Nesting Side Tables feature thick glass tops in either Bronze or Smoke, with three triangular legs that are cast with resin, then shaped and sanded individually to get its one-of-a-kind pattern.

Escalante Side Table

Tikal Side Table

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Ceramics That Merge Modern Technology with Traditional Techniques

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Ceramics That Merge Modern Technology with Traditional Techniques" /></a>
                                These hyperreal vessels are the work of British designer <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Matt Davis</a> who took the idea of basic ceramics and threw it out the window. Instead, Davis merges modern technology with some traditional techniques to give his work a look that appears to be digital and living inside your video screen.
First, 3D printed models are made after using software to design the objects. The models are molded and then slip cast in either bone china or black porcelain and carefully fired while being held up so that they don’t collapse. The results are either a low res (above) or high res (below) look, much like an image on your screen. Photos by James Oaten.
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

The Best of Miami Design Week

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="The Best of Miami Design Week" /></a>
                                We hit up Miami Beach for this year&#8217;s <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer">Art Basel</a> and along with Art Basel comes dozens of off-site events to check out, like <a href=""  data-wpel-link="external" rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer">Miami Design/</a> and <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer">SCOPE Miami Beach</a>. There was endless amounts of eye-candy and inspiration all over Miami Beach but we narrowed down some of our favorites from these events to highlight. Take a look.
Above: Flotsam & Jetsam, by SHoP, commissioned by Design Miami/ for an outdoor installation
Design Miami

Design Miami/ \\\ Friedman Benda

Friedman Benda presented a menagerie of eye-popping work, including this mirror from artist Christopher Schanck. The mirror continues his process of covering materials in tin foil and then coating them in colored resin. The mirror pops against this custom, site-specific wallpaper from Calico Wallpaper featuring a pattern that plays with your visual perception.
Design Miami/ \\\ Galerie kreo

Design Miami/ \\\ Galerie kreo

French gallery, Galerie kreo curated a booth featuring the works of many great contemporary designers,
Design Miami/ \\\ Patrick Parrish
Design Miami/ \\\ R & Company
Design Miami/ \\\ Louis Vuitton
Art Basel Miami \\\ Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Art Basel Miami \\\ Nara Roesler
Art Basel \\\ neugerriemschneider
Art Basel Miami \\\ Chiefs & Spirits
Scope Miami Beach \\\ GAMO Gallery
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RUST Collection by Prin London

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="RUST Collection by Prin London" /></a>
                                French born designer <a href=""  data-wpel-link="external" rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer">Ariane Prin</a> launched an offshoot brand, <a href=""  data-wpel-link="external" rel="nofollow external noopener noreferrer">Prin London</a>, where she&#8217;s created a line of one-of-a-kind pieces with unique finishes achieved through metal dust oxidation. The products in the RUST collection, which includes vessels and clocks, are made using a mix of metal dust with various gypsum based composites leading to intriguing textures and finishes.
ariane_prin_rust_collection-2-bowl Each piece is made by hand over the course of three days, and over the course of several weeks to months, the exterior will oxidize changing its finish. ariane_prin_rust_collection-3-trays ariane_prin_rust_collection-4 ariane_prin_rust_collection-5-cachepots ariane_prin_rust_collection-6 ariane_prin_rust_collection-7 ariane_prin_rust_collection-8-planters ariane_prin_rust_collection-9 ariane_prin_rust_collection-10 ariane_prin_rust_collection-11-boxes ariane_prin_rust_collection-12 ariane_prin_rust_collection-13 ariane_prin_rust_collection-14 ariane_prin_rust_collection-15 ariane_prin_rust_collection-16-clock Prin has added to the RUST collection with Timepiece, a series of clocks made up of 12 sections that come in various color ranges, like grey, orange, green and blue, for steel, brass and copper dust. ariane_prin_rust_collection-17 ariane_prin_rust_collection-18 ariane_prin_rust_collection-19 ariane_prin_rust_collection-20 ariane_prin_rust_collection-21
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

Ceramics Inspired By Fashion from Bari Ziperstein

                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="Ceramics Inspired By Fashion from Bari Ziperstein" /></a>
                                Fine artist and ceramicist <a href="" >Bari Ziperstein</a> is bridging the gap between fine art, architecture, and ceramics with her latest collection of objects. Based in LA, she has many collaborations coming up with big name fashion brands including Rachel Comey, J. Crew, and Kelly Wearstler, to name a few. These collaborations have had a heavy influence on her summer collection of ceramics, where each has a unique theme exploring art and architecture.
BariZiperstein-17) WINGS_WHITE

Rope / Clay / Oak Wood Vessels: “My ode to the very essence of architectural pottery.”

