Icelandic Design Center announces Basalt Architects as its top winner for 2018

            <img src="" border="0" />Regarded as <a href="" >Iceland</a>'s coveted design awards competition, the <a href="" >Icelandic Design Center</a> announced its recipients of the Icelandic Design Award and the Best Investment in Design Award. The competition awards the designer, team, studio, or architect who best exemplifies a new work, project, object, or collection. In collaboration with the Museum of Design and Applied Art and the Iceland Academy of the Arts, the winning project was chosen based on the demonstration of creative thinking, presentation and professional methodology throughout the design process. The recipient of the Best Investment in Design Award were chosen based on how design is incorporated into a company's core values and overall operations.&nbsp;
The jury selected 5 nominees and after a thorough review the they selected Basalt Architects as its award winner. The firm has made huge contributions to Icelandic design, specifically contributions in bathing development in Iceland and tourism. Check out Basalt Architects their p...

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