Floating Island in Belgium Drives People to the Waterside

OBBA Architects collaborated with Studio DERTIEN 12 for the design of The Floating Island, an urban installation in the charming town of Bruges, Belgium. By building a twisting pavilion on one of the city canals, the architects tried to blur the line between land and water and drive people to the waterside. “The pavilion consists of pontoons on the water, metal frames, deck plates, metal pillars, upper metal rails connecting the pillars and rope curtains embracing the rails,” the architects explained. “The rope curtains and their shades create ambiguous spaces that seem to be open and closed at the same time. In addition, the curtains and shadows reacting to the light and wind blur the boundaries, repeatedly open and close visitors’ sights, and make familiar landscapes fresh again.”

By using materials like rope and wood, the installation visually adapts to its surroundings while remaining unique. We particularly like
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Small Cedar Home Reigns Over Farm-Field Landscape

small cedar home door countySalmela Architect recently completed the design of a charming contemporary home located in Door County, Wisconsin. The 1,093 square-foot crib reigns over a farm-field landscape and takes in the peacefulness of the surroundings. The small cedar home design caters to the expectations of a bohemian client named Beth. “House for Beth is a narrow three-room building with stepped pitched roofs that reflect the functions within,” the architects explained. “The tallest roof defines a bright, open living space with views to the landscape in all directions. The lower pitched roof houses the bathroom and bedrooms. A third lean-to structure is attached to the back which contains the mechanical room.”
small cedar home exteriorSimple white walls and natural pine additions make for inviting interiors. “Sequences of large fixed windows and smaller operable windows create an immediate visual connection to the surrounding site while providing ample opportunity for breezes to passively ventilate this narrow house,”
small cedar home interior 1
small cedar home interior 2
small cedar home interior 3
small cedar home interior 4
small cedar home interior 5
small cedar home interior 6
small cedar home exterior 2
small cedar home exterior 3
small cedar home exterior 4
small cedar home floorplan
small cedar home floorplan 2
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Chalet-Style Residence in California Withstands Harsh Weather

chalet-style residence nordenMork Ulnes Architects completed the design of a contemporary 3,300-square-foot chalet-style residence located in Norden, California. The project, named Troll Hus, aims to capture nature views while maintaining a high level of privacy. “The design is driven both by the extreme environmental conditions found at a 6,800-foot elevation and a California sensibility of generous indoor-outdoor living,” the architects explained. “The house is lifted on concrete legs to protect it from snow in excess of 800 inches a year. The building’s orientation shields it from prevailing winds while allowing living spaces to open onto glazed south-facing balconies, maximizing solar exposure in the winter and shading the interior in the summer.”chalet-style residence norden troll husThe interiors of this chalet-style residence are minimalist, with living areas on the second floor and private spaces below. An open plan living and dining area offers plenty of room for socializing, while generously sized windows and balconies ensure an
chalet-style residence norden interior
chalet-style residence kitchen
chalet-style residence windows
chalet-style residence balcony
chalet-style residence winter
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Hillside Home in Japan Reveals Playful Interiors

hillside home skyward houseThe Skyward House was envisioned by AC-AA Architects, a Japanese studio known to merge vernacular elements with modern functionality. A surreal green landscape surrounds the 4,402-square-foot (409-square-meter) hillside home. “The house needed to provide a sense of protection since it would be the client’s final home,” the architect said. “It also needed to be supple to blend with the surrounding natural environment. Standing in this rich land, I wanted the house to have a sturdy and fragile presence at the same time.”
hillside home exteriorWindows open up the interiors in all four directions while ensuring privacy from passers-by. This is possible thanks to the high vantage point of the living quarters. Architects elevated them in order to avoid the view from the relatively busy street. Step inside and you’re greeted by a fascinating mix of open and closed spaces. “Specifically speaking, the soto-no-ma (exterior room) – intended for sitting – has a
hillside home windows
hillside home path
hillside home entrance
hillside home porch
hillside home deck
hillside home interior
hillside home angles
hillside home dining
hillside home couch
hillside home nighttime
hillside home view
hillside home window
hillside home
hillside home floorplan 1
hillside home floorplan 2
hillside home schematics
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Fishing-Inspired Elements Brighten up Traditional Restaurant in Timisoara

