Introducing the Magister sofa, a timeless design by Flexform

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Influenced in part by the work of some of the Rationalist masters, Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava developed the concept of a sofa with a very uncluttered, sleek appearance, yet dense with artisanal details. Details designed to highlight the company’s ability to craft products that portray the perfect marriage between its talent for innovation and its vast experience in classic upholstering. 

Magister Sofa. Image courtesy of Flexform

When Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava, who designed Magister, chose this name in 1982, they may not have imagined they had created a product that would become an icon. Since 1982 the Magister sofa has continued to be one of the sofas that best expresses the company’s commitment to make products that transcend the bounds of time and fashion, authentic distillations of form and function. 

Flexform Magister (1983). Image © Gabriele

The Magister sofa grew out of a desire to create a seating element in stark cont…

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