7 Minimalist Sneakers to Maximize Your Wardrobe

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                                I love fancy footworks as much as the next person and believe that a great outfit can be ruined (or at the very least, go undocumented) with a bad choice in shoes (nothing a little photo-cropping can’t fix to salvage that photo though). However, when it comes to sneakers, I hail from the “less is more” camp, even while ‘Dad shoes’ and retro ‘sneaks are making a comeback. Simple, minimalist sneakers just have a soft spot in my heart, especially when they’re well-made and classically designed with modern elements. I’m also more inclined to hand over $200 when I think about how many outfits can go with a minimalist sneaker over a maximalist one.
If you’re in the market for a pair of fresh new kicks, here are 7 current favorites that our Tech Editor Gregory and I rounded up to help with your window shopping.
  1. Rennes by Oliver
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10 Weekender + Duffle Bags to Make Your Travels Easy

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/10-weekender-duffle-bags-make-travels-easy/pakt-one-malcom-fontier-minimalists/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/01/pakt-one-malcom-fontier-minimalists-810x540.jpg" alt="10 Weekender + Duffle Bags to Make Your Travels Easy" /></a>
                                After a number of domestic and international flights last year, I have to say, packing is truly an art form, one that only improves after many iterations, trials and errors. While a hard-shell carry-on suitcase is my #1 preference, there are times when it seems like overkill to haul a suitcase around, like when you’re going away for just the weekend or an overnight’s stay. In this case, I prefer a duffle bag. It’s simple, malleable enough to fit in tight squeeze places (like those small commuter planes), and much more portable if you have to rush somewhere.
If your resolution for 2018 is to travel more, here are 10 duffle bags that will turn heads at the airport and help get you to your destination in style. Southern Field Industries Weekender, available at Need Supply
Handmade in Saitama, Japan, this unisex weekender bag is crafted by a small
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2016 Gift Guide: Beauty

                                                <a href="http://design-milk.com/2016-gift-guide-beauty-hygiene/2016-gift-guide-beauty-2/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="http://3.design-milk.com/images/2016/11/2016-Gift-Guide-Beauty-810x536.jpg" alt="2016 Gift Guide: Beauty" /></a>
                                Does anyone else buy products based on the packaging? Sometimes it’s not enough that a product works good or smells good, it also has to look good on the shelf too, right? For the design aficionado who also loves to get pampered (whether it’s you or a loved one in your life!), we’ve rounded up some beauty &amp; hygiene products that look just as good out of the packaging as it does on your vanity table.
the-greater-goods_basil-rosemary_soap Basil Rosemary Soap by The Greater Goods \\ $14
Everyone uses soap so this is a great gift to give coworkers or neighbors. Created in a small soap-making studio based in San Francisco, these handmade soaps contain natural ingredients like clays, kelp, salts, essential oils, and organic based oils. bruzzoni-wall-street-collection-electric-toothbrush Wall Street Collection Electric Toothbrush by Bruzzoni \\ $148
We’ve mentioned this product before but we’re putting it in this gift guide because, well,
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