Move Over, Millennial Pink. Melodramatic Purple Is Here

melodramatic purple

Melodramatic purple adds sophistication and visual interest to any space. Image: Elad Gonen

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.  Millennial pink has had its day. The warm shade shaped a number of decor trends in 2017. 2017 is over, though, and the new year is bringing hot new hues. One of the hottest is actually a cool, calming color. If you haven’t already been exposed to melodramatic purple, let us introduce you. This color started its climb to the top just recently. The name “melodramatic purple” came into the spotlight in August of last year, when Lorde stepped onto the red carpet in a dress of this color. Now, it’s cropping up as a go-to shade for fashionistas and interior decorators. Why? Melodramatic purple replaces the youthful vibes of
melodramatic purple - patio
melodramatic purple - backyard
melodramatic purple - dining room curtains
melodramatic purple - office curtains
melodramatic purple - couch
melodramatic purple - sofa
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5 Houseplants That Thrive Indoors


Turn your home into a lush oasis with these indoor-loving houseplants. Image: Kit Republic

Move over, succulents. Today’s houseplants are going lush. That’s right: Indoor potted plants are finally getting their day in the sun. Succulents and cacti eased us back into the idea of tending to some pots on our windowsills. Today, some of the trendiest decorators (think Jungalow) lean heavily into houseplants as key design elements. If you want to try out this new fad, you’re in luck: This home decor trend is one of the most affordable to incorporate. A visit to your local nursery or home improvement store gives you an idea of just how many options you have. The only limit is your imagination and the amount of natural light in your home or apartment. If you want to get started with houseplants that are known to like indoor living, these are all excellent
houseplants - pothos
houseplants - snake plants
houseplants - philodendron
houseplants - air plants
houseplants - ferns
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The Best Allergy-Friendly Flowers for Your Garden

allergy-friendly flowers

Allergy-friendly flowers make it possible for you to enjoy your garden this summer. Image: Katia Goffin Gardens

Do you feel the urge to sneeze just looking at that picture? You’re not alone. The CDC reports that over 50 million Americans live with allergies. In fact, it’s the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the country. Fortunately, there are still ways to enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer without getting stifled by allergy-aggravating pollen. Plant these six colorful allergy-friendly flowers, and you can enjoy your yard sniffle-free!
allergies - pansy

Pansies are allergy-friendly flowers that are easy to grow. Image: Gardening with Confidence

1. Pansy

Pansies come in a huge range of colors, so they’re ideal if you’re looking to add some eye-catching pops to your garden. While they do create pollen, it’s sticky; as a result, the wind can’t catch it and spread it to you. Not only are these flowers perfect for
allergies - bougainvillea
allergies - tulips
white begonias
allergies - hydrangea
allergies - roses
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4 Pool Features You’ll Want for Summer 2018

pool features

Make summer 2018 your best one yet with these pool features. Image: Darren James Interiors

Whether your part of the world is cannonballing into summer or gingerly dipping its toe into warmer weather, there’s no denying that things are heating up. If you’re a pool owner, you’ve likely been waiting all year for the opportunity to lounge poolside. And if you really want to make the most of the coming season, there are a few pool features you might want to consider. Pools have long been a backyard staple in warmer climates, but they’ve come a long way since gaining popularity after World War II. Your backyard oasis can be so much more than a big hole in the ground. If you’re ready to take your summer up a notch, check out these must-have pool features.

Keep warm during summer evenings poolside. Image: KB Custom Pools

A nearby heat source

pool features - baja shelf
pool features - landscaping
pool features - water feature
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4 Removable Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment

soundproof your apartment

These four tips will help you soundproof your apartment without upsetting your landlord. Image: AND Design

One of the biggest challenges of renting is the inability to make permanent changes to your space. Restrictions on painting bathrooms or re-tiling kitchen backsplashes may be annoying; however, that’s far less important than the ability to occupy your space in peace. Are noisy neighbors driving you nuts? You don’t have to suffer in lack of silence, nor do you have to break your lease installing permanent soundproofing. There are some reversible tactics you can employ to soundproof your apartment. It’s as simple as this: Noise travels. Soundproofing your space gives noise fewer and less clear paths with which to do so. Soft and uneven surfaces absorb sound waves, while flat ones bounce that noise right back to you. The four simple tips below give you tools to absorb sound so you can enjoy your life
soundproof your apartment - bookshelf
soundproof your apartment - wall hanging
soundproof your apartment - layer rugs
soundproof your apartment - rearrange
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6 Home Upgrades Every Pet Owner Needs

pet owner home upgrades

Home upgrades can help a pet owner integrate their pets’ necessities with their interior design. Image: Intimate Living Interiors

Every pet owner knows how quickly four-legged creatures become a part of the family. If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably even made some changes to your living space to accommodate them. And while setting up an eating area and throwing down a pet bed is a start, making your home pet-friendly has the potential to cramp your style. Fortunately, there is a way to seamlessly integrate a pet’s needs into your architecture and interior design. Check out these six home upgrades every pet owner needs.
pet owner home upgrades - shower

