Pharmaceutical HQ by Architects of Invention

            <img srcset=" 1x, 2x, 3x" src="" border="0" title="" alt="" width="650" height="" />The building is located on a very tight site, surrounded by residential blocks, a music school and nursery in Moscow&rsquo;s historic city centre, off Arbat Street, the main, pedestrianised shopping street which runs for almost one kilometre through the city. 
  AI’s work involved the complete demolition of an existing 4-storey office block, replacing it with a new 7-storey office building with a single level underground car park and public space at the base of the building.   The site boundary defined the shape of the building in plan, suggesting two rectilinear volumes - that are merged with an angular rotation and served by a common lift - as the most practical use of the space. The façade responds to and emphasises the meeting point of the two blocks with an altered, diagonal rhythm of the Jura marble fins that cover the building.  The window panels are recessed from Continue reading "Pharmaceutical HQ by Architects of Invention"

Sydhavnen Church by Architects of Invention

AI project proposal for Sydhavnen Church Competition
This design proposes a church with a vertical emphasis, creating a distilled space for religious ceremonies, and an accessible venue to the community for a variety of activities both day and night. The proposal reflects the industrial past of the site, taking one of Copenhagen’s landmarks - Masterkraanen - as an inspiration.
Analysis of traditional church architecture (in Copenhagen especially) suggests that the organization of church buildings is mainly horizontal. Although churches themselves may be tall, there is no functional use made of the verticality of the church (except in a notional or spiritual capacity).
Taking this as a starting point, we developed the concept of a Vertical Church. This new church would be able to provide operational space for a full range of activities (mass, concert, lecture, etc.) - but as a vertically inhabited space, the building becomes more intense as Continue reading "Sydhavnen Church by Architects of Invention"

Coral Holiday Apartments by Architects of Invention

Biomimicry - Coral This is a new type of a biomimetic architecture that seeks solutions for sustainability in nature, not by replicating natural forms, but by understanding the rules governing those forms – it follows a set of principles of combination of unit through a script translated into a form. It takes its beginning in the examination of a coral, its models, systems and processes of growth. The form is derived from the content of units in continuous movement resembling a sea creature – coral or the moving of the sea. It has no beginning and no end. It can be a continuous endless line forming a variety of curvy shapes. Each unit acts as an individual organism just as a coral – growing cell by cell forming large conglomerations. The project implies construction of an upscale lifestyle community comprised of a professionally serviced apartment complex, located on the reclaimed Continue reading "Coral Holiday Apartments by Architects of Invention"

Ski Jump by Architects of Invention

Vorob’evi Hills (in 1935-1999 - the Lenin Hills) - one of the most beautiful places in Moscow. It is a high right bank of the Moscow River. Located opposite the Luzhniki Stadium, considered one of the "Seven Hills of Moscow." Neskuchny garden is adjacent to the site from the east.  It is 80 meters high from the Moscow river. The landscape of mountains forms a self-titled Vorob’evi Park, a part of which survived three ponds, as well as an array of broad-leaved forests. On Vorob’evi Hills offers the most extensive and picturesque panoramas of the capital. Ski Jump In 1953 the ski Jump was erected on the hill, an illuminated ski slope with chairlift of 340 meters long. In early 2015, plans were announced to renovate and build a new ski jump and a cableway between the Vorob’evi hills and the stadium "Luzhniki", which would combine sightseeing, transportation Continue reading "Ski Jump by Architects of Invention"