The Douwes Pendant&Socket Proves Sockets Don’t Have to Be Hidden

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The Douwes Pendant&Socket is designed to offer light and electricity over a kitchen table or desk while proving that sockets don’t have to be unattractive. Designed by Studio Lotte Douwes for Menu, the pair (available separately as the Pendant Lamp and Socket) is crafted from sustainably-produced, light grey porcelain that’s minimalist and neutral enough to work in just about any setting that’s in need of overhead light and/or a convenient place to plug-in. With the popularity of open workspaces these days, they’d work great hung above a long co-working table alternating between the two to provide both light and a place to charge laptops. With freestanding desks and even kitchen tables, outlets aren’t readily available making it hard to plug things in. The Douwes Socket brings an attractive flexibility that helps to enhance your work or personal life with additional freedom.
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Native Union Lightning Cables Offer a Rosy Outlook

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                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Native Union&#8217;s</a> head of design Fabien Nauroy describes their new rose-hued collection as a &#8220;softer look&#8221;, a nod to the color trends led by the realm of fashion. The gentle hue joins the brand&#8217;s well established collection of Lightning cables designed to soften the eyesore of cables strengthened by a reinforced structure engineered to endure the constant stress of plugging and unplugging.

The Native Union Rose colorway is represented by four Lightning cable designs: NIGHT CABLE, BELT CABLE, BELT CABLE XL and KEY CABLE.

Like previous Native Union cable offerings, each of the four Lightning cables are wrapped in a combination of nylon braiding on the outside, with a TPE rubber sleeve, protective tinned copper braid, nylon fillers, and DuPont™ Kelvar® fiber strengthening the length from within. The combination is rated as six times stronger than standard charging cables (quantified by a rating of 10,000+ bends over the cable’s lifespan; one bend
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Bump = Wall Plug + Power Bank + Premium Cable + Holder

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                                <a href="" >Richard Smiedt</a>, <a href="" >Karim Rashid</a>, and Phil King are the three behind the new company <a href="" >Push and Shove</a>, which aims to produce designs that are just as functional as they are beautiful. They&#8217;ve just launched the first product, <a href="" >bump</a>, which might just be the perfect charger. Bump combines a wall charger/power bank, a premium cord, and a cable holder all in one, smartly designed package small enough to throw in your bag to take with you everywhere.
Bump-charger-Karim-Rashid-2 The power bank has folding prongs that let you charge it from the wall and it’s compatible with all USB devices you might have that need charging. It will give you 1.5x extra battery when you need it. Bump-charger-Karim-Rashid-3 We’ve all spent way too much time trying to untangle our cables and the bump’s flat 3.3ft cable helps prevent that. Bump-charger-Karim-Rashid-4 Bump-charger-Karim-Rashid-5 The oval cable holder easily fits into your pocket when it’s
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Most Modest for the Home and the Workplace

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                                This San Francisco-based design studio should be anything but modest. Established in 2012 by Justin Champaign, <a href="" >Most Modest</a> specializes in craft-inspired technology goods that are beautifully minimalistic and purposefully designed. The studio also partners with industry leaders to create various products for the home and the workspace. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below.
Hough_02 Hough: This storage vessel made in various sizes/colors with natural materials will keep all the bits and bobs on your desk in order (we’re talking about you, random paper clip!). Most-Modest-Simon Simon: Instead of fiddling around with your wires to find the tail end, save a few seconds and use Simon to keep your cables and gadgets in place. The soft pad is a bright alternative to your average catchall. Most-Modest-Niko Niko: With its wood form and knitted mesh power cable, you’ll actually want to display the Niko rather than exile it to the land behind the furniture. Most-Modest-Niko-Dock
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