Job Interviews – Evaluating a firm

            I am applying to some new firms, and I am working on a short "check list" that I can fill out right after an interview to help focus thoughts and impressions that I&nbsp;came away with. I found a ton of similar lists for a company to evaluate an interviewee, but none for us peons to evaluate a firm/company. I want to keep it short - a few categories I would rate on a scale 1-5, and then jot down some notes.&nbsp;<br>
  • Firm Culture 
  • Project Make-Up In Office
  • Specific Projects I would be working on
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Rigor/Aesthetics
  • Size
  • Overall Vibe (just the overall impression, feeling, not necessarily based on anything)
I know this is very specific to me, but I tried to make the categories applicable to anyone, so that this could be useful for others as well (I will fine tune for myself).  Any other things I Continue reading "Job Interviews – Evaluating a firm"