Toro Canyon Residence by ShubinDonaldson

            <img src="" border="0" />What if a home could be built to be environmentally resilient, wildfire resistant, and yet comfortable and open to the extraordinary ocean view site?
This residence on a 10-acre site is approached via a narrow, tree covered drive, ending at a small clearing with views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. The residence is sited on axis with the canyon and views beyond. The building presents three one story, wedge shaped volumes; a carport /service volume to the north, a public living volume to the south west and a private sleeping volume to the south east. Constructed of laminated glass beams and roof panels, with glass doors, the entry space is conceptualized as a transparent exterior connection between the private and public wings of the house. The exterior walls are constructed of 12” thick insulated cast-in-place concrete, and a metal roof helps to provide maximum fire resistance in this Continue reading "Toro Canyon Residence by ShubinDonaldson"

Wakecrest Residence by ShubinDonaldson

            <img src="" border="0" />Conceptually based on the distillation of a family of the most basic architectonic shapes (triangle, square, and circle), the complete renovation and addition to this 1962 home sought to refine a fundamental relationship between these simple forms set against the expansive backdrop of the ocean and distant horizon.
From the entry, an axial motif flows between the two principal volumes of the home into a tall vaulted central living space. The serene and reflective quality of water reappears as a subtle dialogue with the architecture throughout the design. A glass entry canopy dapples shimmering shadows of an abstracted liquid pattern onto a series of cast concrete stepping stones traversing a small reflecting pool. The symmetrical glowing glass cubes suspended over water at entry, dramatize the experience by adding a mysterious glow to the walls of the entry court heightening the sense of arrival at the front door. The main living Continue reading "Wakecrest Residence by ShubinDonaldson"

5300 McConnell by ShubinDonaldson

            <img src="" border="0" />5300 McConnell is a repositioning of a 1984 concrete tilt-up building in the Playa Vista Tech District of Los Angeles with the Centinela Creek Channel as its backdrop.&nbsp;Initially built in 1984, the 73,000 square-foot building offered a generic appearance &ndash; an anonymous solution to an unknown office tenant. 30+ years later the building has a new life, bringing specific solutions to siting and targeting creative office tenants to reinvigorate the space.
On the south façade facing the street and approach, a bright red metal enclosure frames the main lobby entry – a clear wayfinding marker for visitors, and an anchor for the long horizontal south elevation. Dark zinc cladding wraps the outside of the enclosure, further focusing the bright red entry. On the west and east facades are smaller versions of the enclosure marking future tenant entries.
Landscape elements at the building perimeter include a raised planter in front Continue reading "5300 McConnell by ShubinDonaldson"

Skyline Residence by ShubinDonaldson

            <img src="" border="0" />Skyline Residence is a contemporary three-story, three-bedroom hilltop home located on a complex site on the Santa Barbara Mesa. The site constraints required a unique formal solution deploying a concrete and steel structural frame to maximize the responsiveness of the structure and organizing the living spaces from the top down, connecting them by a continuous circulatory core to make the home feel open and spacious.
Each room of the residence has a connection to the exterior environment allowing the natural light and natural ventilation to flow through the house by taking advantage of the cool ocean breezes. Apertures between the floors create a natural exhaust pattern directing heat upwards through the central vertical circulation core and out of the structure. The exterior wood slat screen, awnings, and guardrails provide shading for the top floor to minimize heat-gain, while overhangs and exterior motorized blinds shade the glazing of the exterior envelope Continue reading "Skyline Residence by ShubinDonaldson"