Minimize the mess of bathing your pet with a pet shower. Image: Charybdis Developments

1. A pet shower

Taking your pet to the groomer is a hassle, but many of us choose to do it because it’s easier than trying to wrestle our pets at

pet owner home upgrades - bowls
pet owner home upgrades - door
pet owner home upgrades - beds
pet owner home upgrades - bowl
pet owner home upgrades - gate
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5 Gallery Wall Hacks for a Fresh Spin on an Old Classic

gallery wall hacks

These five gallery wall hacks will help you add visual interest to any space. Image: Domus Nova

The gallery wall. When done right, it’s impressive. When done poorly, it can be a mess. Art must be spaced correctly and hung straight. (We’ve already explored some of the core tips and tricks for hanging a gallery wall.) Even so, those aren’t always the biggest problems you face when hanging a gallery wall. How do you differentiate your wall and make sure the end result of all that effort is something you truly love? These five gallery wall hacks will help you nail it. Ultimately, you want your gallery wall to add visual interest to your home. It turns an entire wall into a canvas with which you can play. Above all, hanging a gallery wall should be fun! Using these five tips will help you build a gallery wall you, your friends
gallery wall hacks - start small
gallery wall hacks - work with your space
gallery wall hacks - matting
gallery wall hacks - framing
gallery wall hacks - monochromatic
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6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brighter Now

make your home feel brighter this spring

Some simple changes will make your home feel brighter immediately. Image: Tatum Brown

Spring is in full bloom! It’s a time of late sunsets and warm breezes, but you don’t need to step outside to soak up the season. Make your home feel brighter right now, and you can enjoy the freshness of the season indoors. While “spring cleaning” is pretty standard, “spring redecorating” might sound like a whole different beast, but it can make all the difference in your home. Your redecorating doesn’t need to be major. With these six easy changes, you can make your home feel brighter and invite the spring season in.
make your home feel brighter with lighting

Recessed lighting replicates natural lighting. Image: Echelon Custom Homes

1. Start with the basics: light sources

You’re ready to make your home feel brighter, and you can probably guess the best place to start. Lighting makes a world of difference. The more natural light you
make your home brighter with window coverings
make your home feel brighter outdoors
make your home feel brighter with mirrors
make your home feel brighter with furniture legs
make your home feel brighter with plants
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How to Use the Rule of Three in Living Room Decor for Wow-Worthy Results

rule of threes in living room

The rule of three will help you balance comfort and style in your living room. Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Design theory can feel nebulous. What makes good design? More importantly, how do you nail down good design and bring it into your home? While much of design theory is complex, there’s one simple guideline that’s easy to put to work: the rule of three. Our eyes like groupings of three. That’s why you see the rule of three used in photography, web design and more. Using the rule of three in living room decor can help you create a room that looks simultaneously polished and inviting. That’s always the challenge with living rooms. On the one hand, you want to wow guests with its style. On the other, you want it to be a room in which it feels easy to relax. Balancing the comfort of a room where people
rule of three in living room couch
rule of three in living room mantles
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3 DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for Your Spring Clean

eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Get your home sparkling this spring, with eco-friendly cleaners. Image: Marlowe Hues Color & Design

Spring cleaning is supposed to refresh your home. It’s a little counterintuitive, then, that traditional cleaning methods lean on harsh, often toxic chemicals to do the job. Your home may look better after using these products, but, in actuality, you’ve only swapped germs and grime for possible dangers to your family and the environment. There’s a better way. These three eco-friendly cleaning solutions get your home sparkling while keeping it safe. If you’re new to the do-it-yourself world, making your own cleaning solutions is a great place to start. All you need to do is throw ingredients together in a container, and you’re set. Plus, you probably already have the majority of what you’ll need on hand. Before you reach for the bleach, give these environmentally-conscious DIY cleaners a try.

Straight out of Star Wars: The Architecture of LA’s New Lucas Museum

lucas museum exterior

The new Lucas Museum lands in LA’s Exposition Park. Image: New England Public Radio

Sci-fi is becoming reality all around us. Video calling, once something straight out of The Jetsons, is now commonplace. Our cars are learning to drive themselves. And the breathtakingly sleek, starship-esque architecture of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, coming soon to Exposition Park in Los Angeles, would look right at home in its namesake’s signature film franchise.  The museum, funded by Star Wars creator George Lucas, is a massive addition to LA’s landscape. It will include roughly 11 acres of green space and 290,000 square feet of interior. A third of that square footage will be dedicated to gallery space. The museum will celebrate all forms of narrative art, from amphoras to comic books. Excitement builds for the collection planned for the museum, almost entirely gathered by George Lucas and his wife,
lucas museum green space
lucas museum interior
lucas museum in exposition park
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