Fast Money: 7 Things to Consider Before Flipping New Construction

Whether you’re addicted to house flipping shows on TV or you’ve flipped a home for profit in the past, you know it can be tricky. Flipping existing homes can come with unexpected twists, turns and structural issues. Renovations eat into your profit and can turn a sure thing into a total dud. One way to bypass the unexpected is flipping new construction. It seems like a win-win: you put up the capital for a new home and you get to sell without the potential problems. But before you buy a new build for flipping, you’d better consider how it works and where you’ll make the most.
flipping market

Market conditions will dictate your profit. Image: Trickle Creek Homes

Consider the market

The biggest factor in whether or not a new build will flip well is the current market. New homes rarely do as well in sluggish markets because of bargain-hunting buyers. They’re
flipping night build
flipping to sell
flipping layout
flipping master bathroom
flipping incentives
flipping emergency funds
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Brick Bungalow in Canada Becomes Modern ‘Flipped House’

Flipped House is a two-story residence with a modern, turnkey design located in a neighborhood dominated by more traditional architecture. The team at Atelier RZLBD renovated an existing brick bungalow in Ontario, Canada, and added a second level to the structure. The project gets its name from its unconventional “flipped” layout. While a typical dwelling keeps all public-facing spaces confined to its main floor, with private areas like bedrooms sequestered upstairs, Flipped House divides its public and private zones on either side of a vertical plane. As a result, the home’s den, kitchen, dining and living rooms are all located on its street-facing northeast side, while the house’s three bedrooms span both levels of the building’s more secluded southwestern end.
Inside, knotty cedar slats surround the linked kitchen and dining room, wrapping up the side walls and the ceiling above to create a sense of warmth and grandeur. The linked
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