7 Minimalist Sneakers to Maximize Your Wardrobe

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                                I love fancy footworks as much as the next person and believe that a great outfit can be ruined (or at the very least, go undocumented) with a bad choice in shoes (nothing a little photo-cropping can’t fix to salvage that photo though). However, when it comes to sneakers, I hail from the “less is more” camp, even while ‘Dad shoes’ and retro ‘sneaks are making a comeback. Simple, minimalist sneakers just have a soft spot in my heart, especially when they’re well-made and classically designed with modern elements. I’m also more inclined to hand over $200 when I think about how many outfits can go with a minimalist sneaker over a maximalist one.
If you’re in the market for a pair of fresh new kicks, here are 7 current favorites that our Tech Editor Gregory and I rounded up to help with your window shopping.
  1. Rennes by Oliver
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Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2016

                                In 2016, we brought you a mix of <a href="http://design-milk.com/category/style-fashion/"  data-wpel-link="internal">Style + Fashion</a> posts, covering everything from really cool sneakers to LEGO bags to building your own Fender guitar. From the rankings of the most popular posts in this category, it seems you all liked the variety as well. See which posts were the most popular this year.
                                                <a href="http://design-milk.com/adidas-originals-nmd-city-sock-looks-comfy/adidas-originals-nmd-city-sock/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="http://2.design-milk.com/images/2016/03/adidas-originals-NMD-City-Sock-600x335.jpg" alt="Best Style + Fashion Posts of 2016" /></a>
                                10. <a href="http://design-milk.com/adidas-originals-nmd-city-sock-looks-comfy/"  data-wpel-link="internal">adidas Originals NMD City Sock Looks Comfy</a><br />
The adidas Originals NMD City Sock is a pared down and fashionable homage to three of the brands most iconic 1980’s running shoe silhouettes. Agabag-Gold-plated-LEGO-bricks-1-bag
  1. Gold-Plated LEGO Bags and Jewelry
    Agabag expanded their line of LEGO handbags by creating bags with gold-plated details and a new line of gold-plated LEGO jewelry.
  1. Sculpted, Mixed Material Bags Inspired By Dreams
    A collection of casual, yet elevated, mixed material bags inspired by dreams that complement your casual wardrobe staples.
  1. Prepare to be Perpetually Disappointed with This Disappointments
Shoot 1-381
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THEY: Minimalist Japanese-Inspired Sneakers With A Bauhaus Twist

                                                <a href="http://design-milk.com/minimalist-japanese-inspired-sneakers-bauhaus-twist/shoot-1-381/"><img src="http://3.design-milk.com/images/2016/07/Shoot-1-381-600x400.jpg" alt="THEY: Minimalist Japanese-Inspired Sneakers With A Bauhaus Twist" /></a>
                                <a href="http://theynewyork.com/" >THEY New York</a> is a a new brand that&#8217;s taking a fresh approach to footwear. Unlike most shoes these days, THEY New York strives to capture a timeless aesthetic, simplicity, and functionality in unisex shoes.
Shoot 1-412 These sneakers are meant for all. They’re stripped down to the bare essentials, so the utmost focus is given to the material composition and original designs. Japanese minimalism gets a geometric spin with German-influenced Bauhaus. For THEY, beauty lays in keeping it simple and letting the shoe shine on its own. zoom_landscape 3 zoom_landscape Landscape_Zoom Shoot 1-480 Shoot 1-475 Shoot 1-453 Shoot 1-461 Shoot 1-470 Shoot 1-311 Shoot 1-362 Shoot 1-354 THEY0209 THEY0994 THEY0429 THEY0669
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