Artist Ashley Longshore Is on a Mission to Create Meaningful, Joyful Art

Artist Ashley Longshore is an artist with a mission: to create meaningful, joyful art and, in doing so, to create a more beautiful world. It’s a tall order, but she is up for the task. Some media have called Longshore a genius. Others have used the term “fashion darling.” Many of her fans and followers refer to her as a funny broad — a word meant to describe someone unfiltered, unafraid and daring. In this sense, it describes Longshore perfectly. Brilliant, beautiful and bold are also words that accurately represent this creative force. Longshore is known for her large-scale canvases of famous faces: the Portrait Series includes icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Abraham Lincoln and Lil Wayne. Longshore embellishes these with bright colors and images of flowers, jewels and bling — lots and lots of bling. Her Trophy Series, which deals with money and status, is hugely popular with those
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Lofts That Inspire: From Industrial Spaces to Urban Homes

Lofts have come a long way since they were first used as makeshift living spaces decades ago. Today, they have become inspiring living spaces for those who want a more urban home. Lofts began when factories and industrial buildings were erected in the late 19th century for the purpose of mass-producing goods and wares in a time period that was not known for health and safety compliance. These spaces were built for their convenient proximity to other commercial buildings and transportation hubs. Fast forward to the 1960s. Lofts were extremely cold or hot (not properly ventilated) open concept spaces with huge windows, exposed industrial fittings and an abundance of light that made them excellent work spaces for artists. These dusty and drafty places were often at the top of a very steep flight, or two, of wooden, dimly-lit stairs and were located on some typically non-residential street. However, they slowly
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Target Launches New Decor Line, Made By Design, Aimed at Millennials

Retail giant Target is taking aim at Millennials with its new home décor and accessories line, Made By Design. With economy-minded price points that still delivery style and function, the collection has over 750 items to choose from covering everything from bedding and bath, to cookware, dinnerware, furniture and more. Target’s Made By Design has a tag line that reads “Everyday ingenuity that’s a joy to use”. The new line invokes a clean, simple aesthetic that is affordable and pleasing to the eye. Launching both online and in stores on June 23, 2018, Made By Design is organized into six different categories: Home Décor, Furniture, Bath, Bedding, Organization and Kitchen & Dining. Beginning with items listed for as little as $2, the majority of the products stay under the $30 mark. Much of the furniture is more expensive, as to be expected, but not priced out of reach for young
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Get Ready for your Close-up With 2018’s Best Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom design—and bathroom vanities—have come a long way in recent years, particularly, as a result of the increased furnishing options available to the public, as well as the many available avenues for customizing a look to suit individual homeowners’ styles. The previous norm was that spec homes, or newly built homes, were fitted with a standard look, size and style of bathroom furnishings. Traditional, white vanities with raised doors and chrome hardware were all too common. Now, thanks online stores such as Wayfair and Overstock, consumers have the ability to choose from a much wider range of bathroom furnishings and styles. There are several factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity, with style and price being two of the most important.

A rustic, organic look can be achieved with the Morriston vanity from Lowe’s. Photo courtesy of

A rustic look conveys an adventurous, outdoorsy spirit. Bathroom
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Options Abound: Purchasing Art in the Modern World

Displaying art in a grouping gives it major impact. Image:

Purchasing art for your home or work environment can be overwhelming. It can also take up plenty of time, something many consumers don’t have much of any more. Today, there are several other options available to help buyers find the pieces that speak to them. Online galleries, art websites, daily auctions and listings of regional art shows are a few of the choices consumers have now to find and buy art. Carefully curated art

Contemporary art online

There is help for curating your walls. Image: Minted

A favorite among young and rising designers and stylists, it’s hard not to find references to pieces in decorating magazines such as HGTV and Domino. Known for offering affordable, innovative and contemporary art, Minted offers pages of stylish inspiration. You can also see examples of its art in popular retailers the
Contemporary art online
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Rock Star Artist Sean Yseult Unveils New Line of Wallpaper Designs

Flora and fauna play a significant role in the designs of artist Sean Yseult. Image: Sean Yseult Photography

There are rock star designers, and then there are rock star designers. The former represents those high-profile artists with lucrative product deals, spots on design shows and panels, and huge social media presence. Sean Yseult is the perfect description of the latter — a musician, artist and entrepreneur who recently unveiled a new line of textiles and wallpaper designs. The former bass player for Grammy-nominated rock band White Zombie, Yseult now leads a decidedly different life. She lives in a Greek Revival home in New Orleans, where she focuses on design, photography, writing and her newest business, Yseult Designs.

Strong start in the arts

Hailing from Raleigh, N.C., Yseult grew up with a strong appreciation for the arts. Her mother was a Chaucerian scholar and her father a Hemmingway expert,
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