BariZiperstein-11) LEOPARD_COLLECTION BariZiperstein-1) SwimPrint_inspo BariZiperstein-4) Chain_inspo Meanwhile, she also launched a summer collection of ceramics, which range from Futurist Primitive Design with Columbian inspirations to raw, Brutalist architectural pieces. BariZiperstein-ceramics-5 BariZiperstein-ceramics-6 BariZiperstein-unspecified-ceramics-1 BariZiperstein-unspecified-ceramics-2 BariZiperstein-unspecified-ceramics-3 BariZiperstein-unspecified-ceramics-4
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

Modern Corian Accessories by Portuguese Designers

                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="Modern Corian Accessories by Portuguese Designers" /></a>
                                <a href="" >&amp; blanc</a> is a new collection of small accessories for the home designed by some of the best Portuguese designers out there. It consists of eight different pieces made out of Corian® by five different designers: Miguel Flores Soeiro, Marco Sousa Santos, Toni Grilo, Gonçalo Campos, and Daniel Vieira.
While diminutive, the accessories make a dramatic impact. Using modern digital production technology with manual craftsmanship, each object has its own story, and is not meant to be made in mass quantities. Together, the collection combines the different stories, background, and distinctions of the makers together to create objects with unique stories. hills_1 Hills – wine bottle holder hills_7 hat_5 Hat – vessel hat_2 knot_2 Knot – napkin ring knot_1 hole_1 Hole – candlestick holder hole_2 nest_apple_1 Nest – fruit bowls nest_lemon_4 piu_3 Piu – cutting and serving boards piu_4 fold_hole_1 Fold – table mirror fold_2
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

OTHR Launches 3D Printed Objects by Today’s Top Designers

                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="OTHR Launches 3D Printed Objects by Today&#8217;s Top Designers" /></a>
                                When three New York-based designers team up with the intention of reimagining how unique design objects from today&#8217;s top designers are made, you know it&#8217;s going to be good. With <a href="" >Joe Doucet</a>, Dean DiSimone, and <a href="" >Evan Clabots</a> at the helm, <a href="" >OTHR</a> takes the novelty out of 3D printing and utilizes it as tool, that when paired with designers, has the ability to create the &#8220;first everyday artifacts of the third industrial revolution,&#8221; says Doucet. 
The designs are simple, as well as functional using materials like porcelain, steel, and precious metals in unexpected ways. Every two weeks, OTHR plans to release a new 3D printed design, with 12 products available for this month’s launch. Each piece is available on-demand for consumers in the U.S. and Canada with plans to expand outside of North America later this year. Joe explained in a recent episode of our Clever podcast, that
Birdhaus by Claesson Koivisto Rune
Ico Bottle Opener by Fort Standard
EE Juicers by Everything Elevated
Double Vessel by Jonah Takagi
Double Vessel by Jonah Takagi
Connection Vessel by Philippe Malouin
Connection Vessel by Philippe Malouin
Connection Vessel by Philippe Malouin
Kyou Sugar Bowl, Circular Spoon & Creamer by Todd Bracher
Kyou Sugar Bowl, Circular Spoon & Creamer by Todd Bracher
Ipseity Wall Hooks by Evan Clabots
Ipseity Wall Hooks by Evan Clabots
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Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016: Part 1

                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016: Part 1" /></a>
                                <a href="" >Sight Unseen OFFSITE</a> landed in a new venue this year &#8211; the famed Grace Building, which happens to overlook Bryant Park on one side. A new year and a new locale brought about some of the best new designs we saw during <a href="" >NYCxDESIGN</a> this year from brand-new talent, as well as more established brands. Take a look at the first part of our breakdown of Sight Unseen OFFSITE 2016.
Sight-Unseen1-2016-1-Ford-Leong-Leong Leong Leong created TOPO for Ford which was an immersive sound bath installation that offered a calm place to relax during the chaos of NYCxDesign. The lounge space reflects the experience one might have when driving through landscapes in a Ford Edge. Sight-Unseen1-2016-2-Land-of-Nod Land of Nod worked with a series of designers, like Dusen Dusen and Eric Trine, to reimagine regular kids’ designs in giant scale. The oversized pieces remind us adults what it is like to be a kid again. Sight-Unseen1-2016-3-MMaterial Fernando Mastrangelo debuted 
New vessels from Elyse Graham
Left: Stove Chair & Domino Coat Rack, Brethren Bench, and Handle Stool by Gabriel Tan Design; Handy Sweeper by Chris Specce \\\ Right: Handy Rakes by Chris Specce; Handy Folding Ladder; Trestle table by Studio Gorm
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Lyyli: Handcrafted Vessels to Store Precious Objects

