Behind The Design 003: Canal House by The Ranch Mine

Project Name
Canal House

Project Location
Phoenix, AZ

Firm Name
The Ranch Mine

Architect’s Name
Cavin Costello

Project Design Team
Cavin and Claire Costello

MPE Engineer, Structural Engineer, and Civil Engineer

Firm Address
4340 E Indian School Rd. Suite 21552, Pheonix, AZ

Website URL

Instagram Account

Photography Credit
Roehner + Ryan

Photographer Instagram Account

What was the marketing strategy behind acquiring this project? If it’s a development project, what is the marketing strategy to sell it?
Our marketing strategy is primarily the same across the board, for acquiring and selling, which is using social media as an ongoing story. This allows us to educate future clients on what is important to us, how we work, what we are working on, what we’ve recently completed, what is available, etc. We actually weren’t looking for the property, but we received the call because it was someone

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