Peaceful, Maintenance-Free House in Amagansett, New York

MB Architecture completed the design of House in the Lanes, a 7,300 square foot contemporary residence with an inspiring layout in Amagansett, NY. The clients requested a maintenance-free house that would last for decades to come. Builders used materials and finishes such as charred cypress, raw concrete and zinc for their ability to weather naturally over time. “The lanes in Amagansett, New York are a set of walkable streets perpendicular to Main Street, dotted with a diverse range of houses and styles, that are walking distance to the ocean,” the architects explained. “In a departure from recent additions to the area, where houses extend from side to side on a given parcel, often choking it, we opted to let the side facade, the narrow end, be the street-front. By doing so, we were able to let the longer side of the house face south and direct sun, while maintaining a
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Original Melbourne Home Addition Exudes Positive Vibes, Balance

Kiah House, by Austin Maynard Architects, is an architecture extension to a weatherboard cottage in North Fitzroy, Melbourne. The project brief hinted towards creating an extension with plenty of positive vibes: a sanctuary for the couple living here, but also a place to entertain friends and family. “The extension comprises of two separate pieces of architecture,” the architects explain. “The master bedroom haven—which sits beside the original house extending to the northern boundary—and the separate office poised above. The original Victorian-era house, built in 1927, has been respectfully restored and updated with a new kitchen and bathroom.”
The architects took inspiration from Japanese gardens and Buddhist retreats of Kyoto to create the homeowner’s desire for peace and balance. “At Kiah House, we were charged with the task of creating spaces, both private and shared, that spill out into the garden, and are yet adaptable enough to create solitude
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Brick Bungalow in Canada Becomes Modern ‘Flipped House’

Flipped House is a two-story residence with a modern, turnkey design located in a neighborhood dominated by more traditional architecture. The team at Atelier RZLBD renovated an existing brick bungalow in Ontario, Canada, and added a second level to the structure. The project gets its name from its unconventional “flipped” layout. While a typical dwelling keeps all public-facing spaces confined to its main floor, with private areas like bedrooms sequestered upstairs, Flipped House divides its public and private zones on either side of a vertical plane. As a result, the home’s den, kitchen, dining and living rooms are all located on its street-facing northeast side, while the house’s three bedrooms span both levels of the building’s more secluded southwestern end.
Inside, knotty cedar slats surround the linked kitchen and dining room, wrapping up the side walls and the ceiling above to create a sense of warmth and grandeur. The linked
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‘The Rock’ House in Canada Hides Behind Maple Trees

ATELIER GÉNÉRAL architecture completed the design of The Rock House, a minimalist residence located in Shefford, Canada. Built on the slope of Quebec’s Mount Shefford, the retreat bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other. Entering the site from below, visitors see a black volume that seems to emerge from the slope and detach itself from the surrounding vegetation. The living areas, located upstairs, offer an intimate relationship to the site and connect to a large terrace.

The kitchen, finished in white pine veneer, is framed by two parallel white blocks that form an indirect link with the adjoining dining room. This space opens onto the ascending slope and boulder located nearby, integrated into the terrace. Nested between the bathroom and the living room, a triangular-shaped veranda opens onto a leafy cover, a nest perched in the hollow
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Spectacular House Renovation in China Blends with the Seascape

Beijing-based Evolution Design took on the challenge of rehabilitating two decrepit buildings located in a scenic village in Zhoushan, China. The houses, which had been unoccupied for 70 years, are oriented toward the sea and offer panoramic views. The architects combined the existing structures into a continuous space with a modern layout. “The new residence is composed of bedrooms renovated from the two old houses plus a studio converted from an old kitchen with collapsed roof that is now replaced by a glass ceiling,” the developing team explained. One of the design highlights is a reinforced concrete “box” facing the sea, which serves as an open space living and dining area. This architectural element is also a link between the upstairs master bedroom and the two guestrooms below. “The new house is built with reinforced concrete and is a perfect match in terms of both structure and space while remaining free of
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Garden House in Mexico Welcomes Nature and Contemplation

ASP Arquitectura completed a spectacular rehabilitation of an apartment on the lower level of a building in Mexico City. The design aimed to create a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape. According to the architects, three indoor-outdoor transition elements were built with reinforced concrete, each with a distinctive personality. The first is a pool of water that greets visitors with movement and sound. The second consists of a garden of energy stones, while the third is a vegetable garden, designed to blend the gully’s natural vegetation with the terraces.

