The Interactive Garden Pavilion by michael jantzen

            <img src="" border="0" />The Interactive Garden Pavilion
The Interactive Garden Pavilion was designed to be used as a garden retreat, meditation space, shade house, etc. It is made of sustainably grown stained wood. Thirty slatted hinged panels cover the octagon shaped support frame. All of the hinged panels can be moved into many different positions up and down, or side to side, along the support frame. These panels can be held securely in many different positions along the frame in order to change the look and/or function of the entire structure. The panels can be opened up or closed down to regulate the flow of air and or sunlight through the space. The reshaping of the structure can also be used to control the amount of privacy one desires while occupying the interior of the pavilion. Two benches with adjustable backrest are built into the interior of the structure for seating, and or reclining. The Interactive Garden Pavilion was designed as a modular system of prefabricated parts, so it c...

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