Ariane Prin’s Rust collection changes over time as it oxidises

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        <a href=""><strong>London Design Festival 2016:</strong></a> London designer <a href="">Ariane Prin</a> has added to <a href="">her Rust collection</a> with a series of blue and green-tinged clocks and pots made using copper dust (+ slideshow). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Piet Hein Eek designs oxidised copper wallpaper for NLXL Lab

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        <strong><a href="">London Design Festival 2016:</a></strong> Oxidised copper and sheets of cork are among the textures replicated by Dutch designer <a href="">Piet Hein Eek</a> for <a href="">wallpaper</a> manufacturer <a href="">NLXL Lab</a> (+ slideshow). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

Luminous Shop Showcases Indian Metal Art

Feature Studio Ardete’s design transformed this metal profile cutting store in a Northern Indian city into an art exhibition that beautifully showcases the works produced inside.  They aimed to reignite interest in the art by redefining it with a modern edge.  To do this, the design showcases applications of water Jet CNC cutting in architecture. You enter the shop through a beautiful door that hints at the wares inside, with contemporary metal art touches in copper and brass.  A mix of other materials, including glass, light steel, and wood add layers to the door that create a more complex and interesting design. Door Door in detail The 970-square foot space is divided into four areas with distinct color schemes and themes.  For example, the first room is meant to feel like an outdoor night garden with black and grey tones and stainless steel.  You walk through a partition of cut
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Tom Dixon designs “darkly theatrical” Himitsu cocktail lounge in Atlanta

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        British designer <a href="">Tom Dixon</a> has completed his first hospitality project in <a href="">America</a>: a speakeasy in <a href="">Atlanta</a>, Georgia, featuring a copper bar and pendants that resemble molten metal (+ slideshow). <a href="" class="more-link">(more&hellip;)</a>

4 Warm Metal Fixture Ideas to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

We all know that design trends come and go, but the next big thing is warm metal fixtures in bathrooms. Gone are the days of cold chrome and stainless steel. These days, it’s about creating inviting spaces with the likes of copper, bronze, brass and gold. If you’re concerned about how to best incorporate these materials into your design without letting the design become too retro, don’t fret. We’ve got the tips on how to use warm metals to create a chic aesthetic that you’ll love for a long time to come. warm-metal-bathroom-freshome9

1. Go For Gold

The idea of using gold in a bathroom may seem outdated. But, this look has recently been experiencing a resurgence, and let us assure you that it certainly brings the luxurious touch that one would expect. The key to using gold in a modern context is to focus on cutting-edge shapes. Look for items like
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Marquette Residence by Naturehumaine

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                                <a href="" >Marquette Residence</a> is a minimalist house located in Montreal, Canada, designed by <a href="" >Naturehumaine</a>. The project is located on a busy commercial street facing the backyard of Papineau Street. The six-unit building has private access for each individual residence, as well a shared backyard space.
marquette_naturehumaine_10 The front of the building consists mainly of darkened brick and staggered square windows. The structure is a simple rectilinear volume that uniquely sets itself apart from neighboring buildings without being overbearing. Facing the street, three parking spaces are covered by a large terrace. In order to maximize lighting on the lower level, the terrace is detached from the facade, and utilizes glass railings with semi-transparent walkways. An expanded metal coating covers the exterior structure of the terrace. Copper is utilized as accents throughout the space in order to give rhythm to the project. marquette_naturehumaine_16 marquette_naturehumaine_15 marquette_naturehumaine_3 marquette_naturehumaine_14 marquette_naturehumaine_13 marquette_naturehumaine_12 marquette_naturehumaine_11 marquette_naturehumaine_9 marquette_naturehumaine_8 marquette_naturehumaine_7 marquette_naturehumaine_6 marquette_naturehumaine_5 marquette_naturehumaine_4 marquette_naturehumaine_2 Photography by Adrien Williams.
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