Social Circle Firepit by Sticks+Stones

Sticks+Stones have designed the Social Circle Firepit.




From Sticks+Stones

Versatility and simple beauty are cornerstones of the new Social Circle Firepit. Coming in at just under 10 feet in diameter, the firepit sits up to six people comfortably on beautiful western cedar, and can be installed both indoors or out. With its low profile design that allows everyone to lean in close around the glowing warmth of the fire, the Social Circle invokes elegance and inspires intimate conversation around its simple lines and custom concrete construction. Outdoor, the solid yet comfortable piece can run using natural or propane fuel, or indoor with an ethanol burner from eco smart fire.

ss_190614_01 ss_190614_02 ss_190614_03 ss_190614_04 ss_190614_05 < p style="text-align: left;">Design: Sticks+Stones

Överby House by John Robert Nilsson

John Robert Nilsson has designed the Överby House located near Stockholm, Sweden.



A well-appointed summer house built to comply with rigorous requirements in design and precision of execution. Features state-of-the-art solutions that appear simple and uncluttered. Clean forms and clean lines are consistently pursued throughout. This is a technology-intensive house, a piece of civilized life and order perched atop a rocky headland in the wilds of the Stockholm archipelago.

Open space with high glass walls facing the sea. In stark contrast is the entrance side of the house, comprising a dense, plastered wall in which the only opening is a ceiling-high pivot door, whose latticed surface lets the light seep through.

A few select quality materials are used consistently throughout the house. Light against dark, creating a stark graphic distinctness. Light materials include limestone from Gotland, silvery white ash wood, matte-white painted walls and ceilings. White lacquered steel elements in the interior.

Contact between the interior and exterior is enhanced by disappearing walls of glass, leaving a seamless sweeping view spanning from stone floor to ceiling. The exterior is dark with matte-black plaster, roofing felt, and powder-coated steel.

We also landscaped the surrounding terrain, including an overflow pool set on the outer edge of the stone block, and have drawn up a suggestion for steps down to the bay and docking pier.

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Design: John Robert Nilsson
Photography: Åke Eson Lindman

Boo by Martin Kallin for Skargaarden

Designer Martin Kallin has created a fire basket called Boo for manufacturer Skargaarden.


From Martin Kallin

The idea for Boo originally came from a study of the basic form. I wanted to delimitate it, yet at the same time make it functional and adjustable. The shape is very strict but the result is playful. I like that.

bo_140913_01 bo_140913_02 bo_140913_03 bo_140913_04

Designer: Martin Kallin
Manufacturer Skargaarden