Dark Colors in Small Spaces? Yes You Can! (Here’s How)

dark colors Eclectic living room

Exotic prints and eclectic accessories brighten dark colors in a living room. Image: Ethan Allen

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Small rooms can be a decorating challenge, and we often reach for light colors in hopes of making the room look larger. However, a light color palette isn’t the only way to decorate a small space, and it doesn’t always make a room look larger. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in even the smallest rooms of your home. With a few easy tips, your small spaces can handle a dark color palette.

Your powder room is the perfect spot for dark colors

Powder rooms may be small, but they can pack a big decorating punch. Your powder room or guest bath is used less often,

Gray powder room
foyer with accent wall
Purple foyer
gray living room
navy blue dining room
Gray bedroom idea
Plaid bedroom accents
brown living room
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Color Knockout: 20 Accent Chairs That Will Rock Your World

Colorful accent chairs are making waves in decor, and it’s not hard to see why: They’re an easy way to update and invigorate your space. If you find yourself boxed into a too-neutral color palette but you’re not ready to make a huge change to the room, add an accent chair for color or focus. One or two new accent pieces can turn your color palette around instantly. With your new accent chair color in place, adding a few decorative accessories in the same color will give your space that elusive put-together look.

Accent chairs are available in every decorating style and color, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home. Here are some of our favorites in the top decorating styles.

Contemporary accent chairs

Contemporary style is clean and unfussy, and contemporary accent chairs are great for rooms where you need a simple addition without clutter.
Modern Teal Chair
Green Modern Accent Chair
Contemporary White Chair
Contemporary Teal Chair
Lilly Pulitzer glam chair
Royal Blue Chair
Teal Accent Chair
Green Glam Chair
Colorful Boho Accent Chair
Fuchsia Boho Chair
Gray Print Boho Chair
Pink boho chair
Modern Farmhouse chair
Rustic Modern Plaid Chair
Modern rustic accent chair
Rustic modern accent chair
Blue mid-century chair
White mid-century modern chair
Wood mid-century modern chair
Mid-century cow pattern chair
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8 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchens are rustic and relaxing. Image: Todd Glowka Builder, inc

Modern farmhouse style is a huge influence on kitchens right now. HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” propelled this warm and welcoming look into our kitchens in a big way. To achieve this style, it’s important to start with the must-have elements before bringing in your own creative touches. Once you nail the basics of modern farmhouse style, you can personalize it with your own color palette. Below, we outline eight easy tips for adding your own colorful accents while keeping a relaxed and rustic vibe.

Modern farmhouse style must-haves

  • Rustic architectural features like open beams, wood floors and unfinished mantels are the most recognizable elements of the modern farmhouse design.
  • White or light neutral colors are the most common palette.
  • Furniture is often artisan-created or designed with a craftsmen-like appearance.
  • Lighting should be the most modern element of the
    Blue Farmhouse kitchen
    Modern farmhouse Gingham Kitchen
    Cement Tile Farmhouse Kitchen
    Farmhouse Kitchen Fixture Ideas
    Farmhouse Kitchen Shelving
    Modern farmhouse clock
    Farmhouse kitchen ceiling ideas
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