Asked to train my competitor

            There's 2 junior architects in our office. I am the one with the best technical skills (took several  internships while at school). The other guy is better at front end work,  sketching and concept visuals. I usually do the heavy software work. However, now the boss wants me to give the other guy (my competitor) software training. I wonder what the boss' motive is. Is it about getting both of us juniors at the same skill level or perhaps looking to replace me? Obviously I don't want to train the other guy to do my work. I am afraid that if I refuse I 'll make a poor impression and encourage the boss to get rid of me. How can I avoid this while still appearing   a team player? How would you deal with this? I think I ll send out a few CVs just in case.

What happens to the architects that don’t get promoted?

            I am really curious to understand the structure of this profession:
My understanding is that the industry relies on a large base of passionate young staff who are willing to put in the extra hours, managed by the very small amount of architects who manage to survive the hardships of the profession. I'll give the example of our medium sized firm as an average scenario: Our firm has 20 architects at 25-30(interns & recently qualified), 9 architects at 30-35 yo(architects & junior PAs), 7 architects at 40-45(senior PAs & associates), 1-3 architects at 50-60(directors) If 20 junior architects work at the firm now, what happens to the ones of the 20 that aren't promoted to associates-directors in 20 years time? 1)Do they start their own practices?What percentage of them? 2)Do some quit after a certain age?(e.g. family commitments) 3)Do they move outside traditional practice? (e.g.on Continue reading "What happens to the architects that don’t get promoted?"