timisoara traditional restaurantSabres Restaurant is a fish restaurant in Timisoara, Romania, established over 12 years ago. Its recent refurbishing aimed to refresh the whole atmosphere while preserving elements of the traditional restaurant. The entire project was carried out by Luxury Design Dosei interior design studio, according to the concepts drafted by the interior designer Mihaela Dosei. Shapes and textures are the central elements of this space, which manages to look casual while maintaining propriety. Designers reinterpreted industrial design in a traditionalist light, as the accent falls on natural materials like wood and brick. One of the beneficiary’s wishes was that the space would allow for a high traffic flow. This is due to the fact that the traditional restaurant often hosts business meetings, conferences and presentations. Thus, the entire refurbishment focused particularly on the efficient partitioning of space and the creation of distinct areas.luxury design dosei designBefore the renovation, materials such as ceramics and iron
traditional restaurant mirror
traditional restaurant doors
traditional restaurant wine rack
traditional restaurant wood tables
traditional restaurant oak
traditional restaurant clock
traditional restaurant brick wall
traditional restaurant lighting
fishing-inspired traditional restaurant
fishing net traditional restaurant
fishing elements traditional restaurant
traditional restaurant light fixtures
floor plan traditional restaurant
floor plan 2 traditional restaurant
mirror plan traditional restaurant
floor plan 3 traditional restaurant
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Painter’s Studio in Paris Becomes Contemporary Family Apartment

contemporary family apartment paris
Atelier Wilda transformed the painting studio of the late artist Pierre Lemaire (1920-2007) in Paris, France into a contemporary family apartment. The 484.3-square-foot (45-square-meter) crib features minimalist interiors and charming roof windows, which flood the space in natural light. Neither the client nor the architect were willing to compromise on the spatial quality of the workshop. The developers preserved the load-bearing walls and the roof of the building but demolished the existing slab. This led to the creation of a central open space, visible from every corner of the apartment. “White walls highlight the wooden elements (beech) that soften and warm the light,” the architects said. “The custom furniture has been designed to the smallest detail in order to optimize all possible storage room. In order to amplify the sense of space, the project presents little variation of color and materials.” A bright cabin perches at the top of the volume, with
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Former Office and Workshop Becomes Contemporary Loft

contemporary loft 's HertogenboschThe creative team behind EVA architecten renovated a former office in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, and converted it into a spacious contemporary loft. The 2,153-square-foot (200-square-meter) Loft Sixty-Four is a minimalist crib with noticeable industrial influences. The central metal staircase ascends against a brick wall, setting the stage for a raw and unique look. White walls add to the spacious feel of the interiors. The functional elements such as bathroom, storage room and kitchen are grouped in one large timber volume. This volume also connects the two levels. “Because the wooden volume is placed in the center of the house, the space gets separated but the experience of space remains,” the architects explained.The biggest challenge of the project was overcoming the lack of natural light inside a building with a depth of 20 meters (approximately 66 feet) that only has windows at the front and rear. To solve this, architects
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Tiny Cabin in the Woods Exhibits a Unique Crystal Shape

tiny cabin crystal shape
This modern tiny cabin was envisioned by Copenhagen- and New York-based architects BIG, and is nestled in the woods of Lanesville, New York. Named A45, the project is a housing prototype that allows for personalization inside and out according to the needs of the owners. “The design evolves from the traditional A-frame cabin, known for its pitched roof and angled walls, which allow for easy rain run-off and simple construction,” the architects explain. “To maximize the qualities of this classic structure, A45 creates more usable floor area by taking a square base and twisting the roof 45 degrees to raise the tiny home to a soaring 13-foot height. The resulting crystal-like shape gives A45 an ever-changing appearance.”
The tiny cabin offers a total living area of 182 square feet (17 square meters) and is assembled onsite. Its modules consist of 100% recyclable materials and include a sub-floor system, the
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Family House Remodel Features Pavilion-Like Living Spaces

family house remodel melbourne
AM Architecture designed the Camberwell House, a 5,920 square-foot (550 square-meter) residence located in Melbourne, Australia. This family house remodel expands on an existing house on the plot, which lacked an optimum indoor-outdoor connection. The brief requested more space for the large family, a better layout and an improved relationship with the neighboring leafy park. Additionally, the space clearly needed a common area. “To resolve this, we created a split level for the living areas, and the entry experience was re-routed to this new center,” the architects explained. The pavilion-like living room is now where the kids, parents and guests can meet up and share valuable time together.  To balance the extensive use of glass, the architects used an insulated glazed unit with a low E coating. This helps the room stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Large internal brick walls also help regulate
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London Industrial Loft Jazzed Up with Art Details

