A Prefabricated, Modular, Solar Powered, Public Gathering Place by michael jantzen

            <img src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/29/2942bc8e714ab40d59f0cba03dd9ba89.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=1200" border="0" />A Prefabricated, Modular, Solar Powered, Public Gathering Place, is a design proposal for a prefabricated, modular, system of components that can be easily assembled into many different kinds of configurations and sizes, and just as easily disassembled and reconfigured to accommodate many different kinds of site-specific requirements.
The basic components consist of a series of curved shaped panels made of steel curved pipe frames that are clad with corrugated steel sheets. Each of these panels is the same size and shape, and some are fitted with curved solar cells. Some of the curved panels are bolted together end-to-end forming vaults, and some are bolted together end-to-end in opposite directions forming horizontally positioned fences. All of these curved panels can be assembled together into many different kinds of configurations combining vaults and fences that provide shade, privacy, wind diffusion, etc. In addition to the curved panels, curved benches are also part Continue reading "A Prefabricated, Modular, Solar Powered, Public Gathering Place by michael jantzen"

The Interactive Garden Pavilion by michael jantzen

            <img src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/0f/0fa63f8d4360e7590793138349f31944.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=1200" border="0" />The Interactive Garden Pavilion
The Interactive Garden Pavilion was designed to be used as a garden retreat, meditation space, shade house, etc. It is made of sustainably grown stained wood. Thirty slatted hinged panels cover the octagon shaped support frame. All of the hinged panels can be moved into many different positions up and down, or side to side, along the support frame. These panels can be held securely in many different positions along the frame in order to change the look and/or function of the entire structure. The panels can be opened up or closed down to regulate the flow of air and or sunlight through the space. The reshaping of the structure can also be used to control the amount of privacy one desires while occupying the interior of the pavilion. Two benches with adjustable backrest are built into the interior of the structure for seating, and or Continue reading "The Interactive Garden Pavilion by michael jantzen"

Warping Space-time by michael jantzen

Warping Space-time   Warping Space-time is a series of photomontages inspired by ideas expressed in physics that explore the potentials of the concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional continuum. The photomontages visually play with the idea of multiple dimensions and universes, yet to be discovered. Various numbers of layers in each of the photos appear to have been peeled away from the original image, and manipulated in ways that suggest a symbolic warping of space and time. Some of the photomontages started with images of landscapes, and others of people, or structures. After the manipulation, each subject takes on a different symbolic associated with the visualization of the space-time warping. I hope that the viewers of these photomontages will be inspired to think more creatively about the potentials inherent within universe in which we live.

Folding Light (An interactive light sculpture) by michael jantzen

Folding light is part of a series of interactive light sculptures that allow the users to manipulate the amount and quality of light radiating out from the center. A basic cube made of painted wood has been cut open at four corners in different shapes, and hinged so these corners can be opened and/or closed in many ways in order to control the light. In addition to interacting with the light, the shape of the basic cube can be transformed in many ways by moving the four-hinged corners in and out from the surface of the cube. A single energy efficient electric light bulb is located at the center of the cube. This bulb is surrounded by a light diffusing shield and six horizontal yellow colored planes, evenly spaced around the bulb and light diffuser. This design is based on many of Michael Jantzen’s other projects that explore new ways Continue reading "Folding Light (An interactive light sculpture) by michael jantzen"

The Folding Mirrors Pavilion, a new kind of interactive architecture. by michael jantzen

The Folding Mirrors Pavilion is one in a series of small interactive structures (designed as personal retreats) that allow the users to change the shape and/or function of the pavilion by folding the hinged panels into many different configurations. In this case, each of the five faces of an eight foot cube shaped support frame have been fitted with three hinged, mirror clad panels. Two of the diagonally shaped panels have been hinged to the support frame, and one has been subdivided again and hinged to itself. All of the panels can be folded flat into the support frame, and/or any of them can be folded in different ways out from the frame to form different kinds of spaces. In this way, the surround landscape and the people in and around the structure can be interacted with in unexpected ways, by fragmenting their reflections with the movement of the mirrored Continue reading "The Folding Mirrors Pavilion, a new kind of interactive architecture. by michael jantzen"

Deconstructing My Chairs by michael jantzen

Deconstructing the Chairs Michael Jantzen © 2015 www.archinect.com/michael-jantzen/projects www.michaeljantzenstudio.com www.michaeljantzen.com   Deconstructing My Chairs, is a series of photomontages that are part of a larger series of photomontages that visually deconstruct parts of the real world that we normally think of as stable and familiar. In this case, photos were taken with a digital camera of various kinds of chairs. These photos were then placed into a computer where they were isolated from their backgrounds. The isolated images were then randomly cut into pieces, and pasted back together in ways that reconstruct the original images into completely new forms. The new forms attempt to suggest ways in which the original chairs might take on new fanciful functions, as well as new hybrid images. The challenge is to retain just enough of the original chair image, so that the viewer can maintain some kind of Continue reading "Deconstructing My Chairs by michael jantzen"

