Google and Monotype collaborate on font that spans all written language

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        International font company <a href="">Monotype</a> has worked with <a href="">Google</a> to create one <a href="">typeface</a> that can be used by everyone in the world, writing in any language (+ movie). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

A Book That Takes a Fresh Look at Classic Type

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                                The Kansas City and San Francisco-based <a href="" >Willoughby Design</a> has designed a book that lets you explore brand-new typefaces that were created to represent &#8220;new classics&#8221; for today&#8217;s typographic design. The interactive book, <em><a href="" >Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC® Papers</a></em>, features six typefaces, along with the stories behind them, by six different creators that range from emerging to notable.
Neenah-Fresh-Takes-Classics-Type-2 The firm worked with paper brand Neenah and printed the book on a variety of CLASSIC® Papers that will keep the reader engaged with each page. Besides the typography, the book has graphic design, traditional offset and UV printing, four-color imagery and spot color, foil stamping, spot thick UV, embossing and debossing, and die-cuts. While the book isn’t for sale, you can get a free copy from a Neenah rep. Neenah-Fresh-Takes-Classics-Type-3 Neenah-Fresh-Takes-Classics-Type-4-JESSICA-HISCHE Artist: Jessica Hische (artist and speaker)
Typeface: Buttermilk & Brioche
These two bakery-inspired typefaces, Buttermilk (smooth and wholesome) and Brioche (proper and
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Five Favorites

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The only thing better than modern architecture is artistic renderings of said architecture. Henrique Foister created a series of bold, colorful posters for The Guardian, addressing the future of commercial buildings. Head to his site to see the time-lapsed night and day version. Image from Refinery 29 You’re never too old to live in color!… Just ask Refinery 29—they say so. Image from Behance It’s fun to find cool design that’s also available for all… This Kanji font, designed by Pedro Azedo is free for download! Interestingly, this font style was inspired by (and named after) adopted logographic Japanese characters. Image from Fubiz There is no shortage of love for the new Netflix hit, Stranger Things. So, naturally artists have been working to work create some pretty cool fan art, like this one above by Serafina Anelli. Image from Behance This hand-drawn Adidas logotype, by Jeremy Schiavo, features some incredible detail. It’s also a beautiful example of how a great
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Fiona O’Leary designs pocket-sized font detector

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        <strong><a href="">Graduate shows 2016:</a></strong> <a href="">Royal College of Art</a> graduate Fiona O'Leary has designed a prototype gadget that can identify the font used in any book or magazine (+ movie). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Monotype overhauls London Underground’s 100-year-old Johnston typeface

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        International font company Monotype has brought the London Tube's 100-year-old <a href="">typeface</a> into the 21st century, adding the hashtag, at sign and lighter weights more suitable for digital use (+ slideshow). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Sebastian Wrong’s Font Clock “wakes people up with a real crack” at midnight

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        <a href=""><strong>Most Loved:</strong></a> London designer <a href="">Sebastian Wrong</a> reflects on living with the distinctive sound made by his 2007 Font Clock for <a href="">Established &amp; Sons</a> in the latest movie in our exclusive video series. <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Squarespace + TypeKit = Kick A** Website!

                                <em>The following post is brought to you by <a href=";p=11237202404745;a=11237202404764;ev.a=1;idfa=;idfa_lat=;aaid=;aaid_lat=;cache=" >Squarespace</a>. Our partners are hand picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design</em>.
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                                It would be hard to overstate my love of <a href=";p=11237202404745;a=11237202404764;ev.a=1;idfa=;idfa_lat=;aaid=;aaid_lat=;cache=" >Squarespace</a> so I was eager to write about the Adobe&#8217;s Typekit and Squarespace integration. I can sum up my love of <a href="" >Squarespace</a> in one simple sentence: I&#8217;m lazy and I like nice things. After fumbling with my own WordPress site, I made the switch to Squarespace in 2014 and since then have created three other Squarespace sites. So, yes. I am a bit of a fan girl. But I was a little less sure of what the Typekit integration meant so after asking some questions about how to access Typekit, I realized that it was so well integrated that I had already been using it and didn&#8217;t even know it. Apparently, web genius, I am <div class="post-limited-image"><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-259036" src="" alt="Proxima-Nova" width="560" height="301" /></div>
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A 1930’s Font Gets Revived as Wood Type & Digital Fonts

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                                In 2010, designer <a href="" >Craig Walsh</a> began working with AIGA Medalist Elaine Lustig Cohen in an effort to bring back a font that was originally designed by Elaine&#8217;s late husband, AIGA Medalist Alvin Lustig, in the 1930s. The font, originally called Euclid, has been refreshed over the last 5+ years by the two, and is now called <a href="" >Lustig Elements</a>.
Lustig-Elements-Font-4 Lustig-Elements-Font-2 Part of the revival, and their Kickstarter campaign, is releasing a series of prints and other goods with the Lustig Elements font. Their hope is to cut new wood type at the famed Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum for use in letterpress printing, while also developing new Lustig Elements digital fonts with P22 Type Foundry, to include Lustig Elements Regular, Lustig Elements Small Caps, and Lustig Elements Inline. And finally, they’re hoping to make a short film about the Lustig Elements font that features Elaine Lustig Cohen.


Tobias Frere-Jones launches Mallory typeface following spilt with long-term partner

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        Leading American typographer Tobias Frere-Jones has released his first <a href="">type</a> design since splitting with his business partner Jonathan Hoefler. <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Monotype designs Eric Gill typeface using previously unpublished drawings

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        Type foundry Monotype has used long-hidden drawings by British designer Eric Gill to create the first new <a href="">typeface</a> based on his work in more than 75 years. <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Neville Brody designs bespoke typefaces for Channel 4 rebrand

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        Graphic designer <a href="">Neville Brody</a> has worked with in-house team 4Creative, director Jonathan Glazer and agency DBLG to create a new visual identity for UK broadcaster Channel 4 (+ movie). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>