Real Talk: 5 Crucial Things to Do When Buying a Fixer-Upper

We all love seeing those home renovation shows on TV, but unfortunately, the process is a little more complicated when you’re planning on buying a fixer-upper in real life. That said, as always, we have you covered. Below is a list of the top considerations to keep in mind if you’re set on buying a property that needs a lot of TLC. Read them over and keep them close. Believe us when we say this is how you buy a fixer-upper that works.

Here’s how you successfully buy a fixer-upper. Image: Dane Deaner

Shop based on resale value

Here’s the thing: You don’t want to buy just any fixer-upper. You want to buy one that makes sense. While everyone’s priorities will be slightly different, resale value is often a great place to start. Whether you plan on flipping the home or living in it for a while, it’s worth hedging
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The 7 Deadly Remodeling Sins

Renovation, particularly DIY renovation, is huge for homeowners right now. If you’re in the majority considering a renovation, the operative word is “plan.” Jim Hubbard, owner of Remodeling Experts in St. Louis, MO, tells Freshome, “Doing the work is easy, but planning and making good selections – that’s the hard part.” Failing to plan is the overall remodeling sin that homeowners make. However, within that broad category, these are the seven deadly remodeling sins that can ruin your project and your budget.
white bathroom

Do your research to make sure you’re not surprised by costs. Image: dSPACE Studio Ltd.

1. Having an unrealistic budget

“’Budget’ is a very tricky word – when it is mentioned, people seem to get a little shy,” Hubbard says. “Sometimes, when I hear the homeowner’s budget, I wonder if they came up with it from watching a DIY TV show, because those amounts won’t
kitchen remodel
bed bath
remodeling house
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Selling or Renovating? Blue Bathrooms (Like These) Sell for More Bucks

If you’re partial to blue, you’re in luck: According to Zillow, blue rooms substantially increase the value of your home. Blue bathrooms top the list, adding up to “$5,400 more than expected to the sale price.” With so many shades to choose from, which blue gives you the most bang for your buck? Zillow’s report says that light blue bathrooms are best, although any blue seems to work. Here’s a roundup of 25 inspiring blue bathroom ideas and tips to beautify your space and increase your home’s value.

Light blue bathrooms

light blue bathroom

You don’t need to add blue from floor to ceiling to create a dramatic blue bathroom. This bathroom features a single painted blue wall, coordinating towels and a mosaic tile stripe of various blue shades. Image: Elle Decor UK

blue bathrooms-

This bathroom may be traditional, but the combination of marble with lighter blue walls and cabinets feels updated

blue bathroom decorating ideas
blue bathrooms -
blue bathrooms and blue bathroom ideas featuring tiles
blue bathrooms -
blue bathrooms
contemporary blue bathrooms -
blue bathroom ideas -
rich blue bathroom
blue bathroom design ideas -
contemporary blue bathrooms
blue bathroom ideas -
Blue bathroom ideas -
patterned blue walls
striped bathroom
blue bathrooms
blue bathrooms
blue bathroom ideas -
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