The indoor layout has a linear axis that links the common, semi-private and private areas. The northeast section has two terraces joined by a pergola; the first houses a living and dining area with a vertical garden built of wooden boxes reclaimed from the shoring system used in the construction. The second terrace rests on a lower overhang, suggesting a closer relationship
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Forest Retreat in Seattle Built Around Gravel Courtyard

Robert Hutchison Architecture completed the Courtyard House on the River design, a contemporary forest retreat located just outside Seattle, WA in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The 1,900 square-foot (176 square-meter) home is clad in Western red cedar and painted black to blend with the surrounding forest on the banks of the White River. “By working diligently with our client, the building footprint was kept as compact as possible to minimize site disturbance,” the architects said. “The residence values design over size.”
The client’s brief requested a zen-like retreat, away from the city noise. Expansive forest views through glass frames bring a sense of peacefulness inside. Wooden floors and furniture add to the home’s natural feel. “The interior focuses on the home’s double-height space, a comforting exposed structure for warmth and connection to nature, and the dark steel used for the fireplace anchors the space with a central focal
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Old Ranch Home in Palm Springs Gets Inspiring Renovation

Chino Canyon House is a renovation and addition to a home built in 1954 at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, California. Hundred Mile House envisioned a new L-shaped configuration for the building, which wraps around an entry courtyard. “The primary goal with the program was to maintain the unique character of the original structure while upgrading the home to be more energy efficient, spacious and functional,” the architects said. “Square footage was more than doubled, but the street presence was kept minimal.”
The addition includes a new swimming pool and outdoor patio, which connects to the living area. Moreover, each bedroom has its own terrace for easy outdoor access. “The original siting of the house fully considered the desert sun, keeping the main living area and window wall in shade for most of the day with deep eaves and a Northwest exposure,” the architects
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Permeable House in Costa Rica Built Around Majestic Trees

QBO3 Arquitectos completed the design of a modern residence in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica. The “Tree House” comes with a total living surface of 280 square meters (3,010 square feet) and offers a nature escape from the hectic city life. Conserving the largest number of trees on the property was the starting point for the design. Another brief requirement was to create an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. “The house needed to be safe since it remains uninhabited for many weeks a year and resistant to the climatic conditions that affect the area, such as heavy rains, sea breeze and hot temperatures,” the architects said. “From these limitations, we come up with the idea of a concrete refuge armed with permeable membranes that adapt to the climate.”
The house is composed of three areas for various social functions. An existing tree that crossed the living area was creatively integrated into the design.
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Modern Residence in Poland Highlights Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Metaforma Architects completed the design of a modern residence in Poland that displays an interesting geometry. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, while the garage and the gym occupy the smaller section of the house. The facades have been covered with black plaster and cool pigments, and with protection against biological corrosion. “The wood-like composite we chose, unlike natural materials, does not require additional impregnation,” the architects explained. “Dark details in the form of metal window casings and balustrades consistently complete the concept. All these create an interesting three-dimensional effect.”

The layout of this modern residence was planned in tune with the active lifestyle of the owners: the day zone is located on the ground floor, together with the sports room and guest area. The bedrooms are placed on the upper level and offer a high
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Modern Home Designed with Outdoor Views in Mind

Cymon Allfrey Architects completed the design and development of Mt. Pleasant Home, a modern home with extensive outdoor views in Christchurch, New Zealand. The 3,230 square-foot (300 square-meter) villa cascades down a hill allowing most interior rooms direct access to the gardens and sheltered courtyards. “Our brief was to create a modern family home that considered the harsh, wind-swept environment,” the architects said. “We were to capture the dramatic vast views and provide the diversity of planning to create sheltered courtyards for outdoor living in most conditions.” Therefore, the home’s exterior is clad in cedar boards which aims to anchor the house in its idyllic setting.
“Formal and informal living spaces are grouped to allow a strong connection between family members,” the architects added. “Interconnecting doors allow a degree of separation to be achieved where necessary. Sleeping spaces are placed in the higher living pavilion providing for acoustic separation to
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Curing Blandness with Balance

