7 Minimalist Sneakers to Maximize Your Wardrobe

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                                I love fancy footworks as much as the next person and believe that a great outfit can be ruined (or at the very least, go undocumented) with a bad choice in shoes (nothing a little photo-cropping can’t fix to salvage that photo though). However, when it comes to sneakers, I hail from the “less is more” camp, even while ‘Dad shoes’ and retro ‘sneaks are making a comeback. Simple, minimalist sneakers just have a soft spot in my heart, especially when they’re well-made and classically designed with modern elements. I’m also more inclined to hand over $200 when I think about how many outfits can go with a minimalist sneaker over a maximalist one.
If you’re in the market for a pair of fresh new kicks, here are 7 current favorites that our Tech Editor Gregory and I rounded up to help with your window shopping.
  1. Rennes by Oliver
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Our 10 Favorite Monochromatic and Minimalist Sneakers

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                                The tide of fashion ebbs and flows season to season, but black + white remain the Rock of Gibraltar of style. That&#8217;s why we&#8217;re everlasting proponents of keeping monochromatic and minimalist footwear in our stable of sneakers. They dress up or down with ease, making them ideal to wear when you&#8217;ve got to keep moving, but want to maintain an air of fashionability. Here are 10 of our current favorites, ranging from simple sneaker, to slip-ons, to more futuristic interpretations.
Publish-Clae-feet 1. Publish Brand x Clae Bradley Mid
SoCal’s Publish Brand and Clae paired up to release these suede covered “Night Moves” colorway Bradley Mid sneakers. There’s just going to be 500 of these models, available exclusively through Publishbrand.com for $150 on August 4th. NikeLab-mono-boot
  1. NikeLab Benassi Lux Boot
    A sneaker interpretation of the moon boot? Real life-sized action figure feet? Modern ninja kicks? You decide, but we think these women’s
Givenchy - Elasticated-Strap Leather Slip-On Sneakers-2
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10 Small Leather Accessories for Your Pocket

                                Coin pouches, wallets, credit card holders, and business card holders seem to be must-haves for everyone these days and finding a good one isn&#8217;t easy. We searched around to find a sampling of some of these small leather accessories where you&#8217;re bound to find at least one you love.
                                                <a href="http://design-milk.com/roundup-10-small-leather-accessories/roundup-small-leather-accessories-1/"><img src="http://1.design-milk.com/images/2016/05/Roundup-Small-Leather-Accessories-1-600x600.jpg" alt="10 Small Leather Accessories for Your Pocket" /></a>
                                1. <a href="http://capsulewallets.com/collections/minimalist/products/blackout" >The Minimalist™ Wallet from Capsule</a>  2. <a href="http://www.jfold.com/?product=loungemaster-flat-carrier-3" >Loungemaster Flat Carrier from J.Fold</a>  3. <a href="http://www.endclothing.com/us/brands/comme-des-garcons-wallets/comme-des-garcons-sa8100cs-crazy-stripes-wallet-sa8100cs.html" >Crazy Stripes Wallet from Comme des Garçons</a>  4. <a href="http://www.acnestudios.com/us/en/kei-white.html" >Kei Wallet from Acne Studios</a>  5. <a href="http://www.octovo.com/the-dualist-money-clip.html?color=12" >The Dualist Money Clip from Octovo</a>  6. <a href="https://www.hardgraft.com/products/originalcardcase-neutral" >Original Card Case from HARDGRAFT</a>  7. <a href="http://bellroy.com/wallets/coin-fold-wallet?color=tamarillo" >Coin Fold from Bellroy</a>  8. <a href="http://shop.havenshop.ca/products/leather-wallet-black-1" >Leather Wallet from visvim</a>  9. <a href="http://www.campbellcole.co.uk/products/?item=simple-coin-pouch-with-puller-light-grey" >Simple Coin Pouch with Puller from Campbell Cole</a>  10. <a href="http://www.stewartstand.com/collections/business-credit-card-cases/products/business-credit-card-case-yellow" >Business/Credit Card Case from STEWART/STAND</a>

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