london industrial loftDay True recently completed the design of the Shoreditch Loft, a contemporary apartment with industrial influences located in London, UK. The London industrial loft was part of a full house project renovation; the client wanted to completely reorganize the structure of the living areas. The architecture studio defines this project as having “a progressive and simple design that blends in the environment and enhances its architecture.” Without a doubt, some of the features that impacted the design scheme were the tall interiors, double-height windows and minimalist concrete walls, which stand out as you enter the apartment.  One huge improvement was adjusting the position of the staircase. In doing so, the designers were able to expand the mezzanine level and add an extra bedroom. Custom-made wooden cabinetry units in the kitchen provide warmth to the open-space living area. The clients are lovers of art, so they wanted an
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Peaceful, Maintenance-Free House in Amagansett, New York

MB Architecture completed the design of House in the Lanes, a 7,300 square foot contemporary residence with an inspiring layout in Amagansett, NY. The clients requested a maintenance-free house that would last for decades to come. Builders used materials and finishes such as charred cypress, raw concrete and zinc for their ability to weather naturally over time. “The lanes in Amagansett, New York are a set of walkable streets perpendicular to Main Street, dotted with a diverse range of houses and styles, that are walking distance to the ocean,” the architects explained. “In a departure from recent additions to the area, where houses extend from side to side on a given parcel, often choking it, we opted to let the side facade, the narrow end, be the street-front. By doing so, we were able to let the longer side of the house face south and direct sun, while maintaining a
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Steel-Framed Café Becomes Hanging Garden in Vietnam

steel-framed cafe stairs Studio Le House recently completed An’garden Café, an original spot for daily gatherings located in Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam. This steel-framed café has a total surface area of 8,072.9 square feet (750 square meters) and features a playful layout. Plants and flowers add character throughout the space, inspiring a sense of freshness and seclusion. “While a house full of steel frame may sound dry and heavy, the impression of An’garden Café comes from impromptu hanging plant pots, conjuring up a vision of a dreamlike hanging garden,” the architects say. “This building aimed for an exclusive place that brings guests enjoyment from both coffee fragrance and picturesque surroundings. ” Despite clear industrial influences, this original steel-framed café in Vietnam feels welcoming. Dim lighting and plenty of wood finishes help achieve a friendly atmosphere. “The facade of this shop intermingles large pieces of glass with steel frames,” the architects add. “Simple
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Sister Cabins Frame Sweeping Views of Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Renée del Gaudio architects completed the design of a project named Big Cabin | Little Cabin in Fairplay, Colorado. The new pair of cottages are surrounded by a thick forest on one side, opening up to a magical landscape on the other. Large windows frame views of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains, the Collegiate Peaks, and the South Platte River. “The cabin’s gabled roof form and rustic materials recall the area’s early vernacular buildings,” the architects explain. “Exterior cedar siding is stained dark to blend the house with the surrounding forest. Plywood interior walls and ceilings keep the cabin low key and rustic.”
The “Big Cabin” accommodates the master bedroom, living and dining areas, kitchen, pantry, gym/sauna and a bathroom. An extra bedroom, with a bathroom for guests, is located just nearby, in the sister cottage, connected to the larger cabin through steel decking. Step inside, and you will find
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Colorful Home in Romania Revives Traditional Design

Merging rustic-inspired interiors with contemporary details, this colorful abode inspires a homey feel throughout.  Located not far from Bucharest, Romania, The Small House in the Countryside is a project initiated by designer Alina Alexe of Studio Decoraktiva. The starting point for the project was a decrepit traditional village house with only two rooms and a detached kitchen. Owner and designer Alina Alexe transformed the existing rooms into bedrooms, tore down the old kitchen and extended the construction towards the rear of the property. The addition consists of a large living room, new kitchen and bathroom. The main facade was kept, together with its traditional balcony and green patterns flanking the main entrance. All doors were restored and painted turquoise, which brings a serene and refreshing touch to the entire scheme.  Step inside, and you will find a welcoming home, filled with artifacts gathered by the owners during their
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Original Melbourne Home Addition Exudes Positive Vibes, Balance

Kiah House, by Austin Maynard Architects, is an architecture extension to a weatherboard cottage in North Fitzroy, Melbourne. The project brief hinted towards creating an extension with plenty of positive vibes: a sanctuary for the couple living here, but also a place to entertain friends and family. “The extension comprises of two separate pieces of architecture,” the architects explain. “The master bedroom haven—which sits beside the original house extending to the northern boundary—and the separate office poised above. The original Victorian-era house, built in 1927, has been respectfully restored and updated with a new kitchen and bathroom.”
The architects took inspiration from Japanese gardens and Buddhist retreats of Kyoto to create the homeowner’s desire for peace and balance. “At Kiah House, we were charged with the task of creating spaces, both private and shared, that spill out into the garden, and are yet adaptable enough to create solitude
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Denver Loft Exudes Fashionable, Eclectic Vibe