The driving concept behind the Balancing Home, a project of Luigi Rosselli Architects, is simple: Infusing the comforting collective memory of tradition with a modern understanding. Part of a growing suburb on Sydney’s North Shore, the Balancing Home Creates an equilibrium between traditional architectural styles and contemporary sensibilities by using bold finishing features and details deferential to tradition. This gives a timeless look to an otherwise potentially sterilized style. Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-Balancing-Home-011-800x1067 The house is oriented along the cardinal points, with the master bedroom and the front door facing east towards the rising sun and a distant ocean view. Vaulted cathedral ceilings and polished concrete floors provide a balance between traditional style and modern materials. Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-Balancing-Home-009-800x1067 The white and crimson colors of the home were chosen in homage to tinder and clay earth, evoking traditional building materials. The house needs no artificial air conditioning; the home stays cool from cross ventilation and
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Wood Tube Wraps the Living Room of This Family Home in California

architecture modern penthouse Terry and Terry Architecture completed the Skyline House, a family home located on top of the Eastbay mountain range in California, USA. An impressive remodel of a former firestorm house, the project frames views of the city of Oakland and the southwest Bay. The clients’ brief requested an open plan residence that maximized the connection to the existing garden and deck. Social areas needed to offer flexibility and opportunities for family gatherings. “The design consists of shrouding the open common space in a wood tube that connects the garden in the front to the viewing deck at the rear,” the architects explained. “The roof of the tube form is warped out creating a large volume for the living space that echoes the contours of the hillside it resides on. The main living space becomes the connector of the two contrasting outdoor spaces.”
modern residence (1)An outdoor dining area was implemented by extending the
modern residence (2)
modern residence (3)
modern residence (4)
modern residence (5)
modern residence (6)
modern residence (7)
modern residence (8)
modern residence (9)
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Gleaming Bookshelf House in Paris Stores Creativity

architecture contemporary house
This three-level home located in Paris, France, was recently renovated by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio. Named “Bookshelf House“, the project is defined by extensive woodwork. The inhabitants can interact with a variety of shelving units, which act as stair railing, office space dividers and storage boxes. “The aim of this project was to transform this dark, run-down home into a bright and warm space, add an office zone on the mezzanine and create a separate but visible kitchen,” the architects explained. The innovative bookcase acts as the focal point of the design. Made from a single element, it goes from the first level up to the mezzanine, where it becomes a storage unit that hides the bedroom entry and the office.
contemporary house (2)
The bookshelf design theme becomes clear as you step inside, thanks to a sustaining pillar entirely covered in mirrors. Part of a strategy to bring as much light inside
contemporary house (3)
contemporary house (4)
contemporary house (5)
contemporary house (6)
contemporary house (7)
contemporary house (8)
contemporary house (9)
contemporary house (10)
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Colorful Home in Australia is Part Modern, Part Rustic

architecture modern residence
Part modern, part rustic, this colorful home in Melbourne, Australia is our dose of inspiration for the day. Envisioned by Austin Maynard Architects, Alfred House is an addition and reconfiguration of an existing two-story building, with two bedrooms and a lean-to that had little relationship with the exterior space. The aim of the project was to expand outdoor areas by embracing the laneway in an unconventional and playful manner. “By building on the boundary and internalizing the back garden, the clients now have this open space which nobody uses,” the architects explained. “By opening the doors to the back, it extends their property and allows light and air to pour in.”
modern residence (1)
The entire space was reorganized and now includes an open plan kitchen and dining room on the main level. The second floor of the addition accommodates the bathroom, office are and storage room. “Rather than placing the addition directly on the rear of
modern residence (3)
modern residence (4)
modern residence (5)
modern residence (6)
modern residence (7)
modern residence (8)
modern residence (9)
modern residence (10)
modern residence (11)
modern residence (12)
modern residence (13)
modern residence (14)
modern residence (15)
modern residence (16)
modern residence (17)
modern residence (18)
modern residence (19)
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Lovely Roof Garden Adorns Contemporary Home in Vietnam