                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="Lyyli: Handcrafted Vessels to Store Precious Objects" /></a>
                                Inspired by the relationship between clear glass and light, <a href="" >Katriina Nuutinen</a> created Lyyli, &#8220;boxes with humorous character.&#8221; Whether it&#8217;s jewels or clips, bath pearls or desserts you plan to store, the collection consists of matching vessels made of mouth-blown glass, thrown birch and maple. Each piece is characterized by its handcrafted design, and has an unusual and intriguing look. We want to open them to see what&#8217;s inside!
Lyyli1_KNuutinen Lyyli_clear_medium_AnnaSalmisalo Lyyli2_KNuutinen Lyyli3_KNuutinen Lyyli4_KNuutinen Lyyli5_KNuutinen Lyyli6_KNuutinen Lyyli7_KNuutinen Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen_10_IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen_11_IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen_12_IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen_13IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen_14IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KatriinaNuutinen2015_7_IkkoAlaska Lyylit_KNuutinen_AnnaSalmisalo Lyyli vessels are available for purchase here.
            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

10 Modern Concrete Accessories

                                You&#8217;ve probably noticed that concrete remains a prominent material used in the design world. It&#8217;s versatile, cost-effective, and adds a slightly handmade look to the finished product. While you might think it&#8217;s only for industrial-type settings, concrete accessories can pretty much work anywhere. Here, we round up ten of our favorites that we&#8217;d love to incorporate into our own spaces.
                                                <a href=""><img src="" alt="10 Modern Concrete Accessories" /></a>
                                1. <a href="" >Folder, Concrete Magazine Rack by Lyon Beton</a>  2. <a href="" >Concrete Clock #1355 by ConcreteClock</a>  3. <a href="" >Merge Pen Holder by 22 Design</a>  4. <a href="" >Menu Chunk of Concrete Candleholder</a>  5. <a href="" >Concrete Geometric Mini Octahedron Vessel</a>  6. <a href="" >Modern Concrete Bookends &#8211; Cube by Roughfusion</a>  7. <a href="" >Concrete Hanging Vessel by wrk-shp</a>  8. <a href="" >Salt &amp; Pepper NEX GEN Shaker Set by Culinarium</a>  9. <a href="" >iPhone Pillow by Snarkitecture</a>  10. <a href="" >Concrete Hexagon Coasters by Zeitgeist Factory</a>

            <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

Thom Fougere Studio’s 2015 Collection

Thom Fougere Studio’s 2015 Collection See what the Winnipeg, Canada-based Thom Fougere Studio has been up to this year with their collection of furniture and household objects that pay careful attention to material choices, functionality, and design. These latest pieces are made from wood, marble, and copper, making sure they’ll stand the design test of time for years to come. Thom-Fougere-2015-1-Bench3 The bench can be many things, a place to spend time with others and as a place to share ideas and thoughts with the community. Thom-Fougere-2015-2-Bench Thom-Fougere-2015-4-Bench Thom-Fougere-2015-5-Tambour+Collection The Tambour Collection references the traditional roll-top desks from the 19th century that let you disguise all of your clutter. These two storage pieces feature a flexible plane of wood slats that you guide along a track to open. Both pieces are available for purchase via EQ3. Thom-Fougere-2015-5a-Tambour+Collection Thom-Fougere-2015-6-Tambour+Collection Thom-Fougere-2015-7-Tambour+Collection Thom-Fougere-2015-8-Tambour+Collection Thom-Fougere-2015-9-Umbrella+Stand The Umbrella Stand bridges the gap between a functional product and a sculptural object offering an elegant place to store your umbrella. Also
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Apparatus Debuts New Italian Marble Objects