Interior designer Rebecca Robeson, of Robeson Design, took on the challenge of renovating a loft-style apartment in downtown Denver, Colorado, USA. The client’s brief requested a casual scheme, updated with high-end furniture, fixtures and finishes. Drastic changes were implemented in order to add a contemporary vibe to the 2,000 square-foot (185.8 square-meter) Denver loft. Wood flooring was replaced with wide hardwood planks, creating a unified look throughout the apartment. Used brick veneer and barn wood walls were added, together with new frosted glass doors, creating a truly impressive array of finishes and textures. In the kitchen, Robeson implemented a full renovation scheme, with custom-made furniture, new tile walls and intricate storage solutions. Exposed pipes against concrete ceilings add a dynamic, industrial touch. New lighting systems and Smart Home technologies were implemented throughout. Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the space, providing a vantage view of the city. The updated bedrooms appear particularly inviting, with fluffy
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Barn-inspired Dance Studio Rises in Rural Massachusetts

Each year, Jacob’s Pillow campus in rural Massachusetts, USA, hosts a summer dance festival with more than 200 free performances and other uplifting events. The cultural center challenged Flansburgh Architects to design a 6,000 square foot (557 square meter) dance studio, able to meet the growing needs of the artists all year round. The new building on the site is inspired by the rural barns in the area, but offers the latest in high tech. Its flexible design incorporates multiple program spaces and functions. It will serve as a warm-up and rehearsal space, instructional space, informal performance area and a residency venue for visiting programs.
Wood and glass are the main components of the design, which the architects employed to create a farm-like aesthetic. At the same time, these elements have the ability to create a more natural and laid-back environment for the artists and their performances. “Oversized barn windows
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Edwardian Timber Cottage Gets a Modern Makeover

Sheri Haby Architects recently completed renovations at Gable House, a charming Edwardian timber cottage. A previously built addition to Gable House incorporated the main bedroom, kitchen and dining area, however, this extension was poorly organized. “Our client didn’t need a bigger house, just one that worked better,” the architects said. “Our design direction was to provide a spacious, light-filled, open plan area at the back of the home that better connected to the back yard, and corrected the lack of privacy between the main bedroom and the living area.” The home’s original Edwardian architecture at the front of the home, which incorporates three bedrooms, a dining area, and a hallway, was retained. The bathroom and laundry were refurbished to include a separate powder room. In order to maximize garden space, the architects chose to build the extension at the rear of the house. The indoor-outdoor interplay is one of the powerful benefits of
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Complex Winery Design Features Green Roof, Sliding Screens

California-based Signum Architecture completed the design of Odette Estate Winery, a modern structure aimed at mirroring the refinement of the wines produced in the famous Napa Valley. The project is said to express the owner’s commitment to sustainable farming and wine production. Defined by organic shapes throughout, the structure blends in with the landscape.”Nestled in the valley’s eastern hills, the building’s living roof appears to have been pushed up from the earth,” the architects said. “At the front of the building, sliding perforated aluminum screens in tall, voluptuous forms veil the winery’s covered crush pad and open-air workspace. Behind these screens, three repurposed shipping containers serve as comfortable and sophisticated winery laboratory and office space.”
With a clean and simple layout, it’s easy to move from one functional area of the winery to the next. The design of the fermentation barrels matches the sober interiors, as if to
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Small Tilted Kiosks in Canada Inspire a Sense of Movement

Atelier Urban Face completed the design and development of the “Mount-Royal Kiosks” project. These three oddly shaped buildings are meant to spice up urban family escapes in Mount Royal Park, Montreal, Canada. “The new kiosks take on the shape of the hamlet,” the architects explained. “This was an important factor in the design, as a hamlet incorporates the idea of a village, one that encourages a sense of interaction and community. The positioning of the kiosks are random, representing a dialogue between the kiosks and the main pavilion, the waterfall at Beaver Lake.” The installation is inspired by two main components: the play of light and the constant shifting of the wind. Thanks to steel structures, each kiosk leans at a different angle, as if being pushed by the wind. The first kiosk is inclined at 10 degrees, designed for both summer and winter class field trips. With enough room
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