The Oak Tree Ring House by michael jantzen

The Oak Tree Ring House
(A new kind of interactive place in which to live)         The Oak Tree Ring House is a new kind of interactive place in which to live. It was designed specifically for a temperate climate. The structure consists of a large circular steel support frame in the form of four concentric rings that radiate out around a large oak tree planter in a central open courtyard. There is an array of solar cells mounted around the perimeter of the courtyard that are used to supply the electrical and hot water needs of the house.     The circular section of the house around the courtyard contains the climate-controlled living space. This space is enclosed with curved sliding glass and screened panels that can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions. The other three circular sections of the house that form concentric rings, support a variety of flat panels that can be automatically or manually moved around the perimeter of the courtyard and the glass enclosed spa...

The Solar Gardens Visitors Center by michael jantzen

The Solar Gardens Visitors Center   Michael Jantzen © 2014   www.michaeljantzen www.michaeljantzenstudio.com http://archinect.com/michael-jantzen/projects   The Solar Gardens Visitors Center was created as a proposal for a large public art structure designed to harvest energy from the sun, and to collect and store rainwater for use in and around the structure. In addition, the structure and the surrounding plaza would be made from photo catalytic concrete that cleans itself, and the air.   The visitors center consist of a tall cone shaped structure that appears to grow out of the surrounding plaza. A large array of solar cells is mounted onto a sun tracking platform at the top of the structure. The solar cells convert sunlight into electricity, which powers the visitors center. The excess electricity is sent into the local power grid.    The shape around the perimeter of the structure flares out near the top in order to catch rainwater and direct it down into storage container buried under the p...

The Chair Pavilion by michael jantzen

The Chair Pavilion


Michael Jantzen

© 2014




The Chair Pavilion plays with the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, and furniture. Where does one stop and the other begin, or can they all be combined into one experience. This has been the goal of many of my other designs, and the Chair Pavilion explores these ideas once again. The painted wood structure is seven feet tall, five feet wide, and six feet deep. It incorporates a special place in the center in which to sit and enjoy the experience of a very different kind of swirling energetic space. It is a kind of personal pavilion designed to be used indoors or outdoors. When not in use, the structure can be rotated into various positions in order to change the sculptural form of the Chair Pavilion.

The Multi-form Building System by michael jantzen

The Multi-form Building System

Michael Jantzen
© 2014

The Multi-form Building System is a design study for a prefabricated, modular, kit of parts that can be assembled into many different kinds of curved spaces, in order to accommodate many different needs. The basic components would consist of several different sizes of pre-insulated curved, and flat eco-friendly concrete composite panels. Some of the panels form walls and roofs, and others are used for floors. All of the panels are designed to be bolted together with raceways between them for wiring and plumbing.
The same panels can also be used to form many kinds of partially enclosed exterior spaces, some of which can be used to incorporate vegetation. Solar panels of different types can be attached to the curved and/or to the flat Multi-form Building System panels. In addition, rainwater collection, natural ventilation, and natural lighting, are incorpor...

The Wandering Mind of Jesus (A conceptual art installation) by michael jantzen

The Wandering Mind of Jesus

(A conceptual art installation)
Michael Jantzen
© 2013

The Wandering Mind of Jesus is a conceptual art installation designed to be exhibited in a large gallery. The installation consists of a large statue of Jesus, and a convoluted platform that meanders around the gallery and intersects with the head of the statue. Mounted to the top surface of the meandering platform are a pair of electrified tracks. Whenever visitors to the gallery enter into the exhibition room, the top portion of the head of the statue begins to slowly move over the electrified tracks, on small motorized wheels.
The top portion of the head of the statue continues to move randomly back and forth, stopping, and starting, as long as people are in the exhibition room. When it finally returns to its original position over the statue, the top of the head stops for a short time, before it resumes its random convoluted journey.

The Chameleon Workplace by michael jantzen

The Chameleon Workplace
(An exciting alternative to the conventional office cubical)

Michael jantzen
© 2013

The Chameleon Workplace was designed to replace the conventional office cubical with an exciting organic alternative space in which to work. The structure is made up of three interlocking, curved, eco-friendly wooden support frames that are woven together in order to form a partially enclosed volume in which to sit.
Curving through the partially enclosed volume are several work surfaces, storage shelves, and a storage cabinet. Two of these work surfaces and the storage cabinet extend out beyond the partially enclosed volume for exterior use.
There are two metal cylinders mounted at the ends of each of the interlocking curved wooden frames. Enclosed within the metal cylinders are rolls of different colored eco-friendly fabrics, connected together in strips like rolls of film.
Small electric motors are attached to each of the rolls of fabric. Whe...