Compartes Presents a “Sweetheart” Design

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                                Lo and behold, February is here and with it arrives the romantic intent and expectations of Valentine&#8217;s Day. Recognizing many greet the holiday with stress and apprehension, we propose a most delicious, design-oriented gift idea to ease concerns about what to give: <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Compartes</a> Heart Chocolate Gift Boxes.
Despite the modern graphics and geometric cut of its packaging, Compartes represents a chocolate making history spanning over 67 years in Los Angeles. Still handmade in Los Angeles, the chocolatier revitalized itself under the guidance of owner, Jonathan Grahm, an advocate of the undeniably correct philosophy, “everything is better with chocolate.” A seasonal offering, the Compartes Heart Chocolate Gift Box delivers romantic sentiments with the monochromatic moment of a kiss, evoking something straight out of the studios of Fornasetti. Inside, a selection of 35 chocolates or truffles awaits the recipient, adorned in colorful graphics or even 24 karat gold. As avid chocolate lovers,
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