Yves Béhar Designs a Line of High-Quality Prefabs Called LivingHomes YB1

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/yves-behar-designs-a-line-of-high-quality-prefabs-called-livinghomes-yb1/yves-behar-livinghomes-yb1-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/11/Yves-Behar-LivingHomes-YB1-1-810x421.jpg" alt="Yves Béhar Designs a Line of High-Quality Prefabs Called LivingHomes YB1" /></a>
                                Tiny home options continue to grow in popularity thanks to high housing costs and lack of space for new ones to be built. California especially falls into this category causing great interest in building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to rent out for extra income or for aging parents, adult children, students, or someone just starting out. Thanks to updates to California&#8217;s housing laws, new design ideas are popping up, including a collaboration between Swiss designer <a href="https://fuseproject.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Yves Béhar</a> and <a href="https://www.plantprefab.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Plant Prefab</a> that&#8217;s bringing <a href="https://www.plantprefab.com/models/15"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">LivingHomes YB1</a> to life. LivingHomes YB1 was recently unveiled at the Summit festival in Los Angeles displaying an example of high-quality, design-focused prefab and what&#8217;s possible for the future.
We are incredibly excited to partner with Yves Béhar on his first home product for a really critical, fast growing segment in housing: ADUs/Tiny Homes. Yves is one of the top designers in the world and the YB1, the
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Knowhow Shop Designed the Geometric Lighthouse to House their Studio

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/knowhow-shop-designed-the-geometric-lighthouse-to-house-their-studio/knowhow-shop-lighthouse-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/10/Knowhow-Shop-Lighthouse-1-810x540.jpg" alt="Knowhow Shop Designed the Geometric Lighthouse to House their Studio" /></a>
                                In Los Angeles&#8217; Highland Park neighborhood, Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of <a href="http://www.knowhowshopla.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Knowhow Shop</a> designed and built a geometric micro-building to house their studio. The duo wanted to create a separate office away from their wood shop so they took the opportunity to &#8220;hire&#8221; themselves to design a structure that would showcase their creative abilities. Looking at new construction methods, they designed <a href="http://www.knowhowshopla.com/projects/lighthouse-office"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Lighthouse</a> so that it could be built like a piece of furniture where experimentation was key as was thinking outside the box.
The faceted facade and the door with no right angles make for a visually dynamic sight just steps away from their wood shop. The walls are made from lightweight prefabricated panels that were assembled right on site, while the operable skylight takes inspiration from traditional boatbuilding and your average car sunroof. The interior maybe feel compact at a mere 154-square-feet but the skylight and custom door
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The A-Frame Nolla Cabin in Finland Has a Minimal Carbon Footprint

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/the-a-frame-nolla-cabin-in-finland-has-a-minimal-carbon-footprint/nolla-cabin-robin-falck-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/08/NOLLA-cabin-Robin-Falck-1-810x456.jpg" alt="The A-Frame Nolla Cabin in Finland Has a Minimal Carbon Footprint" /></a>
                                Remember <a href="http://robinfalck.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Robin Falck&#8217;s</a> incredible <a href="https://design-milk.com/micro-cabin-in-finland/"  rel="noopener" data-wpel-link="internal">micro cabin in Finland</a>? He&#8217;s back with another cabin, this time an A-frame, that also boasts a minimal carbon footprint. The <a href="http://robinfalck.com/#/nolla/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Nolla</a> cabin came about as part of Finnish renewable energy company <a href="https://www.neste.com/journeytozero/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Neste&#8217;s Journey to Zero</a> campaign where they&#8217;re working on ways to reduce emissions.
Located in Vallisaari, an island in Helsinki, Finland, the Nolla cabin is a dwelling that spans a compact 9-square-meters. It’s designed to be easily built, disassembled, and transported without the need for heavy machinery, making it an ideal option for a getaway. The structure rests on pedestals that can be adjusted to suit the landscape. It also means no harm is done to the land when/if the cabin is removed. The cabin is made for simple living amongst nature, stripped away of most modern conveniences, relying solely on renewable energy. It’s outfitted with solar panels on one side of the roof
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Plús Hús Is a 320-Square-Foot Flat-Packed Home by Minarc

