An Interview with Frank Gehry, Who Turns 90 Today, Upon Receiving the Neutra Award for Professional Excellence

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            <img src="" border="0" />Over the course of his career, <a href="" >Frank Gehry</a>, who turns 90 today, has become a household name, achieving a level of architectural stardom rivaled by few, if any. Honoring this impressive legacy, <a href="" >Cal Poly Pomona&rsquo;s Department of Architecture</a> recognized Gehry earlier this month with the <a href="" >Richard Neutra Award for Professional Excellence</a>, the school&rsquo;s annual award which is given to an architect for their dedication to the research and development of new environments in everyday life.

Each year Archinect publishes a conversation between Orhan Ayyüce and the winner of the award. Recent years have included published interviews with Tadao AndoGuy NordensonEnrique Norten, and Carme Pinós.

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