Apparatus Debuts New Italian Marble Objects Recently, Apparatus debuted a new collection of Italian marble objects entitled Neo Marble. Working with the solid stone from a quarry in Italy, the pieces reflect the idea of ceremonial objects at their simplest forms. They’re bold, with robust proportions that were inspired by “structural relics and antiquities” that expand on the studios study of materials. APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-2-Neo-Lantern The Neo Lantern contains a single candle that lights up the glass orb resting on the top of the solid marble base. Available in three sizes and in white or black. APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-3 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-4 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-5 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-6 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-7 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-8-Neo-Vessel The Neo Vessel holds a solid brass bowl within a marble urn or it can rest separately. Available in white or black. APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-9 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-10 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-11 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-12 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-13 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-14 APPARATUS-NEO-OBJECTS-15

2015 Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has Everything

We are grateful to quip for supporting this gift guide. Our partners are handpicked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. This holiday season, treat the design-lover in your life to the gift of a healthy smile without the hassle of worrying about replacement brushes. Shop quip here. 2015 Gift Guide: For the Person Who Has Everything That one person on everyone’s list – you know the one – the one we all dread buying for because they already own everything. We scoured the internet searching for gifts that they might not have already thought to buy for themselves in hopes of making it easier to check them off the list this year. Take a look at some ideas for that person who has everything. GiftGuide2015-Everything-1-Native-Union-Apple-Watch DOCK for Apply Watch Marble Edition from Native Union \ $119.99
A stylish place to rest and charge your Apple Watch while letting you view and use it
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2015 Gift Guide: Under $50

2015 Gift Guide: Under $50 Here’s a collection of great go-to gifts for just about anyone when you want to cap the money spent at $50. From a watch, home accessories, to office supplies, there’s bound to be a gift for just about everyone on your list. GiftGuide2015-Under50-1-Hem-Dish-towels Black Mix Dish Towels (Set of 3) by Sylvain Willenz for Hem \ $25
A set of graphic dish towels with silkscreened, geometric hand sketches. GiftGuide2015-Under50-2-May28-watch 05:43AM Watch by May28th \ $49
A fun, affordable watch for anyone that loves a simple, graphic pattern. GiftGuide2015-Under50-3-red-dot-porcelain-vase Red Dot Porcelain Vase by Inesse \ $50
A charming, limited edition bud vase with a beautiful color palette. GiftGuide2015-Under50-4-Worther_Shorty Worther Shorty Plastic Mechanical Pencil & Ballpoint Pen \ $15.95
Choose your favorite color and make it more fun when it’s time to put pencil (or pen) to paper. (The mechanical pencil comes with a pen insert) GiftGuide2015-Under50-5-Bungalo-Watercolor-tray Watercolor Tray from Bungalo \ $34
A sunrise-inspired, decorative wooden
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Santa Clara: Marble and Copper Organizers

Santa Clara: Marble and Copper Organizers Combining handcrafted marble and hammered copper, Peca’s head designer, Caterina Moretti, created a collection of versatile organizers with a sculptural feel. The copper parts were produced in Santa Clara del Cobre, a place known for their traditional coppersmithing, the pieces were appropriately named Santa Clara. PECA-2-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti Whether you set them on a desk to contain your office supplies or on your dresser to hold your jewelry, they make the perfect landing spot for all of your important things. PECA-3-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-4-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-5-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-6-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-7-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-8-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti PECA-9-Santa-Clara-Organizers-Moretti

Biophilia: Ceramics Inspired By the Growth of Plants

Biophilia: Ceramics Inspired By the Growth of Plants Both rooted and inspired by nature, Biophilia is a collection of four vessels created by Stoft design studio and ZolArt. Each piece represents a step in the growing process of a plant, and is purposefully unlike each other. Despite their different appearances, each piece can be stacked inside each other, resulting in endless configurations. BIOPHILIA_9 The vessels represents a stage in the life cycle of a plant, from seed to full bloom. Each have a vastly distinct look, but with an underlying common form. Capsula is the chamotte stoneware bowl that represents the seedpod, where the plant begins. Petalis is a sheer porcelain vessel that looks like it’s blooming. The pitcher, named Truncus, has branches, which also symbolizes how today’s craftsmanship and ceramic production splits in different directions. Lastly, the smallest object is Spore, a small earthenware vase that is meant to take root elsewhere. BIOPHILIA_7 BIOPHILIA_5 BIOPHILIA_3 BIOPHILIA_10 Photos by Ulrika Kestere.