Catching Up with Designer Maarten Baas

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He is known as one of the most influential designers of our time and while Maarten Baas (1979) is an Eindhoven Design Academy graduate, his designs constantly tip the scale in favor of art. Exploring the conflicts between the two disciplines, his work is a little rebellious yet always playful. For his graduation project titled ‘Smoke’, in an attempt to answer the question ‘what is beauty?’, he took a blowtorch to second hand furniture, scorching the edges and slightly changing their appearance. His burnt furniture series became an instant success that both helped and cursed him. With all eyes of the design community watching his every move, Baas continued to make authentic designs that have an element of surprise and familiarity at the same time. Design Milk met with Maarten Baas in Milan this past April during Salone del Mobile, where designers from all over
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