A Complete Harmony with the Context: Congo Kintele Congress Centre and Resort Hotel by Avcı Architects

            <img src="https://archinect.imgix.net/uploads/cb/cbd721c940375b9fa85d8ff703f36b2b.jpg?fit=crop&auto=compress%2Cformat&w=1200" border="0" /><strong>The Congo&nbsp;Kintele&nbsp;Congress Centre and Resort Hotel (KCC) which has shortlisted in WAF Awards 2018,&nbsp;is designed&nbsp;by London &amp; Istanbul based&nbsp;<a href="http://avciarchitects.com/" >Avc&#305; Architects</a></strong><strong>&nbsp;in a newly developing area of Brazzaville&nbsp;to host summits of the African Union and&nbsp;in a complete harmony with the geographical, climatic and cultural context it is located in to satisfy the sustainability criteria which&nbsp;Avc&#305; Architects&nbsp;takes as the most important starting point in all of its projects.</strong>

The Congo Kintele Congress Centre and Resort Hotel (KCC) is in a newly developing area of Brazzaville, to the north of the new Olympic Centre. The site has panaromic views of the Congo River to the south and a forested unbuilt landscape to the north. The topography of the site is a valley carved out by the great Congo River which creates an island M’Bamaou in the foreground and the buildings sit parallel to the contours of this valley falling towards the river.

The positioning the Congo Kintele Congress Center’s buildings on the si…

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