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/plus-hus-is-a-320-square-foot-flat-packed-home-by-minarc/minarc-plus-hus-micro-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/06/Minarc-Plus-Hus-micro-1-810x534.jpg" alt="Plús Hús Is a 320-Square-Foot Flat-Packed Home by Minarc" /></a>
                                <a href="http://minarc.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Minarc</a> has thrown their hat into the ring with their answer to California&#8217;s housing crisis – the <a href="http://www.theplushus.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Plús Hús</a>, which is Icelandic for &#8220;plus house&#8221;. State regulations on ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), or &#8220;Granny flats&#8221;, have been loosened, meaning tiny houses can exist, which sent LA architectural firm Minarc to the drawing board. Their 16&#8242; x 20&#8242; structures are detached private units that are completely customizable allowing the buyer to use them for personal use or to turn into a rental. The Icelandic-inspired homes come flat-packed helping to reduce the cost of your future home office, guest house, rental apartment, yoga studio, or artist space.
The designers behind Minarc are Icelandic who bring their native country’s minimalist ideals to the forefront of their designs. The efficient structures are built using mnmMOD, a sustainable no-wood prefab panel system that’s built with 30% recycled material and are energy efficient. Each
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MINI Living and FreelandBuck Unveil the Urban Cabin Concept at the LA Design Festival

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/mini-living-freelandbuck-urban-cabin/miniliving-cabinconcept-la-9/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/06/MiniLiving-CabinConcept-LA-9-810x540.jpg" alt="MINI Living and FreelandBuck Unveil the Urban Cabin Concept at the LA Design Festival" /></a>
                                At just 160 square feet, it&#8217;s a wonder the <a href="https://www.mini.com/en_MS/home/living/the-global-village/introducing-the-global-village.html"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Los Angeles MINI LIVING Urban Cabin</a> fits a bedroom, dining room, kitchenette, bathroom, and entryway atrium in service of &#8220;contemplation&#8221; all within the confines of its micro-cabin dimensions. There&#8217;s even a small rooftop garden crowning the Urban Cabin. Yet, the spatial origami realized by MINI LIVING in collaboration with Los Angeles architecture firm <a href="http://www.freelandbuck.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">FreelandBuck</a> assembled atop of the ROW DTLA for this <span style="letter-spacing: 0.13px;">past weekend&#8217;s </span><a style="letter-spacing: 0.13px;" href="https://www.ladesignfestival.org/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">LA Design Festival</a><span style="letter-spacing: 0.13px;"> presents small space living not as compromise, but instead as an opportunity for ideas as expansive and transformative as the city it was designed to represent.</span>

Corinna Natter, Experience Designer and Designer of the Urban Cabins at MINI LIVING, explains the explorative urbanist concepts represented by the Los Angeles Urban Cabin project, noting its specificity and adaptability to the lifestyle and climate of Los Angeles.

Graphic: FreelandBuck

The collaborative nature of the Los Angeles Urban Cabin is
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Live That Luxe Life in a Shipping Container from Cocoon Modules

                                                <a href="https://design-milk.com/live-that-luxe-life-in-a-shipping-container-from-cocoon-modules/cocoon-modules-coco-mat-1/" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="https://design-milk.com/images/2018/05/Cocoon-Modules-COCO-MAT-1-810x540.jpg" alt="Live That Luxe Life in a Shipping Container from Cocoon Modules" /></a>
                                Not everyone can turn a shipping container into a place someone would actually like to live but Athens, Greece based <a href="http://www.cocoonmodules.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">Cocoon Modules</a> has partnered up with natural mattress brand <a href="https://www.coco-mat.com/"  rel="noopener external noreferrer" data-wpel-link="external">COCO-MAT</a> to change that. The container architecture startup takes old shipping containers and creates ideal modern dwellings for nomads, emergency housing, or people looking for a weekend home.
Their idea is to design units that are modular and can be moved if need be, while being outfitted with everything needed when the keys are handed over. Each unit only takes 6 weeks to complete before being delivered to its location making it a much more affordable option than other prefabs. They’re able to keep manufacturing costs up to 50% lower than conventional construction methods. Inside, the unit houses everything one would find in a regular sized home or apartment with plenty of storage and beautiful wood finishes. The large sliding glass
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The Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers and Campers