arrchitecture green roof residence
The collaboration between  Vo Trong Nghia Architects & ICADA led to the design of “House in Nha Trang“, which displays a striking green roof. The project in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa Province is surrounded by a rich natural landscape, with neighboring sea and mountains. Making the most of the environment and climate, the owners wanted their very own rooftop garden, However, local regulations require almost 50% of the roof area to be covered by gray or orange-color tiles and to be sloped. “To obey this rule but maximize the green area atop, the roof is divided into parallel bands of greened roofs and tiled roofs in an alternating sequence,” the architects explained. The result is a beautiful relaxation spot with plenty of trees and plants.
green roof residence (1)
This system of parallel bands is taken further, defying the indoor layout. “A void and three patios are designed within the system of bands
green roof residence (3)
green roof residence (4)
green roof residence (5)
green roof residence (6)
green roof residence (7)
green roof residence (8)
green roof residence (9)
green roof residence (10)
green roof residence (11)
green roof residence (12)
green roof residence (13)
green roof residence (14)
green roof residence (15)
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V-Shaped Residence in Coastal Québec

architecture modern residence
This house, whose name refers to the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, is located in Cap-à-l’Aigle, in the region of Charlevoix, QC, Canada. Altaïr means “The Flying Eagle.” What makes the house stand out is its “V” shape and long facades that are suspended over nature. While discrete from the street and closed to the north, it unfolds toward the river, as though to take flight. Two longitudinal prisms are laid up one on top of the other, which leads to the building’s interesting shape. A voluntary misalignment allows contemplation of the scenery. The long glass facades provide different perspectives and framings of the river, the forest, and the city of Malbaie below.
modern residence (1)
Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects opted for an open-plan layout, well connected to the outdoors. The second floor is cantilevered and protrudes toward the river. The living areas succeed one another, and the completely open space
modern residence (2)
modern residence (3)
modern residence (4)
modern residence (5)
modern residence (7)
modern residence (7,11) (1)
modern residence (7,11) (2)
modern residence (7,11) (3)
modern residence (8)
modern residence (9)
modern residence (10)
(\\serveur\Atelier\001_Pr351sentation\DIFFUSION\370_LA LO
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Summer Villa in California Blends With the Vivid Landscape

A holiday-inspiring meadow enriched by giant oaks was the perfect site for this summer villa in California designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop. Providing the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor, this residence in Sonoma blends with the vivid landscape. An outdoor area with swimming pool and a natural pond add to the image of a unique summer refuge. “The bedrooms, kitchen and support spaces are housed under a living roof that visually links the house to the surrounding environment,” the architects said. “A thin floating roof reaches across the primary outdoor living space to frame the entry and create a dramatic threshold from the car court to the pond beyond.”
modern-residence-1 The diversity of materials and textures adds to an impressive overall dynamics. Thanks to an abundance of wood and original decorating, the open plan living and kitchen area is as welcoming as it gets. Sustainability and energy-efficiency were at
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Mid 19th-Century Villa in England Returns to its Original Grandeur

architecture modern residence
Named “The Pilot’s House”, this villa built from brick and flint masonry is an architectural gem. The residence is located in Winchester, England and has an interesting history: it is part of a collection of family homes developed for the wealthy in the mid 19th century and located close to England’s oldest school, Winchester College. AR Design Studio were handed a bold request from the clients, a married couple in search of an extraordinary family refuge: to return The Pilot’s House to its original splendor and add a 21st Century twist.
modern residence (1) The architects proposed a large open-plan living area that would allow the family to make the most of their time together. Next to this space, the indoor swimming pool is an absolute favorite with friends of all ages. “The whole extension is covered by a familiar pitched roof that runs from the rear of the house and elegantly reaches the ancient boundary wall,” the architects said. “This
modern residence (2)
modern residence (3)
modern residence (4)
modern residence (5)
modern residence (6)
modern residence (7)
modern residence (8)
modern residence (9)
modern residence (11)
modern residence (12)
modern residence (13)
modern residence (14)
modern residence (15)
modern residence (17)
modern residence (18)
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