Case Study House 2016 Exterior

[Images by BUILD LLC unless noted otherwise] With summer having arrived in the Pacific Northwest and the vegetation in full bloom, it’s an excellent time to review the Case Study House 2016 exterior design. Today’s post covers the envelope of the residence as well as the landscape and hardscape. An in-depth look at the CSH2016 interior package along with specifications and materials can be found here. Like other examples in the BUILD Case Study House series, the CSH2016 is an exercise in simplicity. The design is pared down to its essence without removing poetry. Conceptually, the structure is comprised of three volumes, which fit together like a Japanese puzzle box. The largest volume is wrapped with a Pure White Oculus Aluminum Composite rainscreen system. The volume at the southeast corner is sided with horizontal T&G 1×4 clear vertical cedar with a light gray stain (Daly’s #70022) which wraps
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Designing the College Campus—Past, Present, and Future; An Interview with Rebecca Barnes & Kristine Kenney, Part 2

[Image credit: Kieran Timberlake / Olin] This past winter, BUILD sat down with Rebecca Barnes and Kristine Kenney at the University of Washington in Seattle to discuss the dynamic developments on UW’s campus, designing and planning universities now and in the future, and what Seattle can learn from Boston during this time of major growth. Check out part 1 of the interview in ARCADE Magazine, Issue 35.1, available in print on and their website. The work you are engaged in is much more involved than what most people think of as a typical day in the design profession, involving diplomacy, advocacy, and negotiating. What professional skills were most important to cultivate in order to be successful in your work?
Rebecca Barnes: The key is building and managing relationships; it’s about understanding and communicating with people. I’ve always been interested in that, and it’s what guided me through my
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Make Your Garden Modern: Landscape Design Tips from Fernando Wong

                                                <a href="" data-wpel-link="internal"><img src="" alt="Make Your Garden Modern: Landscape Design Tips from Fernando Wong" /></a>
                                After studying architecture at Universidad de Panama and another three years in an interior design program, landscape designer <a href="" data-wpel-link="external"  rel="external noopener noreferrer">Fernando Wong</a> journeyed from Panama to Palm Beach in 2001, where he started at the bottom and worked his way up. He went from watering plants to opening his own firm in Miami Beach in 2005, and is currently working on landscape designs for The Four Seasons. Since it&#8217;s been raining and cold lately, we&#8217;ve been dreaming about lush, greenery and outdoor spaces, so we asked Fernando to inspire and educate us with some landscape design tips. Ready to whip out your green thumb? Read on&#8230;
1. Use native plants from local nurseries.
Native plants tend to use less water and you know they will are guaranteed to grow well in your area. I also recommend purchasing plants from local nurseries instead of big box stores. Nurseries typically have a larger selection, their
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