                                Whether you&#8217;re an occasional camper looking for something small to pull to your next campsite or you want a top-of-the-line, no-expense-spared Xpedition vehicle, we got you covered. We scoped out some of our favorite recreational vehicles that do away with the typical aesthetics they&#8217;re general known for and focused on the modern variety that have been popping up more and more as people look to get away. Take a look at six of our favorite modern RVs, XVs, campers, and caravans.
                                                <a href="http://design-milk.com/roundup-best-modern-rvs-xvs-campers/roundup-rv-1a-airstream-pendleton/"><img src="http://2.design-milk.com/images/2016/01/Roundup-RV-1a-Airstream-Pendleton-600x422.jpg" alt="The Coolest Modern RVs, Trailers and Campers" /></a>
                                Definitely the most recognizable out of the group, the <a href="http://www.airstream.com/" >Airstream</a>, with its sleek silver exterior, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in North America. Now, the iconic brand has partnered with another well-known American company, <a href="https://www.pendleton-usa.com/" >Pendleton Woolen Mills</a>, for a limited edition Airstream for 2016. With just 100 coming to life, the <a href="http://www.airstream.com/pendleton/" >Limited Edition Pendleton® National Park Foundation™ Airstream® Travel Trailer</a>, pays tribute to our nation&#8217;s <div class="post-limited-image"><img class="size-large wp-image-250863" src="http://1.design-milk.com/images/2016/01/Roundup-RV-1b-Airstream-Pendleton-600x351.jpg" alt="Limited Edition Pendleton® National Park Foundation™ Airstream® Travel Trailer" width="600" height="351" /></div>
Happier Camper
Happier Camper
Safari Condo
Safari Condo
NEST Caravans
NEST Caravans
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Best Architecture Posts of 2015

From a look at tiny living to cleverly designed lofts, to convertible interiors to incredible single-family homes, we hopped around the world to showcase some of the most incredible architecture projects we could find. Take a look back at the top 10 Architecture posts we featured in 2015. Best Architecture Posts of 2015 10. YO! Home Is a Convertible Apartment Concept
YO! Home is a mind-blowing convertible apartment that’s an affordable concept high on style and design while being smart about space. Open-Eichler-Home-Klopf-Architecture-1 9. An Open Eichler Home by Klopf Architecture
A classic open, indoor/outdoor Eichler home was expanded upon by extending the original walls of glass making even more of a connection to outside. Getaway-Tiny-Homes-Living 8. Modern Inspiration for Small Space Living
Not only is living small advantageous from a financial + environment perspective, but it’s also a way to live with just the things you need. ESCAPEHomes-ESCAPE-Traveler-vacation-home-19 7. A 269 Square Foot Cottage on Wheels
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Modern Inspiration for Small Space Living

The following post is brought to you by MakeSpace. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Modern Inspiration for Small Space Living A few weeks ago I finally managed to read a book that’s been making the rounds on the international bestseller lists for the past year—The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. Three days later, I had managed to donate four boxes of books, six bags to the Goodwill and recycled four bags of papers. Being relatively unsentimental when it comes to things, the volume of clutter that I managed to rid myself of, was astounding. The difference between this book and anything else I’ve tried was that Kondo suggests that rather than deciding what you should get rid of, look at your things and decide what you want to keep (or as she says, brings
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